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A Research Paper

As a partial fulfillment of the requirements in English IV Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades Laoag City


IV - Saturn

November 2013


Background of the Study In the advent of the Korean craze in the Philippines, the Filipino youth was affected in a great extent. The rising popularity of Korean Culture throughout the world is called Korean Wave. The Korean popular culture which spread mainly through the mass media is now enjoying high popularity outside Korea and this is how the Korean Wave occurs (Yu,2008). The phenomenal Korean sensation is describe from another term called Hallyu, this is a Korean pronunciation of Korean Wave which is defined by Korean Tourism Organization (2004) as the recent cultural phenomenon of South Korean pop culture sweeping throughout the world (Kim & Ryoo, 2007). Korean Wave (Hallyu) mainly consists of television dramas, film, pop music, movie stars animation and comics including mobile content like cell phones and iPods, video or computer games, as well as the latest fashion, food, home appliances and cosmetics, assertively expanding to things like dance, sculpture, painting, cuisine, plastic surgery, tourism and language ( This paper will not focus on the Korean Wave effect in Filipino Youth's preference in music, television dramas but will only be limited in their taste of fashion. The new generation today is different and they are easily captured to the things around them. The youth are exposed to the different kinds and genres of music, television dramas and also in their taste of fashion. Now and then, the taste of music, movies and fashion has been changed, improved and made more exciting in the eyes of the Filipino youth. From schools, malls, stores, jeepneys and even to recreational places such as parks and also to tourist places, the effects of Korean Wave in the Filipino especially to the Filipino Youth are widespread. You can notice that students are listening and singing songs in different language, that is, the Korean language even though they dont know the meaning of it. They talk about their favorite Korean dramas then admire the actors and actresses in the movie and sometimes impersonate their looks which greatly affected the fashion statement of the Filipino youth.

Korean fashion is a big hit to Filipinos, especially to the youth, they tried to copy Korean star by wearing hip and chic Korean fashion trend. Although some clothes are not suitable to our countrys warm climate they still wear it and matched it up with different accessories from head to toe, that is, from large colorful sunglasses to huge edgy shoes. K-pop popularized highheel shoes, sleeveless tops and fashionable accessories, short shorts, and boots. Few years ago Filipinos bought their Korean outfits and accessories online but today some department

store, boutique, fancy store, and clothing shops have Korean inspired clothing designs ranging from basic casual items to stylish items for trend-conscious consumers.

To add some background, there will be surveys containing gathered information to distinguish the respondents (male and female students of the Marcos National High School Agunit Campus) view toward Korean Wave as well as their outlook as a Filipino. This would serve as support to the current research study. Objectives of the Study 1. To determine the Filipino Youth's preference for Korean Wave particularly in the latest fashion trends; 2. To know how Korean Wave affects the taste of Filipino Youth with regards to their culture; 3. Aims to understand the bad effects of South Korean culture to the youths through its cultural exports in the Philippines; Significance of the Study This study will be helpful to analyze the occurrence of Korean Wave throughout the world and its implications for cultural influence on neighboring countries like the Philippines. In addition, this study examine how national identity impacts framing processes related to media coverage and public response (Lee,2011). This study will provide brief description on the various significance of the study about the infectious spread of Korean popular culture throughout the world given three categories: dramatic television series, music and the choice of fashion.

Scope and Delimitations This study will only be limited to the Korean wave effects to the fashion preferences of the Filipino youth. It will not focus the effects on the Philippine music and television series but may be discuss in one way or another. The respondents will be students of a national high school which deemed a representative of the Filipino youth nowadays.

Research Design This study made use of the descriptive research method because this involves the description, recording, analysis and interpretation of conditions that now exist. It is the aim of

this research to determine how the Korean fashion affects the Filipino youth nowadays. To be able to do so, a descriptive research was used in analyzing the information gathered by using appropriate statistical procedures in order to arrive at a meaningful information. Population of the Study In this study, it cover high school students as its respondents. Fifty (50) students of Marcos National High School Agunit Campus were selected to answer the questionnaire. Herein, the respondents were given 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire upon request. After collecting the questionnaires, the responses were tallied, computed, analyzed, and recorded. Data Gathering Tools Two gathering tools were used which will yield two data that will also be used: the primary and the secondary data. The primary data were derived from the answers respondents gave in the first data gathering tool a formulated questionnaire. The secondary data on the other hand, were derived from the findings stated in the second data gathering tool, published documents and literatures related to the research problem. The survey questionnaire was used as the primary data gathering instrument for this study. PRESENTATION, DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS

Table 1 Status and Addiction of the Respondents Gender/Korean Addiction Male Female Total 14 9 23 4 23 27 18 32 50 Low High Total

Based on the table above, there are more female respondents than male respondents. For male respondents, they have low addiction to Korean fashion. Only 4 male respondents have high Korean addiction. Female students have high addiction to Korean fashion. Twentythree out of 32 female respondents answered they have high addiction to Korean fashion. It is to be noted that more females are more captivated to Korean fashion than males.

Table 2 Responses of the Respondents Effects of Korean Fashion 1. I wear Korean clothes in school every day. 2. I am more comfortable when Im wearing Korean clothes. 3. It is more acceptable to wear Korean clothes because it is the trend (sunod sa uso). 4. I am ashamed of being a Filipino so I resorted to dress and look like a Korean. 5. I love Korean television series so my fashion statement changed to Korean style. 6. I am fond of listening to Korean music which resulted to my addiction to Korean clothes. 7. I go shiver when I see cute Korean actors and actresses. 8. I dont like to wear Korean fashion because it will make me look crazy and stupid. 9. I love to dress like a Korean, live like a Korean, and sound like a Korean. 10. I respect the Korean fashion trend but the Filipino culture and the Filipino way I dress still runs in me. 5.00 1.40 3.40 2.30 4.12 4.34 1.00 Mean 4.13 3.56 3.15

Based on the table above, the last statement resulted in a perfect 5.00 mean. On the other hand, statement no. 4, I am ashamed of being a Filipino so I resorted to dress and look like a Korean got the lowest mean of 1.00.

SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS For the recent years the Philippine entertainment scene has been dominated by Korean cultural products such as television dramas, pop songs, and even the style of fashion of Korea. When the Philippine Television started adapting Koreanovelas, theres no doubt that it gained immense popularity among Filipinos. The Koreanovelas caught the attention of Filipinos because it bring something fresh and new in the Philippine TV. In response to the Filipinos growing addiction towards K-Pop, Philippine Music Industry also make their own K-Pop group version. Like Pop Girls who followed who followed the concept of K-Pop girl group and XLR8 A K-Pop male group version in our country. This make a variety of reaction from the Filipino

audiences, especially Filipino K- Pop fans. Some have negative reaction about another copy, while some felt glad about the brave move of the Philippine music industry.

The Filipinos fans not only developed an interest in the Koreanovelas or K-Pop music but also the likeness towards the Korean fashion. This Korean fashion trend exploded among the students who love to be hip and chic and In with the new. Even sometimes they may look weird, as long as they tried to imitate the Korean hair,clothing style and shoes. Because of the attitude of the Filipinos that is easily to be influenced of foreign marketing, the Korean Culture products poses a negative effect on the Philippine entertainment industry since it is a threat to the local entertainment since and to the Filipino identity in its own cultural products. Perhaps the Philippines can learn from Korea in this sense. There is nothing wrong if we like things or culture from foreign country but we dont have to forget that we are still Filipinos and we have to support the products (Music, Fashion, Shows) of our own country.

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