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Question: What do you think about when you see a woman youre attracted to?

Answer: I dont think of anything. Im truly in the moment. I just look into her eyes and say, Yeah could be fun. She receives the message every time. When I do this, there are NO negative thoughts going through my head. I am not thinking about the outcome at all. Im just playing and having fun. Just like a kid.


assume the attraction. Never question it. U must assume attraction until

its already there. Really believe that women love u everywhere u go. Believe youre the prize. Know youre the best. Be a little bit of an asshole. Women have to seek your approval. It doesnt matter what you say at that point. Listen its not the 19 th century anymore. Guys dont have to buy girls drinks anymore.


establish your presence before approaching someone. If you don't do that

you can complement her more poetically than the most beautiful sonnet and it wont matter. She wont care. She may even get creeped out unless you establish within yourself that you're not a douchebag & you must truly believe that women find you attractive & they all secretly want to rip your clothes off and ride you vigorously. Look her directly in the eyes and think, "Ya, could be fun" Then you can complement her on anything or even say random things. It doesn't even matter. If she's walking by fast. Stop her with direct dominate eye contact and a minor gesture. "Excuse me...(pause. make her wait and keep your voice robust, slow and calculating)..,I like your (comment on her most dominant accessory or characteristic). I like the way it brings out your (whatever it compliments or inspires you to think)." Relax. Mess up a few times it's ok. People don't care. They're all too worried about themselves to care about you. If she laughs at you, great. You just enriched her day with your presence. It doesn't matter what happens, man, as long as you truly believe that you're awesome.

Killer Eye Contact Can Get Her To Approach You

This hot waitress walks over to our table and starts clearing away our dishes. Shes not the same waitress we had earlier. Hey, how you doin tonight, Cory says to her.

Good! How are you? Good, he says. Are you from around here? she says. Sort of, Cory replies. I moved here three years ago. Im originally from New York. You? Im from Ohio. Ive lived here for four years. She finishes clearing off our table and walks off. Five minutes later she walks back outside and comes over to our table. She says Okay, Ill be the big one, and slaps a card down in front of Cory before walking off. The two of us look at Cory and then look down at the card. Her phone number is on it. What in Gods name just happened??? The two of them barely exchanged two sentences and shes giving him her phone number? Two words: Eye Contact. This is Corys specialty. Cory is what youd call a natural. Hes a modern day Don Juan. This normal looking, shorter-than-average 26-year-old guy started young. He was with over 100 women by the time he was 18. The last 3 or 4 years hes learned to do everything with eye contact alone. He pretty much doesnt approach any morehe gets women to approach him. I ask him how he did it with this particular cutey and this is what he tells me: ________ When I walked into the place it was so damn packed, you couldnt see anyone. Im working my eyes throughout the bar, I hit eye contact with a few different girls, she just happened to be one of them. With her, the eye contact wasnt long. Shes a waitress. Shes got drinks in her hand. Shes looking around. Shes everywhere. Her mind isnt into picking up guys, her mind is into working. When a waitress is working, shes working. Shes busy. Shes dealing with drunk assholes all night. I hit eye contact with her twice. The first time I made I contact with her she looked away first, with a smile. The second time I was walking and I had my own thing going on and I broke eye contact with her. Before she came to our table I actually talked to her once. I saw her walking by me and I grabbed her hand, very gently. I looked in her eyes and I said Busy night? Yeah, she said. And then I turned around and I walked away.

What energy r u putting out when ure walking into a bar? Work her eyes with your presence 1st. Position yourself to be aware where women will approach u. Build a lot of sexual tension where they know exactly where u r while ure walking around the room. It doesnt matter what u say once u build up the deep sexual tension. U MUST 1st HAVE AN UNDERLAYING SEXUAL CONNECTION WITH HER before talking. Look at yourself, u can walk around & get everything u wantjust have that attitude. There are so many ways women call guys over but most guys never pick up the signals. When u 1st look into her eyes, dont think about anythingu must be 100% present & feel a natural connectionadmire her & have her admire u. Dont care so much if something is going to happen. Eye Contact TECHNIQUE 1) Lock eyes with her immediately. Think, Ya, youre cute. Could be fun Communicate this through a glance. Have mischief written all over your face (smirk). 2) 1st time locking eyes, hold eye contact until she breaks it. If u do it right, shell break it with a half-smile, a smirk on her face like shes interested. Women love & respect u when u can hold eye contact with them deeply without breaking it. 3) Wait a few moments before u look back. Gaze around the room & notice her looking over in your peripherals. Shell continue to be very aware of your existence. But you want to maintain a higher value than her. So hold off on looking back at her immediately. Shell be waiting for u to lock eyes with her again. 4) 2nd & 3rd times locking eyes w/ her, u should break eye contact 1st. Ideally get her to look at you while youre sitting there talking to your friend, blast out the energy that youre a confident guy. Shes gonna be attracted to that so her eyes will gravitate toward you.* 5) Get her to start to ignore her friends, get her body language to be straight to you, then go up to her briefly with a very brief touch on the arm or rub the side of her arm again yours incidentally or gently touch her hand. YOU HAVE TO ASSUME ATTRACTION & ESTABLISH A POWERFUL PRESENCE. 6) Say something anything, 1st thing that comes to your mind. It doesnt have to be creative because 90% of interaction depends on the mood you create. U can say something simple like: Busy night? OR Ya, can I get in there please. OR a simple Excuse me. (touch her briefly but maintain strong eye contact as u pass. Must be very powerful). Or

Go over & stand next to her, turn to your side & say, Wow, thats a nice dress. (or any compliment). Then turn & walk away or order your drink. Hey, can u flirt with the bartender so I can get my drink faster? Hey listen, Im getting ready to take off. But what are u doing tomorrow night? then get her number.

*NOTE: When u do lock eye contact with her, be completely in the moment. Be with her. Listen to her. Feel her through her eyes. Connect with her on a deeper level. Look deeper than her just being a good-looking girl. Youre not thinking about what to do next. Who the fuck cares? Enjoy her presence while shes there. ***Go through every doorway slowly into a room & think, Im the prize. Believe it 100% & then project it to everyone in the room through your body language, posture, and your eyes. Check everybody out. Gaze the entire room. Make eye contact with pretty much everyone in the place. Find the sweet spot which is the place where you can stand and gaze at the largest part of the room. Order a drink. Chill. Talk to whoevers around you where youre standing and continue to gaze around the room while talking. Many guys go out and start a conversation with someone (which is fine) but they tend to give 100% attention to that person/conversation and get consumed in it. All this does is kills your chances of actually meeting anyone else. There could be a girl checking you out across the bar and you wouldnt even know it. You always want to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pick your head up and look around. If you are holding yourself well and are confident, women will check you out everywhere you go. There are thousands of women that want you right now but you need to do the right things to put yourself out there so they can actually come to you. Always have an awareness of the room like a commando. Once you master the way to project this vibe to a room, women come out of the woodwork and start to make eye contact with you and will actually come to you. But its an artand you have to do it right.

BODY language.
Dissect all your bad habitsthe way u hold a glass & walk & stand & position your head. WALK--Work on the way u walk. 100 times back & forth until u feel like a confident man that wont disappear in a roompractice to learn how to automatically hold your presence. Take up a lot of space when u walk around.

Learn to make this onto a subconscious levelbe in the moment, project your sexuality your energy out that only women will notice it. You dont care if girls like u but u just know they do. Get to that mindset before going on to focus on any of the techniques body language whatevers. Never be afraid to get up & walk awaysometimes the best technique. POSITIONING ALWAYS get her to face u but u dont face her with your body, just your eyes are directly in contact with hers. Always show that u can walk away at any second. Being face to face with her projects no value of your time. IF she turns away from u slightly, u either pull her back in or turn away from her completely. U must be the one to make the moves completely. STAND next to the girl make your presence, project your confidence & hold out for a momentmake her wait (more advanced if u still have approach anxiety). Make her question herself about the situation. The way u place your hands on the bar & body language that all shows ure the man. CONVEY that ure the sexual guy in that place. The way u position yourself. Strong eye contact. Dont lean in when you talk to her. It doesnt matter how loud it is where ever you

are. Let her lean in to you. Take up some space and always project yourself out to the largest part of the room or where the most people are. Position yourself for girls to be able to notice you.
Fast movements & jitteriness scares people. Be slow & calculatingly with your movementscreates tension. Never rush to fill the silence.

Women treat you the way you project yourself. They just react to the energy you put out there. Realizing that it is not their fault, but ours for being weak in the first place.
NEVER hold her hand if youre not in a relationship. Let her hold your pinky or if you do just HOLD her hand very shortly & drop it afterward.

Ask open ended questions. Ask many how & why questions. Let her do most of the talking. Shut up and listen. Dont try to be clever. Most guys freeze up b/c nothing to say approach anxiety. Base approach off of the moment. Use circumstances to talk to her. The coolest guy can chat up everyone (mechanics, store clerks, etc).Talking about more than just the service or groceries. Open people up. Get them to do most of the talking.

She should talk most of the time. IF silences happen say, Really? or repeat last 3 or 4 words she said or continue on her subject, So what about dogs do u like so much? Pay attention to 10 things she says in a sentence & expound & repeat words & asking her to expound on it (preferred). Its very easy to feed off of what she says. 3 very sexual things to do while having a conversation with a cute girl: 1) Maintain powerful eye contact with her. Make everyone else in the room disappear, both for you & for her. Eye contact is the best way to escalate. 2) Listen & respond to her with a playfully sexual conversation style, and always maintain the I dont give a shit attitude. Dont ask for a female opinion. Dont neg her nor think about what to say next. (I dont care) Either the attraction is there or its not, (you will be able to feel it). Dont waste your time with some girl when the conversation seems like work. Talking to women should be fun and should flow easily. Most of all dont qualify yourself to her. 3) Lead the interaction. Shell get more turned on if she senses that youre leading and gets more turned on the more you do it. Respond to her as a powerful, sexual man who is in the moment with her. ALWAYS bring something up that she says she liked or admires. EXAMPLEshe says she loves rottweilers. 45 minutes into the conversation, say, You know, I cant stand rottweilers. You show her youre listening to her but going against her tastes & not trying to impress her. U must always make her feel u have the upper hand.

RULE tag line:

I dont talk about politics or religion. Sex Ill make an exception for. But I wont talk about my past with women. I dont share those particularities. Be real. Live a life of integrity. It may even be frightening sometimes to be real & not give a care. Be more open. What do u do? she says. Who cares what I do? Are u being a gold digger? he says. Its all in the presentation Dont smother her. Never qualify yourself to her. Maintain your ground as a man & entice her to lean into u. Best to end conversation at a highpoint IF convo is about to end, slow down your breathing & Well, I guess Ill see you around. Stare her deep in the eyes with an intentional awkward silence, not passive though.

This will force her to talk. Here, Ill just give you my number. Give me a call later on in the week. ALWAYS leave at a high point. Its ok to give her your number, if u initiate it with a strong & non-needy presence. GET a very solid frame & be that very attractive, sexually desirable man everywhere you go. Putting out nice guy energywill get women to want to take advantage of you. Women dont like men who are too friendly to them. Its good to be nice. But theres a fine line. This game is internalized for women, if you dont play it as a guy, then women will play you. Half the time they dont even know what they do. Women expect guys to be overly nice. So surprise her with a badboy like attitude. EVERYTHING should have a sexual backing to it. Women want a guy who knows what he wants. Always act like u know that u know what u want (even if u dont). What u say & what u write must sub communicate that u r the prize & women must live up to your standards. LOOKSare only skin deep. Understand that your confidence will over ride your looks or age or anything else. Carry yourself & have high self-esteem, slow movements with your head, position yourself a dominant way, most of all be away of all the girls whom are attracted to you. Pushing girls to their limits. Tease them relentlessly but observe their body language very well. Tell when shes about had enough. Then go up to her & say, Listen I was just playing with you. Ill stop now. But while doing this, touch her in an almost sexual way. Put your arm across her back & pull her towards u, slightly rubbing your arm across her back. Or put hand on her low back & slowly rub it up to the base of her neck, slightly pulling at her hairthis is how to stop her. If she says, U r a badboy. Then reply, If ur saying that then ure just as bad as me. Lets go get a drink. Women love confident guys. But u must be truly confident. Nothing forced. FIND that naturally powerful man inside u. Verbal & nonverbal foreplay happens from the moment u lock eyes with her up until after u sleep togetherthats the exciting part. Learn how to be a sexually desirable man & knowing when to shut up. Be comfortable with yourself. Always try to be the 1st who initiates the end or start of contact. IF she does slip out a U know I gotta go now Keep her talking a little while longer, then say, Hey, actually I

gotta go. MAKE EVERYTHING ON YOUR TURNS. U must be leading everything. Alright, u really have to go now. Ill walk u out IF she says, We cant do this right now. Ive gotta leave. Then agree with her, Ure right. We cant do this. U gotta leave. Then walk her to door. Walk Away Most guys are afraid to walk away from a woman theyre really attracted to, because it took a lot of nerve to talk to her in the first place. Why do women always go for the bad boy? Why do women always go for the guy who doesnt like them or doesnt pay them any attention? Because that man has learned the art of the walk away. You need to learn and perfect the art of the walk away, and you need to use it the next time you see a beautiful woman and you talk to her. This is what youll do: After youve been talking to her for a few minutes, you need to walk away at a high point in the conversation. Let her simmer for 5 or 6 minutes or20 minutes, & let her see you talking to other people. Its going to bring out an incredible competitive fire in her, especially if youre speaking with other women. It doesnt matter what the women look like, its sufficient that theyre just other women. Or, if youre speaking to men, it also works if everyone is laughing because youre giving them the best of you. All of the sudden that woman is simmering so much, that shes going to come back because you have the power of the walk away.

You have to master the power of the walk away in order to attract beautiful women everywhere you go. This is because women love a leader, and women love men who can walk away from something right at the height of the conversation. Its going to make them want moreand thats what you need to create. You need to create desire in women, so they want you more. ***ASSIGNMENTmake her laugh & walk away briefly. Practice walking away from 1 or 2 hot girls a week. Make sure she sees you talk to other women, they dont have to be hot. You can come back to her 5 or 10 minutes later.

Always surround yourself with people whom are better than u. Let them be better & learn from them & they will learn from u. Keep them smart. Theres no room for envy in your life. No need for a wingman. If u talk to 2 women & r only interested in 1 of them, become friendly with her friend immediately, talk to the friend back & forth. Talk to the friend a little more than the girl your interested in. Maintain better eye contact with the girl you like & continue to go back to the girl youre interested in. Give her more physical contact sexual trance BUT touch the friend lightly on the arm or shoulder. Give them both attention in every way.

Dont care attitude

Learn to not care what other people think. Dont be arrogant or weak. People will like or hate u anyway. U must respect yourself. No women will make your life happy unless u respect yourself 1st. U must have a fulfilling life & must be non-approval seeking.

Dont let flaws control your decisions or your life. As much as you want these amazing experiences, women want it much more. GO OUT & do something different like go to a bar or movies by yourself. Dont care. Just do what u want to do. Say what u feel like saying in the moment even if it doesnt sound right. Be impulsive. HER: Why are u slouching? YOU: Im getting horning& dont want anyone else to see. See an opportunity & put yourself out there. Realize anything is possible & this sort of connection wont happen with just any woman u make eye contact with. True connections just happen. Just shut the hell up & let it happen. Its not a competition with other guys. U must make real changes where it hurts. Might mean moving out of the house, change jobs, change small daily things (get rid of bad routines), etc U need to create a new lifestyle that makes it attractive for women to be in.

Women KNOW Im not the guy whos going to be their free therapist. Women know the second I walk in any room that I can rock their bed off its hinges. This is the energy I project, it is so powerful and is so obvious that women will look me in the eyes and say Your trouble without me even saying a word. The hard part is building your self-image to the level where you fucking KNOW that you are the sexiest man & that women want to fuck you everywhere you go.

Objections & Resistance

WOMEN want u to take the upper hand & keep it. NEVER TELL WOMEN THEY ARE HOTT!!!! Her: You are just trying to get me to sleep with you. You: Wow, Thats exactly what I was looking to do. I am glad you finally figured it out. I guess now that you know, it will never happen. When you agree it is almost always funny, and rarely do they believe a word you say. In fact if youre defensive, people will think you ARE whatever it is youre being defensive about. However, if you agree with whatever they are saying about you, then they do not actually believe you. Get it? Okay, heres another example (using a very common question): HER: So how many women have you been with? YOU: Oh, I dont know about five or six hundred. Please understand that women dont really want to know the answer to these sorts of questions. This is something they do unconsciously to force you into a position to prove yourself. But as long as you dont get defensive, youre okay and you come out on top. Defensiveness shows pure insecurity. Being able to admit you are something bad, and be proud of it shows incredible confidence. The funny thing is no one actually believes you when you admit it. This is why when you tell a girl that youre seeing ten women right now she doesnt believe you and yet she becomes more attracted to you because you flipped it around on her by throwing out a ballsy (but funny) answer.