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Endless Possibilities

BY: Lauren Doherty & Darcy Stanfill Advanced Science of Foods 301 March 6th 2013

Nutrition/Public Health Specialist There any many opportunities throughout the United States in the Nutrition field however, there are also many opportunities outside of the United States. This position with FHI 360 is a position working in the impoverished and food insecure country of Ghana. The Nutrition/Public Health Specialist would be expected to take the lead on all nutrition activities within the immediate location and to create the tools and programs to be used in the nutritional activities. The nutritional needs of the households being served would be assessed with those tools and programs and future projects would revolve around those assessments. In addition to future projects, the assessment would be used to develop new approaches to overcoming hygiene and nutrition obstacles presented. With multiple responsibilities comes multiple requirements. FHI 360 requires at least a Masters degree in nutrition, public health, or something similar and years of experience to qualify for the position. Seven years in a management position regarding nutrition, public health programs, and hygiene with five of those years working with at risk populations, and three of those years working in a nutrition/public health-related programming. Applicants resume must reflect experience of successfully teaching others, discussing gender equality with regards to nutrition/public health, working with government agencies, merging nutrition interventions with food security initiatives, and working with a nutrition/public health program that has specific goals and required reporting. Some other qualifications include written, verbal, interpersonal skills, English language proficiency, and capability to travel through the country. Lastly, although not required, FHI 360 considers previous work experience in related fields in West Africa or Ghana a

bonus. Based on two sources, Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com, the median salary for a Public Health Specialist is roughly $59,000 and up to $90,000 per year [1][2]. Considering this position with FHI 360 requires seven years of experience and a Masters degree, it is a possibility that this position pays more than the average. However, since this position is in Ghana and is contingent on funding, the salary could also be less than average. According to Addo el al. Many prominent hotels have be swabbed for microbial growth and cleanliness as of 2007 [3]. These tests showed a high prevalence of coliforms which had contaminated foods and food preparation surfaces. This is an example area that a Public Health Specialist could greatly improve in the country of Ghana. In addition, according to Nti et al. nationally, 11.6% of the population has Diabetes, 27.8% are hypertensive, 25% of women are overweight, and as the numbers of chronic diseases are growing the nutritional knowledge is decreasing with 89.2% of the countrys adolescents (age 14-18) having poor knowledge of these chronic diseases [4]. This is another excellent example of the need for a Nutrition/Public Health Specialist in Ghana. Family Consumer & Sciences Professor Point Loma Nazarene University is a university located in San Diego and they are currently seeking a full time visiting professor for one year. While this is not a permanent position, it may suit to fill an experience requirement for another position elsewhere, allow an applicant that is considering a teaching career get their feet wet before settling in the career, and expand networking connections. As a professor at PLNU, the applicant would be working in the Family & Consumer Sciences department with five full time professors and eight part time professors.

Responsibilities include teaching 12 units each semester, 24 units total within one year. Courses taught must be within the professors skill set. While teaching, the professor would be expected to be present for student activities, departmental activities, and faculty activities. In addition to teaching and being present for various activities, the professor would be required to conduct applicable research during the year. The professor must also be committed to a diverse environment. PLNU requires the applicant to be interested in many fields including, human development, personal, family, and community health; personal and consumer financial management, and supervision of internships. One unique and particularly important characteristic about PLNU is that this institution requires demonstrated faith in Christianity which could make some candidates ineligible. Following demonstrated Christian faith, the applicant would need to have a Ph.D./Ed.D in a Family and Consumer Science area and be dedicated to the subject. Other requirements consist of superior educational abilities with students, superior oral and written skills, networking abilities with various stakeholders, exhibit aspiration to be employed by an evangelical institution and more than just agreeable with the religious affiliation of PLNU and the educational philosophies. Applicant must also be affiliated with the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. According to Indeed.com, a full time Nutrition professor with a PHD in San Diego would have a salary of roughly $76,000 [5]. In comparison, a Nutrition professor without a PHD would earn roughly $54,000 annually [6]. However, both of the estimations may be contingent on experience, exact universities, unit loads, etc. According to Youth Markets Alert, upwards of 61% of college students consider college professors as their mentors in college and a major source of

academic information. Professors, such as Nutrition professors, are fueling the future!

Career Goals: Lauren Doherty

Positions like these are just a handful of the career fields I could see myself in one day. Although I am currently in the Didactic Program of Dietetics here at San Diego State and I do plan to go on to complete a Dietetic Internship to become a Registered Dietitian, I am open to many possibilities of how to get there and many options after becoming an RD. After graduation I may be immediately matched with a DI but if Im not, I have back up plans. I intend to look for employment to get experience in the nutrition field and perhaps build a savings to enable myself to take off work in the event I am matched with a DI in the next round. If I do not go that route, I may join the Peace Corps. Having traveled to a few places around the world like West Africa, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, and the UK, I find myself drawn to positions outside of the U.S. more so than those in the United States. After finishing two years in the Peace Corps, I would leave with a world of unique experience, a percentage of my student loans paid for by the Peace Corps, and a few thousand dollars to get myself set up and begin looking for a career stateside or elsewhere. All of these post-graduation possibilities lead to varying career paths. If I complete my dietetic internship within a couple years of college, I plan to work in the counseling sector. In this I would like to work with morbidly obese individuals. While helping anyone overcome nutrition obstacles would be fulfilling, I feel I would find the most fulfillment in working with individuals to make drastic physical and lifestyle changes

while more than likely greatly improving their quality of life and extending their lives. If I joined the Peace Corps, my next career choice would likely be working in another impoverished country with an organization such as FHI 360. However, positions such as these can be dependent on funding. If the position I held was not funded and I had to choose another position, I would look for Department of Defense positions worldwide. Many of my aspirations include countries other than the U.S. however, all of these paths lead to me eventually settling and becoming a professor. I intend to spend most of my life gaining international knowledge then giving that knowledge to others.

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