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Sub: Environmental Engineering

Topic : Tertiary treatment of wastewater

Tertiary treatment of wastewater.


An aerobic reactor receives wastewater at a flow rate of 500m3/d having a COD of 2000mg/L. The effluent COD is 400mg/L. Assuming that wastewater contains 80% biodegradable waste, the daily volume of methane produced by the reactor is (A) 0.224m3 B) 0.280m3 (C) 224m3 (D) 280m3 50 g of CO2 and 25 g of CH4 are produced from the decomposition of municipal solid waste (MSW) with a formula weight of 120 g. What is the average per capita green house gas production in a city of 1 million people with a MSW production rate of 500 ton/day ? (a) 104 g/day (b) 120 g/day (b) 208 g/day (d) 313 g/day


3. The unit in which both sedimentation and digestion processes of sludge take place simultaneously is (A) Skimming Tank (B) Imhoff Tank (C) Detritus Tank (D) Digestion Tank


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