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FAMILY RECORD AND HISTORY OF GEORGE ARMSTRONG HICKS CONTAINING THE PRINCIPLE EVENTS OF A LIFE AMONG THE POOR OF UTAH AND THE “RANTS” GENERALY WRITTEN BY HIMSELF What you read today, has been taken from Grandpa’s (George Armstrong Hicks) journal and are the true facts of his life, he wrote the things that happened in his life, that made the greatest impression upon him. There was a time in Grandpa’s life when he became embittered from the treatment he received from higher up authority, but never once did he doubt the divinity of the Gospel, or the inspiration that brought the Saints to the valleys of the mountains and in the end he died happy with the thought that all was well with him and his beloved helpmate both here and in eternity. So we read and listen with no thought of malice or hatred to any of our fellow man but love and unity to all. Great-Granddaughter Maud Hicks Lewis May 11, 1938 CHAPTER ONE Tpupose writing ahistory of my life, it is my priviliege to do so if I choose and I have so chosen. Tam af he present time of a little over 43 years of age and have more than 25 years in Utah and I know her history. I have passed through many trials with the poor of the people of Utah. Thave seen the “groth” and progress of the territory and I have taken a part though not in a public capacity in her development. It is common custom to write a history of the great in the land, not so with my self. I am one of the toilers one of the “hewers of wood and drawers of water”. My sympathies are with the poor of the land. It is the honest-sons of toil who build up a county - who have to struggle against poverty andpersecution have not the least doubt that with Him who rules above the poor are the chosen of the Earth for this Gosple was preached to them. T was born on the 14th day of January in the year A.D. 1835, was bom in the Province of Upper Canada in the County of Ontario at a little town called by the “Chipoway name of Singuacoosia or Little Pine tree. My father’s name is George Barton Hila, he is a native of Ireland from the Connty Fermanach in the north of that country, he asbom onthe 1Sth day of Dec. 1803, his people were brought up to the Methodist Church. He lefthis native land af the age of 17 years and with his father, mother, brothers and sister settled in Canada, all of whom became members of the “Mormon” Church and came to ‘Nawvoo, where my grandfather died at the ripe age of 74 years. Soon after the death of my grandfather, my father’s brothers, 4 in number became tired of “Mormonism” left Nauvoo ‘andtook my grandmother with them to the State of Missouri where my grandmother lived tobe 84 years of age when she died. My mother’s name was Martha Ann Wilson. She was bom in Dublin City, Ireland on the Sth day of March A.D. 1815 and at the age of 3 % years in comexction with her father’s family she crossed the Atlantic Ocean and came to reside in Canada in the City of Toronto. My grandfather's name was James Wilson, He was a Methodist preacher of some celebrity and a most bitter and determined enemy to ‘Mormonism. My mother had one brother and one sister. Her brothers name was James, he became a man of some distinction and was at least once returned to the Canada Parliameed. Ihave in my possession some letters which he wrote to my mother; judging by these letters I concluded he was a man of fine attainments. He still adhears to the Methodist religion. My Mother received a good education- better then the average of ‘women. She, in her prime, was a woman of intellect, independent and spirited, somewhat proud of her family again. In the year 1833 my father and mother became acquainted and on the 20th day of March 1834 they were joined together in the bonds of “holy matrimony” according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church. I was the first fruit of that union. Ihave two brothers and four sisters, My eldest brother’s names is James Wilson, named for my ‘mother’s brother he was born on the Sth day of December 1836. My brother James W went to California from Utah in the year A.D. 1854 and I know not whether he be living or dead as we have not heard of him since, 58, The absence of my brother James W has been the cause of great grief to my mother although he has been absent for 22 years my mother continues fo mourn his absence and to hope for his return. Should my brother James be stil] living he is certainly guilty of the sin of ingratitude. No child should stay away from parents without wrifing at lease once each year. We have often heard vague statements that my brother James W. Was living in this or that place in California, but the most reliable 2