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Concept development and Busines modelling Petra Driessen 25-10-2013

Table of contents
Chapter 1:
1.1 Outcomes 3 1.2 The chosen canvas 3 1.3 Overview Osterwalder canvas 4

The Osterwalder canvas results 3

Chapter 2:

The product or service concept 5 2.1 How did the idea arise? 5 2.2 Product concept 5 2.2.1 This is it 5 2.2.2 This is what is looks like 6 2.2.3 This is what it does 6 2.3 This is what makes the product or service attractive 6 2.3.1 What customer friction does it solves? 6 2.3.2 What needs does infinity provides? 6 2.3.3 Target group according to the Osterwalder canvas 6 2.4 This is what makes the product concept unique 6 Chapter 3:
3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

Strategy 7 This is how it fits into the strategy of the company. 7 This is how it fits into the strategy of the branch. 7 This is how it fits into our strategy for the target group. 7 This is how it fits into the product portfolio. 7 Commercial 8

Chapter 4:

4.1 Target Group 8 4.2 Concrete marketing mix 8 4.3 Introducing the product to the market 9

Chapter 5:

5.1 We can develop it 9 5.2 We can produce it 9 5.3 We have to invest 9 5.4 We have the knowledge 9 5.5 Possible internal obstacles 9

Organization 9

Chapter 6: Chapter 7:

Financial 10

Recommendations 11 7.1 What is the reason infinity should be developed? 11 7.2 What are the most important doubts about infinity? 11 7.3 Lets do it!? 11

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Chapter 1: The Osterwalder canvas results

First of all we are going to describe our Osterwalder canvas results before showing the final concept of Infinity. The reason why we created a Osterwalder canvas is to gain an effective view on our chosen business model, this makes it easier to imagine our concept. Version 0 is the first canvas. We are going to explain three more canvases that came out of version 0 with a unique creative technique: randomly changing segments in de model. Which we describe and show in paragraph 1.1 and 1.2.

1.1 Outcomes
Version 0: This version defines a target group that has less knowledge about history and have less interest to invest time in learning history. Version 0 is based on a single payment or/and advertising revenue stream. This version is based on a application that has the name, Infinity. Version 1: Within this version we changed the revenue stream to come to a new concept of our idea. Actually the whole canvas changes by that. So, the advertising has changed to licences and we immediately came up with the idea that the app could be used as an educational tool as its value proposition. Version 2: This new concept of the idea infinity is changed from an app to a family/kids game play which you can play at your own home. We changed the value proposition into fun & entertainment and again started to think about a family/kids game. This time our key partners and resources changed mainly to toy manufactures, mass production, factories and animators. Version 3: The concept of the third canvas is not in relation to the first idea at all. This time we changed the channel how we are going to communicate with the customer segments. This idea changed again our canvas in its totality, except the value proposition. It remains the same because the concept is also based on fun & entertainment. The outcome was an interactive installation for amusement parks, where history becomes alive.

1.2 The chosen canvas

From all four canvases we have defined we choose version one. This choice has depended on the following features: - - - Realisable = There is huge change this concept can be elaborated by our group. According to our own experiences of the boring history classes, we think this idea could be very interesting for developing educational programs all over the world. Looking to the possibilities of creating apps, software, hardware etc. This concept is definitely realisable Future oriented = Pointing at the future foresights, the technology is growing faster than ever. Social Media, 3D modelling, augmented reality, software, hardware etc. all can be integrated in our concept to develop a product that delivers a new interesting educational method. Profitable = According to our opinion that the concept will be realisable, this concept is also the most profitable. By licensing our product and making use of micro transactions & add-ons we need only few years to get our investments back from those activities and services.
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Most realistic = An application nowadays is part of our life and daily activities. Imagine a world without applications. Infinity is because of its application based concept the most realistic in this society.

There is an overview of the 4 canvases in paragraph 1.3. Here you can find the defined Osterwalder canvases.

1.3 Overview Osterwalder canvas

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Chapter 2: The product or service concept

2.1 How did the idea arise?
Nowadays the group of people who have the knowledge about history is decreasing. The topic of the idea arose while brainstorming about irritations in our daily life. The sentence less knowledge about history passed by our brainstorm. With this sentence there was a brainstorm about ideas behind this topic. We believe history and all its facts can be fun and is very important for everybody in his daily life. It is menkinds cultural heritage and it reminds them about our error in the past. Futhermore we where thinking of how can we create an environment where educational authorities can change their educational method by teaching history in a fun, entertaining, interactive and challenging way?

2.2 Product concept

Infinity was born out of the brainstorm. Infinity is a combination of history and geography with a social aspect that connects people all over the world. We bring the historical facts to an educational method using a globe which provides history knowledge about a certain continent, country or city.

2.2.1 This is it
Infinity will be shaped into a globe that allows the user to select a particular geographical area to select the historical information a user needs. Features of Infinity: - Look into the world in different eras

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- Get known about the continents, country or cities. - Sharing historical facts with global users. Sharing is caring is a common expression. - Learn by make your own account and set preferences to the information you need.

It changes the way we learn historical facts nowadays in an immersive entertaining way by creating a global view of history.

2.2.2 This is what is looks like

As you can read in the previous paragraphs infinity is an application that is shaped as a globe.

2.2.3 This is what it does

Imagine the globe of Google earth combined with historical facts and social platforms to connect the world and change the educational methods of learning history.

2.3 This is what makes the product or service attractive

It is a unique concept because history is taught in a conservative way and now a day people need a new, dynamic and interactive environment to learn. Infinity allows the user to be free in what he/she wants to learn about history. This result in making your own path through the historical facts of the theme teachers are working with.

2.3.1 What customer friction does it solves?

Everyone who is interested in our global history is able to use this product for innovating their way of teaching history and making it a fun, global, interactive and entertaining method. It solves the oldfashioned way of teaching history and encourages the users to increase their knowledge about history.

2.3.2 What needs does infinity provides?

Infinity helps people to create a new educational method to increase the history knowledge in a fun, entertaining and social way.

2.3.3 Target group according to the Osterwalder canvas

According to the Osterwalder canvas the target group (customer segments) are the schools. We want to provide a new educational method where schools can license the product to create a new environment for students to increase the history knowledge. It is a model that is based on business to business market.

2.4 This is what makes the product concept unique

Looking to the available products, there is no other product that gives the user an entertaining way of getting fast and secure information of historical facts of their own preferences. The user can set his own path and the most important feature that is unique, people can share and get in contact with other users. That means that it is able to share your history knowledge, increase your history knowledge, increase your language, discus your knowledge and increase your geographical knowledge. There is no product on the market which combines history and geography together. Infinity is able to do this. This is a radical innovation that can change educational methods providing history data and new environment to learn with. Google for example is sharing the geographic data to the world. Infinity is combining historical facts and geography.
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Chapter 3: Strategy
3.1 This is how it fits into the strategy of the company.
As mentioned in the beginning the main purpose of the company is to educate people, to remind them that knowledge is very important especially in this fast globalizing world. Knowing more makes you having an easier time of life and contributing to the world. Education can make the world a better place by finding solutions, creating new ideas, developing great new devices, improving our daily routine. This kind of strategy we would love to bring to the world.

3.2 This is how it fits into the strategy of the branch.

The companys first project is based on the topic History as this subject is crucial for every human being. History defines our national identity. It helps us fulfil one of our greatest desires as human beings uniqueness. It helps us to learn from our mistakes and to always seek for solutions, it encourages us to be persuasive, purposeful, strong, proud; it makes us believe. In other words History is fundamental for creating values.

3.3 This is how it fits into our strategy for the target group.
The companys first product Infinity is going to be offered in every school. We aim to brush the problem as it arises. The lack of interest in history appears from the very first years at school. The boring teaching methods and environment do not allow the young generations to appreciate its value and importance. We know that man learns all his life but the main problem is how to make students and people in general curious about the surrounding world, how to make them hungry and foolish. So that is why we are focusing on the young generation. We are going to provoke their interest and sympathy from an early age.

3.4 This is how it fits into the product portfolio.

The companys portfolio is going to vary. With our first product we are going to focus only on History as a main subject and fractionally on Geography for getting a greater overview on the events. Of course, for the future we will create more value in our product by linking different subjects and uploading more information on the online platform. In our concept we will enlist also subjects as Biology, Chemistry, Culture and etc. We will try to create a totally new way/environment that will improve the teaching methods and will introduce the learning and developing process as entraining and joyful. We will bring to the world an experience on a whole new level.

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Chapter 4: Commercial
4.1 Target Group
Our primary target group are mainly the elementary and primary schools, we are going to sell them licenses which provide them access to the product. With these licenses they get access to Infinity and in this way we will reach our education goals and purposes to teach students history with an immersive and exiting experience. So the students are our secondary target group, they will love this new experience and be hooked to it. As our tertiary group we target everyone who wants to know more about history or are already history lovers. Because it will be possible to buy licences on measure Infinity is mainly a business to business product.

4.2 Concrete marketing mix

1. Product or service Infinity will be available as an online platform where the students can log into and start learn and create history with it. It will be account based so every user (student and teacher) can create his own learning path. The application will remember the decisions of the users, follows their interest and can adapt to it. Therefore the users path will always be unique and the teachers can follow their students. Likewise the students can get tips and more information about their interest through the application. Furthermore there will be a social integration in infinity, so the users can chat, follow their friends, find out what the interest of other are and even meet new people with the same history interest path. Gaining Knowledge in an immersive new way and with others-that is what Infinity provides. 2. Positioning The online platform is ordered from our website as a yearly bases license; the submissions can be handled by telephone or conjointly online. On our website there is a log in section where (new) users can log in and experience our product Infinity. The application is by start only available on the modern computer browsers (Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari and IE10+), but it will be available on mobile devices in the near future. Withal there is a teaching channel available, to teach the teachers Infinity. In this way we make sure that the application will be used properly. 3. Price We are going to sell infinity for a yearly based price of 249,- per license. The product codes will be handed to the buyer (school). Where the teachers can make the accounts for the students and then the teachers will send a unique activation links to his or her students. With the activation link the student can create an Infinity account. Furthermore our policy provides thats every updates will be free of any cost. 4.Distribution Chanel (promotion) Our advertising strategy would rely mostly on two forms of media; first there will be an online promotion video thats explains our cause in an unforgettable way. In other words, this is a viral marketing strategy. Besides we want to create a humoristic video. We know that its hard to use humour in videos. But it is the best way to get the students attention. Our second medium will be the good old fashion radio its a relative cheap approach to advertise and if we look at motivation what kind of follow group history teachers are post-materialists and they value tradition (radio), culture, international interest and self-development.

Our slogan: Infinity reanimates history.

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4.3 Introducing the product to the market

We believe that the best moment to introduce infinity is by the end of March. There are two reasons for that: There is commonly known that there will be less new products launched on the market. Therefore our product has more chance to shine. Second of all, the consumers have some time to learn the product before the new school year starts around august.

Chapter 5: Organization
5.1 We can develop it
Infinity is a big and complicated educational product that requires a great deal of development and design skills. Therefore we outsource the following development segments bases on our vision and supervision. Database design and development, 3d modelling and design and data storage. We also need a lot of external data about history and to gain this information we need to collaborate with encyclopaedias, book publishers and libraries. Infinity is built on interesting history and cultural facts and occurrences. We are going to need indispensably external resources. In this development process we also need to create a sublime user experience. We always keep the customer central in our mind so there will be a lot of time invested in testing purposes and alpha, beta versions of infinity.

5.2 We can produce it

First of all we need to hire a team that will search and insert the information in infinity. There will be also an intern promotion team available to make the brand, website and other marketing related subjects, they have the assignment to sell infinity and put it out to the market. Infinity grows by its community so we also need to find out what they want. So we keep developing, producing and growing infinity (iteration process).

5.3 We have to invest

Our investment is roughly 1.500.000,00,- of development and producing cost and we will can liquidate this within five years. In the financial chapter we explain how we gain our investment back and when we are starting to make profit. Because of the huge investment we probably should look for investors.

5.4 We have the knowledge

We need to be very careful about our key partners there will be a lot of them. First of all we need the right partner that can provide us the facts and occurrences we need and we need a partner that can develop our vision. We like to have a small media agency as partner that can help us both with the development and design so the communication will be better and faster.

5.5 Possible internal obstacles

First of all there can be a lot of knowledge obstacles because there are so many sources: we need to know which one is the right or the best one. Also we should be careful with the iteration and testing rounds, because its an immersive product and so the development time can be extended multiple times with conflicts and changes. This is our companys first product and it is hard to make a guessing about when the product will be exactly released.

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Chapter 6: Financial
Our financial calculation is based on a six year investment of a value estimate of 1.500.000 and it will be paid off in six years . The investment value is for the whole software development. Beneath you can find our exploitation overview: 1) Revenue 100 % 2) purchase value 68 % 3) gross profit 32 % 4) cost 29 % 5) staff costs 15 % 6) accommodation costs 5% 7) selling expenses 2% 8) other costs 7% 9) operating profit 3%
And next is our yearly investment payment: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 100.000,00 100.000,00 100.000,00 100.000,00 279.497,45 100.000,00 660.538,34 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 4 Year 5 Year 5

Paid after 5 years: 1.440.035,79

In six years we deliver our product Infinity to 7771 elementary and primary schools. Our next table is based on our five year cost, investment and profit.
Year 1 Number of schools with license Income from license 389 96.748,9 5 280.571, 96 145.123, 43 48.374,4 8 19.349,7 9 67.724,2 7 - 183.823, 01 100.000, 00 - 283.823, 01 5% 100 % Year 2 777 193.497, 90 10% 100 % Year 3 1554 386.995, 80 20% 100 % Year 4 2720 677.242, 65 35% 100 % Year 5 4274 1.064.238, 45 303.700,11 157.086,26 52.362,09 20.944,83 73.306,92 760.538,34 100.000,00 41% 660.538,34

Cost staff costs accommodati on costs selling expenses other costs Revenue Payment investment operating profit

290 % 150 % 50% 20% 70% 190 %

286.183,3 9 148.025,8 9 49.341,96 19.736,79 69.078,75 - 92.685,49 100.000,0 0 - 192.685,4 9

148 % 77% 26% 10% 36% 48%

291.907,0 6 150.986,4 1 50.328,80 20.131,52 70.460,33 95.088,74 100.000,0 0 - 4.911,26

75% 39% 13% 5% 18% 25%

297.745,2 0 154.006,1 4 51.335,38 20.534,15 71.869,53 379.497,4 5 100.000,0 0 279.497,4 5

44% 23% 8% 3% 11% 56%

293 %

100 %


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Chapter 7: Recommendations
7.1 What is the reason infinity should be developed?
In this rapid changing global world we will definitely have to keep up with the new coming technologies and tendencies. If we want to maintain our position on the market and the interest in our product we should integrate it with the new technologies like augmented reality, Social Media, 3D modelling etc. Nowadays, these concepts are becoming increasingly involved in our daily life. Combining our product with these new tendencies would bring us the possibility to increase our value proposition. Making it more interactive would give us the opportunity to offer it also to different target groups and through different channels. This will expand our presence on the market and thusly increase revenue. Not coming up with new creative ideas and any improvements wont lead us to a long-term position on the market. Without any further investments we would offer the world a great idea that could be misappropriated. If infinity is not going to be developed people will still have the boring educational history classes as before. So why not to create an entertaining, educational and social way to expand the history knowledge among students?

7.2 What are the most important doubts about infinity?

We hope that the new technologies are going to be developed very fast and in a way that we could use them for our purpose. We are dependent on technological advances in order to improve our product performance. There are already existing products like Google glasses and others that are still in development such as: Contact lenses, Eye Tap, Handheld, Virtual retinal display. We hope that we could present our ideas to the world before our competitors and we could cooperate with important companies on time. We also doubt that every generation would be able to use the technology that we would like to offer with our product. That is why we also have to concentrate on the needs not only on the young generation but on the eldest as well and expand our product to a greater target group.

7.3 Lets do it!?

Regardless of changes in the future, we should keep to our main strategy which is offering this product in order to expand peoples view of the world, to make them know more, to encourage them to ask questions and seek the answers. The sub-values entertainment and enjoyment are only contributing to the main task of our products. They make our products interactive and interesting but the most important task of our concept is to teach people, to educate them. So every single step in improving and expanding our products should be made towards this concept. Infinity gives a new immersive interactive experience and opportunity to the people. It helps them find out their own history interest without being tight to certain sources or path. It changes the educational system radically and creates an environment on a whole new level. That is why Infinity is going to be a success.

a Future vision

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