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Welcome to your sanctuary

Youre here because you have breast cancer. And youre searching
Because breast cancer isnt just a medical diagnosis. Its a life-changing event. And its changing your life. It impacts everything about you how you look, the way you feel, then the way stranger look at you, and the way others feel about you, what you think of your job, your role in the family, even your sexuality, your view on mortality, and your feelings about an afterlife. Spend a day with horses to process those thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening and supportive environment. Come spend a day with us.

Our Mission
Hope, Healing and Horses is a nonprofit organization created to provide a supportive environment, in the company of horses, for women with breast cancer. The purpose of Hope, Healing, and Horses is to give women an opportunity in which they can reclaim a part of themselves that has been lost through the experience of breast cancer. We give them a place in which they can address fears and express emotional and physical pain. The spiritual connection with the horses helps them feel supported, centered, and empowered and able to continue on. Nonprofit

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Hope, Healing and Horses

Thank you again for the incredible experience with Kerry and the horses. The whole day was memorable, from the passion of your idea and commitment, to the wonderful environment, to the powerful experience of trust and acceptance by the horses.
Valerie W, Anesthesiologist

Rock-A-Billy Ranch 3745 No Hwy 67 Sedalia, Co 80135

Saturday, October 26, 2013 9a-4p

The entire workshop is led by an equine psychotherapist. Our workshop takes you through.

Who we are

The morning will consist of several opportunities to interact with the horses in a group and individually. These exercises will be interspersed with group discussions to process the experiences.

Diane Chaffee
BSN, PA, MHP, President

Kerry Borcherding
MA, LPC, Vice President

Kim Musselman

Carol Kryskowski,

Lunch will be provided The afternoon will consist of further bonding with the horses, including a grooming exercise. Towards the end of he day participants will have the option to take part in bodywork exercises with and on the horses. There will be several opportunities to process events and feelings. Closing

Im a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2007. As a healthcare provider, I understood the disease and the system. I had a wonderful support system, but I realized there are so many women that dont. When I searched for an equine therapy program for breast cancer patients, none could be found. It put the seed in my head and my heart to provide a program for others, so I created this workshop to provide a day of support for women who would like something more.

No matter the obstacles I have faced, the pain endured, it has been my intimate relationship to horses and open spaces that have continually helped me remember my own strengths, the preciousness of life, and a deep sense of belonging to this inexplicable world.

I am honored to be involved in this quest for Peace in mind; body; and spirit through the tender hearts of our Equine partners and leadership of Diane and Kerry. We all embrace their courage and commitment for restored health and balance in peoples lives.

Horses have brought me peace, confidence and very special friends throughout my life. Everyone has been touched by someone with cancer. I want to help women going through their individual struggle experience a day of emotional healing, peace and joy through these amazing animals.

The healing power of horses I am involved with HHH because of my experiences with horses and their healing abilities. In the Native American culture , horses are the spirit messengers To all those individuals that have been diagnosed with breast cancer- my sincere belief is that not only does this disease require medical support- but also spiritual support, which lends a huge hand in strengthening the journey to wellness. Kim Musselman