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Manalili, Niko T. August 12, 2009

BSN004 Prof. Wilson Chua

Cory's Death: My Experience

It was Saturday, august 2 at 8 am in the morning when I first heard the news about Tita Cory's
death. I was not so surprised because after all her sufferings because of her cancer, I expected that she'll
not live longer. I was ill for that day when the entire Filipino community was grieving for the death of
the mother of Philippine Democracy. And I was in the hospital when I have witnessed the transfer of
her remains to the La Salle Gym in Greenhills for the burial through the television. Honestly, I was not
really affected as I have watched it because for me she was just a former president. I've even laugh
when a lady was extremely crying because I'm thinking she is overreacting and just needed attention.
But then I have just realize, silently I am touched by our dear Tita Cory and it is wrong to judge people
who love her and crying for her because she has sacrificed her life for our dear nation.

In August 3, while I am watching Kris Aquino's live interview in the Buzz, I was really touched
by her experience with her mom during her last days. I felt the pain, sorrow and also the joy Tita Cory
as she goes to heaven. Unnoticed, tears fell when Kris told how good her mom was. Her mom raised
them alone and has embraced the duty for her fellow Filipinos as the President. She was so brave and
has fought for our freedom despite of threats for her family's life and security. I also admire her for her
courage and faith in fighting for her disease. She must be a continuous inspiration for all as a great
leader of nationalism with faith.

During these times, especially that I'm ill, I've just felt the pain and realization that life is too
short. I must be doing my duty as a Filipino at same time as a good son like Tita Cory. During the
funeral mass, again I was touched by Kris Aquino, I was crying when she said that they lied that they
will be ok, but they are not. It was so hard to let go a person that unites every Filipino; a mother that
has enlightened us in the midst of darkness. At the same night as I travel to manila, I SMS my mother,
that I was so blessed that she is my mother and I told her that I love her so much. I was awakened that
we must live our life to the fullest and I was enlightened that I must join in the legacy of Cory in
fighting for right. Laban Tita Cory! Laban!

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