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Shastra says that first and foremost happiness is having healthy body. But in todays time it is not that much easy to remain healthy and disease-free. Due to the modern living pattern, this human body suffers from so many diseases and its vitality becomes so much weak that it is not able to do even normal work. In such a state, when person is tired of going to doctor and local sorcerers, he looks towards field of sadhna for providing him healthy life. One sadhna in this field of sadhna which is known and appreciated by all and tested by many is Maha Mrityunjay Sadhna. But knowing this sadhna and doing it and getting success are altogether different things. This anushthan demands a lot of hard-work and requires money too but when someone is facing scarcity of time and money then what should be done. This Vidhaan also has been described by our acharyas, one Laghu (small) easiest form of this supreme intense Mantra Vidhaan. And in todays context, easy Vidhaans are required very much. On one hand, afflicted person or any of its family members can do it easily. On the other hand, due to absence of detailed procedures, he can concentrate completely on Mantra and his sadhna otherwise sometimes person gets entangled in sadhna rules only. We receive so many letters in this regard that some important family member has got afflicted by some serious disease; please provide us the suitable sadhna. But sometimes in this difficult situation, person or its family do not want to do anything themselves. But sadhna has to be done; there is no alternative of it.

No one can describe the qualities of this boon-providing form of Lord Shankar because if we consider the fact that it can free us from disease and provide us healthy body as only its first quality then what can be better than it. All the sadhnas and high-order procedures are dependent on healthy body and in absence of it, what is the option left for an afflicted person. Though there is available ultra-modern treatment pattern, but it is also true that it is very much costly and it is not possible for everyone to take complete benefit out of it. For this, we have started the work so very soon; construction of highclass hospital is going to be started where everything possible will be done for the service of humanity. It will be answer to our opponents and critics. It will be very soon.. Today I am going to put forward one very easy Vidhaan. Please take benefit out of it. Follow the normal sadhna rules like celibacy and physical cleanliness. Do the normal poojan and dhayan of Lord Shiva (which you know) in the starting of sadhna. If earthen idol of Lord Shiva is prepared by the sadhak himself, it will be best. Mantra: Om Joom Sah ( name of the sick person) Paalay Paalay Sah Joom Om || Let us assume that mantra Jap has to be done for Ram Prasad, who is the son of Dinesh Prasad then mantra will be Om Joom Sah Dinesh Putram Ram Prasad Paalay Paalay Sah Joom Om ||

If it has to be done for ones own son then Om Joom Sah Mam Putram (Name of the son) Paalay Paalay Sah Joom Om || Side by side, read the Maha Mrityunjay Kavach, easily available in any of the religious shops by taking resolution for that particular disease. Do it with dedication. One can read it 11, 21, 51,108 times. While reciting it, one should feel that divine rays coming from Lord Maha Mrityunjay are entering sick person and providing him health. This prayog can be started from any of the Monday. Morning time is better. But in case of serious problem, one can start from any day after doing Sadgurudev poojan and Guru Mantra Jap.It is better to use Rudraksh rosary for chanting. Yellow dress and aasan can be used. Keep one thing in mind that Nikhil Kavach has got its own importance along with this Prayog. Since it is an easy prayog, trust, concentration and dedication will be the first stepping stone for its success.