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Avl Cruise 2013 Build 1100 (x86x64) full software download _software_download_pc%2Fmac.rar

Avl Cruise 2013 Build 1100 (x86/x64) full software download pc/mac

Avl Cruise 2013 Build 1100 (x86/x64) Avl Cruise 2013 Build 1100 (x86/x64) AVL CRUISE Vehicle and Driveline System Analysis for Conventional and Future Veh icle Concepts. AVL CRUISE is the industry s most powerful, robust and adaptable to ol for vehicle system and driveline analysis. AVL Solution AVL CRUISE is AVL s vehicle and powertrain system level simulation tool. It suppor ts every day tasks in vehicle system and driveline analysis throughout all devel opment phases, from concept planning, through to launch and beyond. Its applicat ion envelope covers conventional vehicle powertrains through to highly-advanced hybrid systems and pure electric vehicles. AVL CRUISE offers a streamlined workf low for all kinds of parameter optimization, component matching - guiding the us er through to practical and attainable solutions. Due to its structured interfac es and advanced data management concept, AVL CRUISE has established itself as a data communication and system integration tool for different teams within worldleader OEM s and their suppliers. Your Benefits AVL CRUISE reduces the analysis effort with a ready-to-use vehicle analysis plat form. Vehicle modeling of any powertrain topology with scalable fidelity is done with a unique sub-system layer concept. This approach enables the re-use of mod els or its sub-systems, exactly matching the application needs in different deve lopment phases of a consistent vehicle development process. AVL CRUISE is much more than just another vehicle simulation model. All the stan dard vehicle system analysis tasks and advanced workflows are included, too. Mul ti-parameter sensitivity studies (DOE) of any scalar, characteristic, overall co mponent and sub-system, the detailed analysis of energy and power flow, and the automatic gear shifting program generation are only a few examples. AVL CRUISE s upports the engineer getting a comprehensive understanding of the entire vehicle powertrainand all its considered variants. It helps efficiently developing the right decisions leading to competitive vehicles with respect to fuel efficiency, emissions, performance and driveability.pic