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new earth project

beyond war - disease - poverty

children of the new earth brought forth into the world of human kin

songs of remembrance, tales of exaltation & the gift of future-past

. summary ,
The new earth project launched august 2013. In a few short weeks weve raised a following of almost 100 000 people around the world with thousands of members joining us daily. New registrations are via the website www.new-earth-project.org We did not send a single invite nor an email to any of our own network, but chose to put the project out to the world anonymously through social media. We have still not invited our own networks or database into the project, preferring to see how the generic trend continues for the present We are currently developing an immersive new earth nation portal translated into arabic, mandarin, malay-indonesian, french, spanish, portuguese and russian amongst other languages Some of the leading consciousness-networkers on the web are assisting our ambition to consolidate the new earth movement in readiness for a major push later this year. We anticipate receiving millions of registrants in record time from all nations and faiths We will shortly be announcing the launch of the interest-free, non-inationary new earth mutual fund as well as the new earth exchange which will offer usury-free online banking via a human-energy backed currency to people acaross the globe


The New Earth Project offers a comprehensive metric which addresses the worlds failing models of health. learning & social ecology It is an entirely deliverable model which invites conscious and ethical, self-determining men, women and children to co-operate and prosper whilst establishing environments that foster human and planetary well-being It provides a new sovereign foundation for conscious living, and invites humans to reclaim self-determination & dignity from systems which do not serve noble expression, higher purpose or the joy of life

new earth bioarchitecture

new earth bioarchitecture

. new earth project ,

A worldwide sovereignty movement and planetary network of conscious communities with pilot projects planned in dozens of locations across the world The new earth project is a pioneering initiative uniting humanity in a common cause: to dene a world shaped by conscious people who choose to live healthy, joyful, prosperous lives under Gods law and not the statutes of technocrats, proteers and rogue systems People of earth are rising up and demanding that overbearing government stands down. No sane person wishes our world to be coloured further by engineering of wars, surveillance-culture, forced vaccinations, food-stamps, corporate recklessness and media-manipulation. We are ready for a different civilizational download The new earth bank-exchange will serve all economic exigencies of live, work & play whilst new earth communities will serve as exemplars for sustainable, prosperous and conscious living, safeguarded in trust by and for the people within those communities New earth retreats are places where visitors can experience the worlds most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities in ourishing natural biospheres set within and alongside new earth communities across the globe


. the new earth institute ,


The new earth institute is launching as a planetary hub for wisdom-keeping, knowledge sharing and transcultural exchange within the new earth project
It will be physically situated in the heart of new earth communities in locations around the world and online as an immersive platform set within the new earth portal It is bringing together a network of visionary and pioneering individuals and institutions to nest within the the new earth institute as academies, each serving to advance consciousness and sustainable development for the betterment of people and planet The institute will publish a schedule indexing the tutorials, virtual seminars, workshops and conferences, promoting the voices of its Fellows and widening their global constituencies Most importantly it seeks to dynamically bypass controlled academia and media manipulated disinformation which pollutes and deles true learning and knowledge sharing in our age The portal will also facilitate a fully integrative social-networking capacity dedicated to augmenting the learning and exchange of its members worldwide and will be freely available to all new earth community residents, retreat visitors and members


. organising principles ,
the new earth institute is organised upon an orientation of vedic principles of the core elements
of earth, water, sky, spirit and re....






Environment Socio Economics Agrarianism Permaculture Ethnobotany

Birthing Healing Arts Wellness Conict Resolution Marine Ecology

Media Information Education Communications Lower Atmosphere

Consciousness Sacred Arts Spirituality Communion Higher Atmosphere

Technology New Sciences Sovereignty Law Liberty


. oversight ,
Destry Hines
I.T. development : oversight destry@humanitad.org

Sacha Stone
founder : oversight sacha@humanitad.org

Wolfgang Knoerr
brand development : oversight wolf@humanitad.org

Duke Dorje
I.T. development : new earth portal

Cristi Popovici
assistant to Sacha Stone cristi@humanitad.org

Juan Schlosser
director : new earth architecture

Doctor J
I.T. development : new earth portal

Patricia Garcia
new earth administration

Boris Petrovic
new earth institute : tesla academy

Greg Paul
new earth project director : oversight greg@humanitad.org

Jeanmarie Polvino
new earth administration

Reinhold Zeigler
new earth built environment

Andrea Hockenmaier
new earth administration

Margot Anand
new earth institute : fellow (tantra)

Greg Kheel
global networking : oversight kheel@humanitad.org

Dr Isabel Sharkar
new earth administration

Sir John Walsh

new earth institute : fellow (law)

Caroline Blum
new earth administration

His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El Assal

new earth institute : fellow (interfaith)

Ryan Leslie
director : new earth retreats ryan@humanitad.org

Lala Gasanova
new earth administration

Laura Uplinger
new earth institute : fellow (birthing)

Hannah Greeno
new earth administration

Dr Bremley Lyngdoh
new earth institute : fellow (environment)

Mathew Lewis
new earth institute : oversight mathew@humanitad.org

Stephanie Tripp
new earth administration

Bella Trimble
new earth institute : phenomenology

Sally Hunter
new earth : health & nutrition

John Barrie-Button
new earth permaculture : oversight

Jonathan Darrall-Rew
international relations : oversight jon@humanitad.org

Mark Lee
new earth conceptual art

Michael Tellinger
new earth institute : tellinger academy

Ben Hayes
new earth festival : production

Dr Dezso Benedek
education & culture : oversight

Natalia Rose
health & wellness : oversight natalia@humanitad.org

Bi Ma Anden
new earth schooling & curricula

Frederik Stimmel
new earth science & technology

Maneka Sjostrom
new earth e-democracy

Dr David Martin
economics policy : oversight

Stessa Thompson
fundraising : oversight stessa@humanitad.org

Jocelyn Daher & Sean Suddes

social networking : oversight

when people of the new earth grew tired of fear, time and money

they found no further need for wars, borders or governance itself

new earth ambassadors

Victoria Jensen Bremley Lyngdoh Anthony Lowther Emerald Starr Ciro Orsini Danielle Leigh Mitch Rabin Gina Torres Shaundra Hyre Ruta Cerniauskaite Kevin Wrenn Lori Korth

new earth translators

Annette Pereira Caroline Blum Shadi AbdelKhalek Komala Lyra Sarah Morghad Soa Aubert Antonio Holger Biallas

Valeska Jakobowicz Javier Gonzales

social media
Kevin Buijs Christopher Litvai Richie Bernardo Sam Benson Kevin Kristopher Amateo Ra Zecharia Souza Mat Veritas Lara Starr Aegina De Vas

Gustavo Caldieri Ryan Leslie Nina Gonchorova Bremley Lyngdoh Yvan Holt

. contact ,

Harold Dakin Spyros Devesh Mitch Rabin

Vasilis Kanelopoulus Boris Petrovic

for more details please download the blueprint & presentation from:


humanitad foundation 2013

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