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Eisenberg Einklang v1.

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Download "Eisenberg Einklang v1.10" [fast] Eisenberg Einklang v1.10 Eisenberg Einklang v1.10 EINKLANG introduces an all-new paradigm in music production. While existing synt hesizers are controlled by many complicated, technical knobs, EINKLANG can be co ntrolled by a few, powerful musical parameters. One of EINKLANG s key features is the triangle morphing field, which allows users to morph between three different instruments with great ease. With the turn of one knob, a piano, a violin and t impani become a timpianolin. EINKLANG allows the user to focus exclusively on th e creative aspects of making music, without being distracted by the complex tech nical processes. Instead of synthesizing sounds like traditional synthesizers according to a set of technical parameters (i.e. amplitudes, frequencies, spectra ), EINKLANG re-synt hesizes sounds using instrument models. These instrument models can not only be tweaked directly in their musical parameters (i.e. loudness, pitch, timbre ) but a lso be morphed from one sound to another. The instrument models are based on Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AI ST), an award winning, patent-pending technology that allows synthesizers to und erstand the structures of sounds, and remembers specific nuances of different in struments. So the musician can concentrate on musical aspects, while the synthes izer does all of the underlying technical processing.