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Traditional classroom setting lesson plans can be modified to use in an online learning environment by focusing on interactivity through the

use of technology. Any grade level and any subject can be taught online by considering how the online environment can best serve the instructional objectives and activities of that curriculum. The traditional lesson plan that I am going to modify to an online lesson plan is a Literature lesson for 4th grade students. The students read the fairytale The Fisherman and His Wife. In the traditional classroom lesson plan, after reading the fairytale the students are supposed to create their own artistic fish collage. The art activity follows with a group discussion focusing on three questions. In the revised online lesson plan, the students will read the fairytale on their assigned Ipad, research different types of fish and create their fish collage by using the Art Studio app on their IPad. They will then be assigned three group discussions questions where they will respond to the posted questions on an educational based blog, www.kidsblog.org I added a collaborative research activity where the students research the following fish body parts, head, mouth, gills, fins, and body to find out their importance rather than focusing on their beauty; Followed by posting their reflections on their research on their blog. This lesson can be extended by adding other Grimms fairy tales as a compare/contrast assignment. The students can complete the compare/contrast assignment on their blog. A knowledge based assignment that can be added is the students looking up vocabulary words by using the Dictionary app on their Ipads and sharing the definitions on their blog.

Blooms Taxonomy learning domains are listed in the chart in green font.


Traditional Classroom Lesson Plan

Book provided by teacher Provided by teacher Students work together to exchange art supplies to create colorful fish

Online Classroom Lesson Plan

Book on students IPad (Comprehension) Art Studio App on IPad (Creating) Students work in small groups to research and gather information on colorful fish via internet (could add to find the purpose of the fishes head, gills, mouth, body and fins) and can share their findings with other students. (Students can rate their peers participation via peer rubric) (Evaluate & Analyze) Group discussion board on Kidblog.org (app on IPad) allowing all students to participate. (Students posts will be based on discussion post rubric) (Comprehension) Students reflect on the body parts of the fish and how important they are for survival, not just beauty. (Students reflection will be based on reflection rubric) (Knowledge, Comprehension) Using the Dictionary app on their IPad, look up vocabulary words and share the definitions on their blog. (Application)

Materials Art Supplies Collaborative Research


Group discussion (often limited to the active students in the class)


Group discussion (often limited to the active students in the class)

Independent Research