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ONES Tele 4 Anna Butterworth The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music HARMONY IN PRACTICE ANSWER BOOK Anna Butterworth The Associated Boai oy the Royal Scho ols of Musi Fist published in 1999 by The Associated Board ofthe Royal Schools of Music (Publishing) Limited 14 Bedford Square, London WCIB 336, United Kingdom Reprinted in 1999 (© 1999 by The Assocated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ISBN 1 85472 9926 ‘AB 2621 All rights reserved. No art ofthis publication may be reproduce, Stored ina retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying. recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner. ACIP catalogue for this book is available from The British Library. Extracts from the following copyright works are reproduced with permission Bach: 571 Harmonised Chorale and 69 Chorale Melodies with figured bas corrected, edited, and annotated by Albert Riemenschnelder (© 1941 by G. Schirmer Inc Reproduced by permission of G, Schirmer Ltd Elgar: Enigma vritons (© 1899 Novello & Co, Lid Reproduced by permission. Faure: Apres un rive Reproduced by permission of Etions Hamel .ParisUnited Music Publishers Lid. ‘Rave: Avan pour une infant dfunte Reproduced by permission of Editions Max Eschig,ParisUnited Musi Publishers Li ‘Shostakovich: Plano Concerto No.2, Op. 102 (© 1957 by Anglo-Soviet Music Press Lid (for Great Britain & British Commonwealth exclding Canada) Reproduced by permission of Bosey & Hawkes Musi Publishers Li, Walton: ‘Touch her soft ips and par’ from Henry ¥ (© Oxford University Press 1947 Reproduced by perm Printed inthe United Kingdom by Halstan & Co.Ltd, Amersham, Bucks