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Jonathan Valldejuli 10/30/13 Argumentative Essay Mrs.

McGriff There is currently a strong debate between those that say that schools are being optimized for girls and those who deny that notion entirely. Some people even believe that schools may be being optimized for boys and that girls are the ones not getting enough attention. The main argument is that schools are being feminized so much that boys have a hard time naturally fitting into the classroom. In the War against Boys, feminists complain that girls were losing their voice in a maleoriented classroom (Garibaldi 441). Because of this public complaint, educational establishments began to turn the schools upside down looking for anywhere to make them more girl-friendly. This movement was detrimental to males. Research shows that due to the lack of attention focused at males, only 65% of males earned high school diplomas in the class of 2003, compared with 72% of girls (Garibaldi 442). Girls in high school are getting better grades and graduating at a higher rate. Some people believe the reason that boys are not doing as well in school is because they simply do not apply themselves, and that the idea of any gender getting more attention than the other is irrelevant. The counter argument is that the reason boys arent doing as well as girls in high school has nothing to do with the schools but the lack of parenting and lack of motivation. Another argument is that because of the female teacher dominance in schools, there are not many males in positions of power in the current classroom. This naturally causes the classroom to cater toward females since females also direct the classrooms. Girls are simply more obedient than boys. When the teacher gives an assignment, girls immediately get out their folder and write down the due

date. Boys, on the other hand, want an explanation as to what they will get out of the assignment (Garibaldi 442). Boys need reason and purpose to do something wholeheartedly, while girls immediately just get to work. Girls are overall more calm and pleasant and just listen to the teacher. In contrast, boys want a rational explanation for everything. A counter argument to this notion is that boys should become more like girls because listening to the teacher is a vital part of the educational system. One could argue that teachers simply dont have time to deal with boys irrational need of purpose and reason to do an assignment and that they should just do it because theyre told to. Another counter argument is that the new trend of children becoming teenagers at an earlier age is affecting boys academically and not that girls are getting more attention (Hymowitz 213). Another argument that points to boys being ignored is that statistics shows that the ratio of boys to girls in special education is 2 to 1 (Garibaldi 444). The argument is that because there is no restriction as to why a student is being sent to special education, female teachers that feel that boys are being disruptive, will send them out of regular classes solely based on their behavior. Most of the boys in special education are there not because they hard a time understanding what the teacher was saying, but because their rational way of dealing with things is considered disruptive and rude to female teachers (Garibaldi 443). Sometimes the parents of a boy will want him to get admitted into special education just because they perceive that his self-esteem is low. Further, they see the notes coming home about behavioral problems and feel that the only way to get him through school smoothly is to get him into special education. During the first IEP meeting when the boy first hears smiling adults explain to him that he does in fact have a learning disability, his young face quivers like Jell-O. For him, everything was real and the truth, for him there was no hustle. From this point on the expectations of himself and his teacher plummet (Garibaldi 443). The counter argument to this notion is that boys wouldnt have any problems in the classroom if they would just learn to act more like girls and just be obedient and stay quiet. Some might also say success is only possible through instant cooperation,

which boys lack. Another argument is boys are too busy dealing with sex and violence to focus on academics (Berlatsky). In conclusion there are arguments both for and against the idea that schools are being optimized for girls. One side says that there are various problems in the school that start from the feminist classroom that causes males to have a much harder time in school. The other side says that the real problems are the boys themselves and that they just need to become more like girls and be more quiet and obedient.

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