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It was an idea that led Hemrajani to become an entrepreneur.
Backpacking from Johannesburg to Cape Town, he struck upon the idea of selling movie tickets online to eliminate the queue outside theatres in India. This was in 1999, and the country was just about waking up to computers, customer are not comfortable to use credit cards and net banking for online transection. 24 years old Hemrajani came back to India and quit his job with J Walter Thompson.

To start off, Hemrajani sent an email to Chase partners describing his business plan. "Seven days later, he got a call from them asking how much money he wanted. With half a million dollars of funding, Hemrajani launched BookMyShow .
The lack of e-ticketing software in theatres and single screens meant bookmyshow.com had to buy tickets in bulk from theatres in advance and then sell this inventory to customers.

Initially days, they suffered losses When they could not sell the tickets and there was the opportunity loss because the booking wasn't happening real time, "It was a non-scalable model. Then they introduced their own online inventory software. Which is deal with cinema halls inventory system. By 2002, Bookmyshow.com had a team of 150, when it ran into the dotcom bust The company shrunk to just six people. Between 2002 and 2004, as the number of multiplexes across India grew, bookmyshow.com turned into a software solutions provider that sold automated ticketing

BMS has been growing at 40 per cent year-on-year and holds over 90% market share in the online entertainment ticketing space . BMS has also ensured that it stays ahead of the competition by selling loyalty software to all multiplexes. They have exclusive tie-ups with theatres. They also started focusing on sporting events, theatre and, more recently, live events in cities.

Dotcom Boom
In 2006 there was internet boom in our Country because of

following reasons. Broadband speeds improved. Call rates of mobile phone dropped Net banking arrived with the usage of debit and credit card. Set up own call center for booking movie ticket and handling customers query . By 2009 company was selling a million tickets in a month. BMS became top five transacted web portal in India. BMS became 3rd highest valued brand in e-commerce space.

The company converted all customer and all transection

to the BMS platform.

They started call centres and generated a toll free no. for

the customers.
Tied up with event organizers and IPL. Developed mobile application They have installed automated speech recognitions

software for call centre

Tie Ups

Deliver movie tickets offline

Industry and Industrycompetition

Today the company has ticketing partnerships with over 1,000 screens across 50 cities. There are 80 multiplexes with 295 screens which are expected to increase.

Snapdeal.Com PVR Cinemas Fun Cinemas Ticketfinder.Com Tickets.Com Seetickets.Com

Official Partners

Screen Shot Of The Website

Business strategy
Developed own online inventory system.

Deliver cheaper movie tickets.

Tied up with different corporate and event

organizers Set up own call centre Connectivity with social network sites Mobile application

Advantages of bookmyshow.com
Avoid the queue and rush in movies hall counters

Pool of option for choice the movie ,location and

movie hall Booked ticked instantly and preferably Payment mode

Credit card Net banking Debit card

Available in social network site and mobile


Revenue Model
Revenue of BMS was generated from two factors:

They charged15 Rs convenience charge per ticket which was there revenue and they made more than one crore a month. They also generated revenue by promoting the events.

Now lets analyze the above numbers given the fact that bookmyshow can book to 200 multiplexes with about 800 screens across India. The total capacity of Multiplexes around the country is 1,26,00,000. 700 X 3 Shows X 30 days X 200 seats = 1,26,00,000 The average sell is approx. 65% = 81,90,000 Bookmyshows claim = 6,50,000 approx.. Tickets Given revenue =1,00,00,000 ( 10000000/15 = 6666667)

Business Model

Call centre

Movi e hall

Ticket payment s


Ticket Revenue

Consume rs

Event organize rs

1. Vast network of event organizers and major cinema chains 2. Online portal Simple and convenient to use Instant booking 3. Constantly updated with forthcoming events and movies

Mostly limited to urban areas as people in India are still apprehensive for online payments

1. Expand capabilities to cover more events and movies across various cities 2. Acquiring more partnerships with various business entities 3.Co-organizing events with various event organizers to increase physical brand presence. 4. Extend their online portal.

1.Possibility of mismanagement due to lack of coordination with event organizers 2. Improved functionalities by competitive online ticketing portals

The Service Marketing Triangle

7 Ps Of Service Marketing Mix Process :Online booking Visit bookmyshow.com Choose movie, cinema and seats Fill information to make payment Get tickets

Physical Evidence:Web Site (www.Bookmyshow.com) Movie Ticket (hard copy) Facebook (Ticket buddy) Mobile Application

People:Person not visible Dress not that critical How he speak is critical Separate call center and team in each city Quick handling of customers problems

Product:Reworked on its branding Converted all customer and transection to BMS Unified its call center operation with single toll free no.

Place:Web portal Call centre Tie ups with retail outlets like CCD and Reliance fresh

Promotion :Collaboration with network 18 Social networking site (facebook) Tie ups with IPL and various movie hall Mobile applications

Price:Convenience of RS 15 per ticket

Segment :Demographical- Age Group(15-34), they are frequent moviegoers (Internet users looking for event ticketing solutions.)

Target Audience:Internet users utilizing services to perform online transactions like buying tickets.

Positioning:Positioned as Indias largest entertainment ticketing website

Relationship marketing
Build network via social networking site (facebook)

Developed mobile application

They made new era for booking movies tickets.

Developed online Inventory system software was

USP. Tie ups and different collaboration gave them huge edge. Call centre and Connectivity with social network sites build consumers trust. Social sites and Mobile software are helped them to make more connectivity to consumers. They have reliable manpower. They delivered good quality of services (according to consumers expectations)


Target Group


EXECUTION We targeted high affinity fans of movie/movie stars and offered them paid/unpaid content: Downloads offered movie goodies like ringtone downloads, wallpapers and more Fan clubs Using analytics, we identified that ticket bookings were highest between Wed to Sat. Hence, campaigns were run only on these days. Contextual messages targeted at consumers on movie review sites