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- Personalized care.

Exceptional results.



Dear Parent,

For injury care and medical counseling, all

student {nl9!es


at RHS have available

to them the services of our team

LAI ' Mr. Poblacion can be reached

certified athletic trainer, iour son / daughte/s-trainer

Richie Poblacion, ATC,

uiprogt siue Step Rehabilitation of Orange Park from B:00 am - 5:00 pm at ( 904 ) 276-7881.

In the event of an injury, our ATC will contact you to inform you of your child's status and give input regarding

physician referral, Our team fnyri.i.n is Dr. Michael Edwards, family practice physician. Your child's health and safety are

lui pii*rw concern. lf your'insurance


contact your athlitic trainer to

plan dictates a specific doctor whom you must visit other than our team physician,

coordinate medial care and re-entry to athletic competition. In cases requiring physical

inrirpv, our RiC at progressive Step Rehabilitation of Orange Park can monitor rehabilitation and coordinate re-entry to

athletic competition with our coaches,

please call/visit progressive Step Rehabilitations of Orange Park for a FREE evaluation at any time. They will

assess the athletic and advise you concerning necessary care at no cost,

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with your child this season. Please call our ATC if you have any questions regarding your child's health.

EagleHarhr area: 1550 Busines Genbr Drtve, Suite B

Fleming lsland, FL 32003

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Medical and Coaching Staff


0range hrlt aea: 454 Blanding Boulevard, Suite B

Orange turk, F132073

Gd S!+2787881 . Fax Sl4-?F7568