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Coefficient of Static and Kinetic Friction Lab Due: Friday April 26th, 2013 Purpose: Students will solve

for the coefficient of static and inetic friction of !ultiple surfaces" #aterials: $ $ $ Force !eter #ultiple wei%hts Different surface !aterials &e"%" %rass, concrete, asphalt, floorin%, wood, etc'

Procedure: 1" (ach %roup will use one wei%ht and at least ) different surfaces, and test each co!*ination with three trials for the !a+i!u! static applied force and the !ini!u! inetic applied force" 2" ,he wei%ht *ein% -dra%%ed. !ust *e !easured for accuracy" Don/t for%et 0 these are wei%hts even thou%h they say they are in ilo%ra!s1 3" ,he force !eter will *e connected to the wei%ht that is *ein% -dra%%ed. across the surface" #a e sure the wei%hts are not rollin% 0 they !ust *e dra%%ed" 2" ,he force re3uired to start !ovin% the wei%ht and the !ini!u! force re3uired to !ove the wei%ht at constant velocity will *e recorded" 4e!e!*er 0 we want the force !eters to pull perfectly hori5ontally &or the closest we can %et'1 )" A ta*le will *e created, showin% the wei%ht si5e and surface !aterial used, the applied force value of each trial, and the avera%e applied force for each co!*ination" Analysis: Draw a free *ody dia%ra! for each of the !ass6surface co!*inations usin% the avera%es, and include all forces and values" Deter!ine the coefficient of static friction and the coefficient of inetic friction *etween for each surface" #a e sure to show A77 of your wor 1 8onclusion: 9hich surface had the hi%hest coefficient friction: Does this !a e sense: 9hich one had the lowest: Does this !a e sense as well: Does the coefficient of friction chan%e if the wei%ht chan%es: 9hat/s the relationship: 9hy did we want to pull the force !eter hori5ontally: 9hat are two possi*le sources of error: &Do ;<, include hu!an error1'