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Thiara Ortiz English 1103 Extended Inquiry Proposal September 22, 2013 Jewish Distortion I felt as if there is an importance

in clarifying some of the distortion surrounding the historical scapegoat, the Jewish people. Throughout high school I obtained some knowledge of the lives of the Jewish throughout history. During the biblical era, the Jewish dominated the majority. In the 20th century, the Jewish were bankers because it was not considered respectable to lend money and expect interest. Although the holocaust centered on this group, it also included the undesirables such as homosexuals and gypsies. It is important to question the way the Jewish people have been represented in past and present times. English 1103 is providing an insightful opportunity to do so since literature has been drawn to analyze, document, and discuss the events that occurred during the holocaust. Following the WWII era, many were left to wonder how the Jewish people were to be portrayed. Historical documents have recorded the countless deaths that had occurred due to this atrocity. In present times, literature tends to gravitate towards the sympathetic despite having contemporary comedic shows surround many of the stereotypes of the Jewish people. The contrast between these two platforms emphasize the ignorance that exists surrounding these people. I believe that it is significant to analyze whether this group has been targeted because of their race or religion. By looking further into this, one could discover how religion or race still plays a heavy role on the way a group is characterized. I also want to focus on the existence of

the shift between neutrality to hostility. In searching for this shift, perhaps I will be able to determine why they might continue to be portrayed in a hero vs. victim light. I believe that I can find answers in popular TV shows such as Seinfeld and New Girl. Both of these popular TV shows contrast their Jewish characters. In addition to TV, I should be able to find information while looking through interviews from Jewish survivors of the holocaust and present Jews. Novels will be key in determining how Jews are portrayed as sympathetic. I believe that it would be difficult to answer how Jews are portrayed around the world rather than just in the United States. For example, the Arabs living in Israel would portray and characterize the Jews much differently than a Caucasian male in the United States would. If my initial research is too numerous I will narrow the essay onto how the Jewish people are represented in US society. I could discuss the accuracy between stereotypes and reality. On the other hand, if my research turns up little I would expand my research to the portrayal of Jews around the world and contrast it to specific regions such as Israel. I am planning on presenting my project with a video. I think multimedia is relatable and engaging to my audience. It would be neat to be able to discuss these discrepancies with a video visual.