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Pyramid Tournament of Success




Remain Quiet

Imitate Cues

Keep equipment still Ask questions Raise hand

Look at teacher

Answer questions

Undesirable Behavior Targeted:

15 Praises a DAY. You can do it!

Iesha BCP 3 Undesirable Behavior Targeted: The targeted undesirable behavior is noise making during instruction of activity and demonstrations. Noise making by students in the classroom looks like: students talking to one another, playing with equipment for activities, and students using body parts to create sounds during instruction. Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted: Students will use active listening skills during instruction of activities and demonstration. When students are actively listening they are looking at the teacher, answer questions when asked, raising hand and asking questions, remain quiet, and imitating cues being discussed in instruction. Types of positive reinforcements - Reinforced when & how? 1. Immediate R+: When student is seen performing active listening skills they will get praise for the specific skill noticed. Ex. Good Job, I like the way you put the equipment down when you came to the huddle! or Excellent job group on imitating cues during instruction! When a single student shows active listening they will get a high five as they receive praise. When the group does a good job they will high five the person to the left and right of them (congratulating each other) when I give them praise. 2. Delayed R+ At the end of class time each day, if the group gets 15 tally marks they will get a trophy stuck to their tournament: Pyramid Bracket of Success. 3. Administering R+: Students will know that they earned a tally mark when they receive a high five, but the teacher will have a tally counter on hand to click it when they give praise during instruction and demonstration to keep track. If the whole group gets praised and does a group high five, teacher will give group 3 tallies to meet their goal. Interactive Learning Activity: Students will get to apply all their skills learned in the basketball lesson to a 3 on 3 mini coed class tournament with their peers. Students will apply skills, but teacher will still be able to give pointers and teach throughout mini games. Teaching Desired Behaviors: Non Sense Talk Activity 1. Grouping: pair up students by numbering them off 1-2 2. Have students line up 1s on one line and 2s on a line across from their partner 3. 1s will talk to another 1 who is beside them about anything. While 1s are talking to other 1s, 2s try to explain what they did last weekend to their partner (# 1 across from them). The roles will switch and 2s will do what 1s did and 1s will try to explain what they did last weekend. 4. When students are done teacher will call on certain students and ask what their original partner did that weekend. 5. Explain to students that when they talk over the instruction or make noise it distracts the teacher and it prevents them (students) from learning and having fun with the activities. 6. Explain new procedures in class for instruction time: touch equipment only when instructed, remain quiet during direction instruction and demonstrations, keep body from making distracting noises (humming, stomping, snapping, clapping etc.)

Teaching the Plan: The plan will be implemented once the targeted behavior persists despite constant reminders. Once I decide to implement the plan I will tell students at the beginning of class that they have an opportunity to win a tournament day at the end of the basketball skills lesson. I will tell them how to earn tallies (1 for a single student and 3 tallies for the whole group) and how the bracket of success works. The bracket of success will have one spot for each skill learning day. When they get to the last lesson, if they meet their goal that day the next class period they will get to have a 3 on 3 tournament. Across Class Periods (secondary level) OR provide options to extend original plan: Different lessons may be occurring for different class periods and therefore the ending activity would have to be aligned to the lesson taught. If students lesson is more about a skill than a sport can create fun activities to practice skills presented.