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Mallory Weast

What are you into? Write about one of your interests (I'm sure you have many, but please choose one). Explain what it is, then share some of the discourse within that community. Horseback Riding Discourse Community One of my main interests is horseback riding. I started riding when I was in the sixth grade and I ha e lo ed it e er since. I !ust ride for fun on my s"are time# howe er there are ways to com"ete such as horseshows$ and rodeos. I did not reali%e it right away$ but to ride you ha e to be able to communicate with your horse by using your oice$ legs$ and hands. &ou use your legs and hands to guide the horse and you also use your oice as a way to command commands such as walk$ trot$ and canter. 'here are also certain terms that riders may use when talking about riding. 'hese can include terms that address tack$ grooming su""lies$ ways to mo e around your horse$ certain acti ities you can do while riding$ "arts of the horse and arious other terms. (or exam"le$ if you were not common with horse terms you would not necessarily know what it would mean to "ut the saddle blanket on the horse)s withers. *nother exam"le would be when you clean out the horses hoo es. 'here is a groo e in the middle of the hoof called the frog and that is an area when you do not clean. 'hese terms are common among horse lo ers$ so not e eryone is familiar with them. I belie e that this is an exam"le of a community of "ractice because we share a common language regarding our acti ity. We also share common s"ecific goals. Howe er$ we still ha e our own beliefs and alues.