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Blood Transfusions
Blood transfusion Blood transfusion can be life$saving :eactions and provides great clinical benefit to
many patients but it is not without risks%&'( "mage of a blood transfusion#

"mmunological complications# Errors and )wrong blood) episodes *+, data from !erious -azards of .ransfusion *!-/.00 suggests an error incidence of ''#12'334333 components transfused0#&5( "nfections *bacterial4 viral4 possibly prion0# "mmunomodulation# 6itigation# Growing awareness of avoidable risk4 and improved reporting systems have led to a culture of better safety procedures as well as steps to minimise the use of transfusion# -owever4 the 5337 !-/. report includes analysis of '8 transfusion$related deaths *' death considered directly attributable to transfusion and '5 deaths where transfusion was considered contributory0 and4 whilst transfusion$related mortality has continued to fall4 avoidable4 serious morbidity due to transfusion4 such as that incurred by 9B/ incompatibility4 remains persistent and may even be on the increase# &5( for more go to

Symptoms feeling of apprehension or something wrong Flushing Chills Pains at the venepuncture site Myalga Emperor -irohito4 the ausea world)s longest$reigning monarch4 appeared to be Pain in the abdomin flank or chest improving today after !hortness of breth blood transfusions4 Feverthree and rigiorsn
but ;apanese officials prepared to have his son take over his ceremonial duties and even to ready plans for the first succession to the throne in <5 years# -irohito4 =>4 was given blood Monday night and .uesday for an intestinal ailment4 transfusions that replaced about one$

Jahovahs Witnesses Hirohito improves block after 3 Blood


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A !S fear causes many to store their o"n blood for transfusions

Fear of catching A !S from blood of unkno"n donors is driving thousands of people across the #nited States to store their o"n blood for use in elective surgery$ !octors% hospital officials and directors of some of the biggest blood banks in the country say the number of autologous donors&&people "ho donate for their o"n use&&has more than doubled in the last five years and is gro"ing steadily as people reali'e that their o"n blood is the best they can get$

Police arrested three of 'D ;ehovah)s ?itnesses who surrounded the hospital bed of a church member to keep doctors from giving blood transfusions to the woman for complications after childbirth4 officials said# @enise icoleau and her husband4 -erriot4 refused the transfusions on religious grounds Friday4 and a Brookhaven Memorial -ospital official obtained a court order to administer them# .he three arrested4 including -erriot icoleau4 were

.he discovery that it is safe$$ and sometimes better$$to cut back on blood transfusions for critically ill patients may have effects far beyond the obvious ones of blood and money# "t could open the way for more studies of whether common sense makes medical sense4 said @r# Gordon :# Barnard4 chief of critical care service at Aanderbilt Medical Center in ashville4 .enn# Common sense would say that a normal red$cell count is better than a low one4 but

Fear of H ( from transfusion .he risk of catching

9 hospital today stood 9"@! infection from a the 9"@! virus from a by its decision to typical blood transfusion blood transfusion is honor a pregnant Eust 5 in ' million4 woman)s dying wish to were Eust ' in 5=4333 two years ago4 and the according to a new refuse a blood risk is dropping by more report in the ;une 5> transfusion on than 83 percent a year ew England ;ournal religious grounds of Medicine# F.he during surgery to save as fewer 9"@! carriers donate blood4 a study safety of the blood her baby after a says# supply has shooting in a drug )).he blood supply is dramatically increased neighborhood# 6ysa over the past decade# Biffle4 5<4 gave birth probably safer now than it has ever been4)) the ?hile there still is a to a healthy son by risk4 it is eGceedingly Cesarean section early authors of the study small4F said .uesday during three concluded# .he research4 epidemiologist George hours of surgery and conducted by the 9merican :ed Cross4 is B# !chreiber of ?estat died later in the "nc#4 a research

Woman re)ects transfusion and dies

*o"e A !S in transfusion .he odds of getting an

A !S +pidemic
.he 9"@! epidemic is producing a growing number of lawsuits that seek damages from hospitals4 doctors and blood banks4 asserting that they supplied blood contaminated with the virus that causes the disease#

Plaintiffs typically have had a tough time proving negligence in blood transfusion cases4 particularly for transfusions performed before '7=D4 when a test to detect the presence