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Catherine Billings

759 Walnut Ave, Provo, UT, 84604 catherine.billings@byu.edu (805) 914-8625 (Cell) June 2014

Bachelor of Mathematics, Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) Overall GPA: 3.85 Major: Mathematics; GPA: 3.70 Major: Mathematics Education; GPA: 3.72 Minor: Editing; GPA: 4.00 Minor: Computer Science Education; GPA: 3.95

Editing: copyediting, substantive editing Web: HTML, CSS (Basic), Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash (Basic) Programming Languages: Java, C++, Python, SQLite3, C, Assembly (Basic) Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Eclipse, Microsoft Access (Basic), Geometers Sketchpad, Microsoft Visio (Basic), Assembla, Joomla (Basic), Bash Unix shell, Make, LaTeX

Work Experience
Research Assistant, BYUs Mathematics Department January 2012present Graph Theory Focused on information that can be determined from a graphs adjacency matrix Found patterns in adjacency matrix that correspond to various induced subgraphs Wrote program that determined whether a given graph contained an induced subgraph of C 4 Presented research in Student Research Conference held by BYUs College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Computer Science and Mathematics Intern, Department of Defense May 2013August 2013 Coordinated with project partner to merge command-line and web application tools. Analyzed current design of command-line tool. Learned Python and how to call functions from C shared objects to understand existing code. Identified ways to improve current design. Applied new knowledge of Python, writing new code and integrating it with existing code. Researched and applied Pythons abstract base classes and the adapter design pattern to reduce repeated code and to provide framework for adding new capabilities to command-line tool. Learned about and applied robust database design. Developed an SQLite3 database for merged tool based on existing database. Used Python to create, populate, and query database. Wrote technical paper detailing project results. Delivered presentation to a technical audience detailing project results. Teaching Assistant, BYUs Computer Science Department June 2010December 2012 Software Design and Testing (CS 340) | Advanced Programming Concepts (CS 240) | Discrete Structures (CS 236) Selected to represent department as one of 5 TAs to serve on a panel during TA orientation While a TA for 2 separate classes, explained concepts to 1 deaf student and 1 hard of hearing student, both used ASL to communicate (occasionally interpreter was not present) Standardized and increased efficiency of grading by 20% by creating grading rubrics for 4 homework assignments Provided informative evaluation of teams code design for 4 parts of a large program Coordinated with the instructor and other TAs Diplomatically rectified students misconception College Algebra Tutor, self-employed August 2012 Helped students prepare for their final in one-on-one and group settings Ward Website Administrator August 2011June 2012 Managed online calendar and Facebook group page for local church organization of 169 members Internship with Campus Studios JanuaryApril 2010 Updated website built using Joomla Isolated URLs of independent films to embed videos into website

Leadership Experience
Counselor to President of Local LDS Organization of Women Helped organize women into partnerships to visit each other Managed committee in charge of planning activities for organization Organized Dinner Group Advertised the idea Polled interest Followed up with those who expressed interest Answered questions Established a time to eat dinner which accommodated everyones schedule Facilitated communication among dinner group members September 2012April 2013 November 2011April 2012