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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas


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Lecture Discussion
Main idea Main idea

Instructional model designed to help students understand organized bodies of knowledge

Main idea Main idea





Identify Topics Organized bodies of knowledge work well with the LD model Specify Learning Objectives Must decide what you want the students to understand about the topic Specifying learning objectives with organized bodies of knowledge because they include relationships Refer to standards as a beginning point in preparation Structure Content Content must be well organized Organize the content so it is meaningful to the students Tables and hierarchies are effective Make the relationships as clear as possible Keep students background knowledge in mind Prepare Lesson Introductions Students are not able to quickly focus on the topic Create advance organizers- verbal or written statements presented at the beginning of lessons that preview and structure new material and link it to the students existing background knowledge Analogies can be effective Analogies are a form of concrete examples Advance organizers are intended to provide framework and can serve as a form of focus

Review and Introduction Review previous topics to activate prior knowledge Present advance organizer Presentation Present information that is designed to develop background knowledge Attention quickly wanes during lectures and is easily distracted Capacity of students working memory is limited Comprehensive Monitoring The process of informally assessing student understanding in LD lessons Accomplished through teacher questioning Promotes student involvement and provides feedback It is impossible for students to be too involved Integration Second cycle Check the perception of the information Attempt to help students integrate the information in the two cycles Refer back to the advance organizer Integration will not always be smooth Closure Summarize the information in the lesson Closure is important because organized bodies of knowledge contain a wide range of information Provide a platform from which the next lesson will be launched

Focus on assessing students understanding of relationships Assessment should involve both the specific topics and the relationships among them Items that ask students to apply information to new situations are important for motivation and transfer Giving a list of concepts and asking the students to organize them hierarchically is a valid way of assessing relationships

Student involvement, like in any model, is essential for motivation Keeping students in cognitively passive roles for extended periods of time saps motivation Comprehension monitoring and integration are essential Groupwork can be used to effectively involve students Combining whole-class discussion with periods of groupwork adds variety

So what? What is important to understand about this?

The Lecture Discussion model is important because it teaches the students the relationships in organized bodies of knowledge.