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Defect Report for WireMaster 0.

46 - 15th Aug 2009


1. Components on toolbar cannot be selected by clicking on the components

2. Remove selected Component icon on toolbar does not work
3. File > Export Image option is unclear and does not seem to do anything and Snap
to Grid does not seem to do anything (did not investigate properly)
4. Able to submit blank feedback without any typing any data
5. Select any Component on the wireframe creation page > right click > delete
component function should be present
6. Help > Feedback submission takes 30 seconds to submit feedback
7. EMAIL field enabled when feedback category is not selected
8. Preferences > render style > able to submit by selecting empty value from the
dropdown. submit button should be save button
9. Tooltip absent for toolbar buttons when no components are present on a brand
new wireframe page
10. Font size for Label component is 12 while for the rest, the lenght is 9
(Inconsistency in font sizes :-))
11. Table component(rows and columns are missing)
12. Desktop Shortcut not placed on the desktop after installation
13. Font Style/color missing for all fields containing labels
14. Add Annotation/Edit Annotation page - create should be Create. edit should be
Edit. Titlecase missing for most labels
15. Preferences dropdown containing blank items as well
16. email validation not done on buttons
17. Help contains feedback form
18. Contextual help missing
19. tab/shift-tab fields not working
20. Able to initiate multiple installations in parallel and able to install on
existing installation. Does not directly chk if it is uninstalled
22. Send Feedback page displayed immly after install when run Wiremaster is
23. WireMaster product absent in Add/Remove programs
24. The Preview page does not have well defined borders