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AD/HD or Not?
Is it A!en"on De#cit
Floral Park Library Tuesday, December 3, 2013 78 PM
Is disorganization and clutter causing stress? Are you frequently late or unable to nish projects on time? Has impulsivity caused relationship or nancial problems? This workshop will explore these di!culties in the context of executive functioning and the possibility of AD/HD.

$yperac"vi% Disorder or is it not?

Who is this workshop for? ! Those who are concerned about their own AD/HD type symptoms ! Relatives / Friends / Co-workers What will you leave the workshop with? ! Facts about AD/HD ! A personalized assessment of the Eleven Essential Life Skills ! Answers to questions ! Resources on improving productivity

Workshop Registration (516) 326-6330 (Events) Facilitated by: Irene Caniano, MA Irene is a life skills/ ADHD coach and member of International Coach Federation. Irene also has years of experience as an educator.

For More Details: Irene Caniano