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Topic: Science/Writing Students: 22 Teacher: Ms. Dean Grade level: K Objectives: Students will observe chromatography in action to discover that black ink is made up of more than one color Students will write and draw to show what they observed Standards: Alaska Standards - Kindergarten Writing W. 2. Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory texts in which they name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic. Assessment Plan: Did the student follow the specific directions? Did the student show by writing and drawing in their science journal what happened to the coffee filter? Anticipatory Set: Today were going to be scientists. Scientists have to follow directions very carefully when they do experiments, because something could go wrong if they dont! Each one of you get to try your own experiment. Youll need to listen very carefully and then use your eyes to watch what happens! Teaching Input: Tell the students they will use a marker to color a coffee filter. Hold up the coffee filter and explain that you marked it with a pencil where they get to color. Explain that kids that follow directions carefully get to keep their experiment. Kids that dont will get to watch someone elses. Explain that after they color the filter they will put it in a cup of water and watch what happens Explain that after they watch what happens, they will write and draw about it in their science journal Modeling: Model coloring the filter in the appropriate place. The filter should be marked 2 inches from the top. Color the bottom of the filter, and do not color above the pencil line!

Model raising your hand when youre done coloring and ready for a cup of water. Model placing the filter in the cup, colored side down. Model how to watch patiently like a scientist Model how decide when youre ready to get your science journal from the tub. Model drawing what you see, and adding letters to your drawing. Guided Practice: Distribute the coffee filters to the students. Distribute the markers. When students are finished coloring distribute cups of water. Guide the students into placing the coffee filters colored side down. When they notice something changing, students are invited to get their science journals to draw and write their observations. Check for Understanding: With shoulder partner have them discuss questions you ask about the experiment Did you see colors other than the color of marker you used? What colors did you see? What happened to the coffee filter? Share what they wrote in their journal Closure: Mix-Pair-Share- what is one thing you saw or learned during science today? Self Reflection:

Duration: 25 min Materials:

Coffee filters Clear plastic cup Water Tablespoon Water soluble colored markers Paper towels