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Assessment: Day 2 Historical Comic Strips (60 minutes)

Essential Questions a) What conflicts developed between the northern and southern states in the years following the American Revolution and led to the Civil War? NCSS Themes III: People, Places, and Environments V: Individuals, Groups, and Institutions X: Civic Ideals and Practices Objectives VS. 7a Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the issues that divided our nation and led to the Civil War by a. Identifying the events and differences between northern and southern states that divided Virginians and led to secession. b) Writing 4.3: The student will use imaginative and expressive imagery to create works of art. e) Recognize different modes of writing have different patterns of organization. h) Use transition words for sentence variety. i) Utilize elements of style, including word choice and sentence variation. c) Research 4.9: The student will demonstrate comprehension of information resources to research a topic. b) Collect information from multiple resources including online, print, and media. Materials for Learning Activities Students will need pencil, blank comic strips, colored pencils, crayons, markers, social studies notebooks, and historic comic strip handout. Teacher will need blank comic strip templates for students to choose, and rubric.

Procedures for Learning Activities Introduction Whole Group 5 minutes o Students will collect their comic strip materials and meet on carpet. Class will discuss how the first day of comic strip creating has been. What has worked? Whats challenging?

o Teacher will instruct students who are confident to begin work independently; those who have more questions or feel that they are struggling will stay on carpet and talk with teacher. Comic Strip Individual 50 minutes o Students will work independently on their comic strips. Rough draft Final draft Cover page o Students will have essential knowledge handouts, textbooks, historic graphic novels, and various comics to gain inspiration and help from. Closing Whole Group 5 minutes o Students will have time to share/reflect whats going well for them. Time for questions to be answered. o Teacher will inform students that they will work on their comics during Language Arts again tomorrow. o Students will gather all personal comic materials and keep them safe in their mailboxes. Assessment Students will be assessed by their participation in creating a comic strip. Students will be assessed that their comic strip has dialogue or caption in each box, and the content is relevant and accurate. Differentiation ELLs and students with writing mechanic difficulties will be able to orally dictate captions/comic dialogue to teacher Kinesthetic learners will be able to create comic strip hands on Visual learners will benefit from having professional graphic novels to look at for ideas Students will be able to express thoughts in pictures and words Students will have selection of partner, template and topic choice

Lesson plan by Mr. Youngberg George Mason University EDCI 554