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Midterm exam topics/guidelines 1. All topics from both assignments (protocols assignment and IPv6 assignment). 2.

All topics from all 4 lecture notes 3. rom application la!er" #$% complete topic from te&t boo'. ())P complete topic from te&t boo'. *ther application la!er protocols ( tp+ telnet+ smtp+ pop3+ nntp+ I,AP) their purpose+ use+ port numbers+ t!pe of ports (tcp or udp)+ atleast e&amples of commercial products using these protocols (both client and server products). 4. -hapter 1 )anenbaum+ topics 1.2+ 1.3 and 1.4. .. $et/or' 0a!er chapter . )anenbaum+ section ..6.1 (IP protocol)+ ..6.2 (IP address). 1oth ..6.1 and ..6.2 complete topics