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MCA 2013 admission -- MG university

Semester I Mathematical Foundations of Computer 101 Science 102Probability and Statistics 103Fundamentals of Computer Systems 104Principles of Digital Systems Problem Solving and Computer 105 Programming in C 106Software Lab-1 Semester II 201Computer Organization 202Data Structures 203Microprocessors and Peripherals 204COBOL and Business Data Processing 205Microprocessor Lab 206Software Lab - II

Semester III 301Principles of Management 302Computer Graphics 303Data Base Management Systems 304System Software 305Object Oriented Programming and C++ 306Software Lab - III Semester IV 401Optimization Techniques 402Data Communication and Networks Information Systems Analysis, Design and 403 Implementation 404Operating Systems 405Visual Programming Tools 406Software Lab - IV Semester V

501Algorithm Analysis and Design 502Software Engineering 503Artificial Intelligence 504Internet Technology and Programming 505Client Server Systems and applications 506Software Lab V and Seminar Semester VI Project work Total 300 marks. Out of which 100 marks is for University 601 Examination and 200 marks for internal assessment. General Viva-Voce 100 marks for 602 University Examination.