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Wilson EDUC 353 Name: Alyssa OBraskin Date: 10/20/13 Target Grade Level: 1st Curriculum Topic: ________________

UbD Lesson Plan Template Stage 1: Desired Results

Established Goals:
1.10.a The study of historical events, popular historical figures, and folklore enables Americans with diverse cultural backgrounds to feel connected to a common national heritage. 1.10.b National symbolsand the ideas and events they represent play an important role in understanding and examining our nations history, values, and beliefs. 1.10.c Local, state, and national landmarks are places of cultural and historical significance.

Understandings: Students will understand that... - The statue of liberty was given to us by France - How immigrants viewed the statue as a symbol of freedom

Essential Question(s): - Why do we view the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of freedom? - What other symbols of freedom can you think of? - Why are writing letters useful and important to history? Students will be able to.. - Write a letter to someone, from a different persons point of view - Understand the importance and significance of the statue of Liberty

Students will know. - The reason why the statue of Liberty was given to America - How to write a letter from someone elses point of view

Stage 2: Assessment Evidence

Performance Tasks: -As a pre-assessment, the teacher should discuss how the Other Evidence: - Each student should

other lessons within this unit will tie into the lesson today. The teacher can perform an informal assessment by having a group discussion and seeing what the class remembers about immigration and the importance of history within families.

participate in the discussion so the teacher knows the desired results from the previous lessons were achieved.

Stage 3: Learning Plan

Learning Activities: - The teacher should start off the lesson by calling the class to the rug, table by table so that way there avoids traffic to the carpet. - The teacher should then do the informal pre-assessment discussion with the class, and ask questions that touch upon facts and information learned in the previous lessons within this mini unit. - Once the discussion is done, the teacher should prompt the students by asking the question Has anyone ever seen or know what the Statue of Liberty is? After the children then raise his or her hand, the teacher should tell the class that they will be reading the book The Story of The Statue Of Liberty by Besty and Guilio Maestro. Then before the book is read, the teacher should explain how the statue of liberty is an important National symbol to America, and every different culture understands the symbol of freedom. - Before the teacher reads the story, they should do a picture walk with the students and ask them what they think the book will be about, and the different aspects it will touch upon. - During the read aloud, students should be listening for different evidence about the Statue of Liberty while also learning the importance about the statue to our nation today. - After the read aloud, the teacher then should explain to the children that through letters and pictures, we are able to see how people back then experienced the statue being first brought to America. - The teacher should then have a discussion with the students about the book, and make sure the students understand why and how we got the statue of Liberty. Re-explain to the students that France gave America the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of friendship and freedom. - The teacher should then explain to the follow up activity to the students: each student will act as an immigrant who is arriving to America and seeing the Statue. While doing that, they are to write a letter to someone (four five sentences) explaining how they feel about the Statue of Liberty being given to us.

-The teacher should then allow the children to go back to his or her seat table by table and tell the children to turn to a person next to them and share some thoughts and feelings before having to write the letter. Differentiation: -For more advanced students, they should write more sentences and use details from the book. -For ESL students, if they cannot write as many sentences, encourage them to write one or two sentences stating an emotion that they have regarding to the statue now being ours. Then they should draw a picture to represent either the emotion or the action.

Itemized Attachments: worksheet: