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(1) Quinolones is contraindicated in children becauseAffect: A) joints) B) Affect liver] (C) Not affect the child

(2) Maximum dose of diclofenac sodium is:

(A) 50 mg (B) 100 mg (C) 75 mg (D) None of the above

(3) Calciferol is:

(A) 1,2 dihydroxy calciferol (B) 2,3 dihydroxy calciferol (C) 1,25 dihydroxy calciferol (D) None of the above

(4) Pharmacodynamic means:

(A) Physiological & biochemical effect of the drug on the body (B) Physiological & biochemical effect of the body on the drug (C) None of the above

(5) Child of 10 kg. paracetamol dose for him is:

(A) 250-500 mg /4-6 hours (B) 100-150 mg /4-6 hours (C) 125-250 mg /4-6 hours

(6) Sympathomimetic drugs :

(A) Increase blood pressure (B) Increase coronary flow (C) Increase heart rate (D) All of the above

(7) Drug which increase action of warfarin is:

(A) Oral contraceptive (B) Carbimazole (C) Phenobarbitone (D) None of the above

(8) Co-trimoxazole is:

(A) trimethoprim+Sulphamethoxazole (B) trimethoprim+Sulphonyl urea

(9) All of the following are controlled drugs except:

(A) Carbamazepine (B) Barbiturates (C) Diazepam (D) Tylenol(anti pyretic)

(10) Hepatotoxicity is induced due to these except:

(A) Rifampicin (B) Ketoconazole (C) Quinolones (D) Dipyridamole

(11) One of the following not used in epilepsy:

(a) Clonazepam

(b) phenytoin

(c) primidone

(d) Imipramine

(12) Which is not quinolones:

(a) Nalidixic acid

(b) Quinine

(c) Eoxacin

(d) Norfloxacin

(13) One of the following should be avoided in pregnancy:

(a) Vitamine A

(b) Calcium

(c) Misoprostol

(d) paracetamol

(14) Which one is enzyme inducer:

(a) Rifampicin

(b) Cimetidine

(c) Chloramphenicol

(d) Vitamine C

(15) All the followig are controlled drugs except:

(a) Rivotril

(b) Epanutin

(c) Stesolid

(d) Diazepam

(16) All are antiviral except:

(a) Amantadine

(b) Zidovudine

(c) Acyclovir

(d) Alverine

(17) Which one (symptom) does not occur with morphine:

(a) diarrhea

(b) Vomiting

(c) Constipation

(d) Respiratory depression

(18) Which one has vasodilating effect:

(a) Nicotinic acid

(b) Nalidixic acid

(c) Vitamine A

(d) Urokinase

(19) Which one is not total (non selective) B blocker:

(a) Atenolol

(b) Labetalol

(c) Acebutalol

(d) Sotalol

(20) All these are oestrogens except:

(a) Mesterolone

(b) Oestradiol

(c) Oestrone

(d) Oestriol

(21)-ondansetron hcl is used for anti emetic with patient receiving cytotoxics due to is 5ht antagonist)zofran

(22)-all these are side effects of chloramphenicol exept irreversible aplastic anemia b- optic neuritis neuritis d-iron deficiency anemia


(23)-ticlopidine is used for

anti platelets

(24)-all these drugs are fibrinolytic exept a- dipyridamole b- steptokinase


(25)-ALL these drugs are antibolit exept methotraxate b-flurouracil azothioprine e- cyclophosphamide

ac- cytabrin d-

(26)-druges used for leishmania is NA-stiboglyconate

(27) insulin which can be given I.V. is regular type

(28) sumatriptan is used for ttt of migraine

(29) drug of choice for ttt of myxodema (hypothyrodism) is thyroxin sod.

(30) hepatitis vaccine dose is three times per year

(31) drug of choice for ttt amoebae is metronidazole

(32) benzyl peroxide is alocal ttt for acne vulgaris

vit A daily dose is 30000-50000 IU for correction of deficiency and for therapy from 100000-200000 IU per day

ferrograde is ferrous sulphate

machanism of action of VIT K has essential role in synthesis of coagulation factors by hepatic cells

elimination of digoxin is mainly by kidney

ttt with anti arrhythmic drug depends on exept a-type of medication b-period of medication c- of patient

dobutamin is given I.V. becausea-its not stable in gastric P.H B- ITS NEED LARG QUANTITIES IN CASE OF ORAL ROUT C-ITS ELEMINATED VERY QUICKLY


b- false

drug physical dependence is as same as drug abuse

Qid Meen ; 4 Times Per Day

Q6h Meen; Every 6 Hrs

pareenteral only- griseofulvin oralMICONAZOL LOCAL &systemic-amphotercin

aminoglycoside antibiotic taken orally;neomycin

teicoplanin&vancomycin has similar effects on gram positive

lipid soluble vitamines are A D E K

MESALAZINE is used for ttt&maintenance of remission of ulcerative colitis

anti cholinergic drugs are ;iprotropium&atropine&benzatropine methylate

drug used for ttt HIV are ZALCITABIN selective beta blocker ex. is acebutalol

maximum dose of paracetamole is 4 gm/day