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Cthaat Aquadingen: Of What Lies On The Ocean Floor By James Campbell

Table of Contents 1. Concerning Cthylla 2. Concerning Basatan 3. Concerning Cthaat 4. Concerning Ghizguth 5. Concerning Idh-yaa 6. Concerning Inpesca 7. Concerning Janaingo 8. Concerning Kassogtha 9. Concerning Nctosa And Nctolhu 10. Concerning Oorn 11. Concerning Othuum 12. Concerning Vhuzompha 13. Concerning Xotli 14. Of Yoharneth-Lahai

Chapter One Concerning Cthylla Cthylla is a Great Old One and is the youngest progeny of Cthulhu and his androgynous mate Idh-yaa. She came from the star Xoth, but now dwells on Earth in Yhe where she is guarded by Cthulhu's minions. Cthylla is destined to give birth to Great Cthulhu again when he is destroyed in the distant future. She is essential for Cthulhu's plans, and is thus vigilantly guarded by countless Yuggya and Deep Ones.

Chapter Two Concerning Basatan Basatan is a sea-god, also known as the Master of the Crabs. This deity possesses a ring with supernatural powers and may be associated somehow with the constellation Cancer.

Chapter Three Concerning Cthaat Cthaat is the dark water god. When you say the Conjuration of the Dark Water God, you are in fact conjuring Cthaat. He is a formless mass of shape-shifting water.

Chapter Four Concerning Ghizguth Ghisguth (or Ghizghuth or Ghisghuth) is the son of Cxaxukluth and the brother of Hziulquoigmnzhah. He is the mate of Zstylzhemghi and the father of Tsathoggua.

Chapter Five Concerning Idh-yaa Great Cthulhus mate. She is the Xothic Matriarch. She is a gigantic, pale, wormlike horror dwelling beneath the crust of the star Xoth. She is Sleeping Cthulhus first bride and the mother of Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Xoth-Ommog.

Chapter Six Concerning Inpesca Inpesca is the horror of the seas. She is a formless, expansive bluish-black mass, haunting Ecuadorian and Peruvian coasts. She is inimical to the Deep Ones.

Chapter Seven Concerning Janaingo Janaingo is the guardian of the watery gates and is also the key to the watery gates. He is the lobster of the deep. He is a crustacean-like tentacled, halfamorphous marine horror that serves Great Cthulhu. He dwells in the depths of the Bay of Rhiiklu which is somewhere in the East Coast of North America.

Chapter Eight Concerning Kassogtha She is the bride of Sleeping Cthulhu and is the Leviathan of disease. She is a huge mass of coiled, writhing tentacles. Sister and mate of Sleeping Cthulhu and the mother of Nctosa and Nctolhu.

Chapter Nine Concerning Nctosa And Nctolhu Twin daughters of Cthulhu, imprisoned in the Great Red Spot of planet Jupiter. They appear as huge shell-endowed beings, with eight segmented limbs and six long arms ending with claws, vaguely resembling their "step-sister" Cthylla.

Chapter Ten Concerning Oorn She is the wife of the reptilian Mnomquah. She has the form of a huge tentacled mollusc with snaking appendages that can spew digestive fluid on things she wishes to eat. Like her husband, her only true worshippers are the Men of Leng and the Moon-beasts. A temple devoted to Oorn and Mnomquah is near Sarkomand in the Dreamlands.

Chapter Eleven Concerning Othuum The oceanic horror, a twisting, ropy-tentacled mass with a single alien face somewhere in the center of the slimy squirming mass.

Chapter Twelve Concerning Vhuzompha The mother and father to all marine life, the hermaphroditic god, who is an amorphous monster of prodigious size, covered in a multitude of eyes, mouths, projections, and both male and female genitalia.

Chapter Thirteen Concerning Xotli He is the lord of terror and the black kraken of Atlantis. He is a rolling cloud of ebony darkness or a vortex of boreal cold who was revered by Atlantean priests of the Hyperborean age.

Chapter Fourteen Of Yoharneth-Lahai (The God of Little Dreams and Fancies) Yaoharneth-Lahai is the god of little dreams and fancies. All night he sendeth little dreams out of Pegana to please the people of Earth. He sendeth little dreams to the poor man and to The King. He is so busy to send his dreams to all before the night be ended that oft he forgetteth which be the poor man and which be The King. To whom Yoharneth-Lahai cometh not with little dreams and sleep he must endure all night the laughter of the gods, with highest mockery, in Pegana. All night long Yoharneth-Lahai giveth peace to cities until the dawn hour and the departing of Yoharneth-Lahai, when it is time for the gods to play with men again. Whether the dreams and the fancies of Yoharneth-Lahai be false and the Things that are done in the Day be real, or the Things that are done in the Day be false and the dreams and the fancies of Yoharneth-Lahai be true, none knoweth saving only MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI, who hath not spoken.