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CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Conditional Sentence Type 0 This type of sentence is used to refer to conditions which are always true.

If you heat water to 100 C, it boils

Form if! present simple" present simple #Imperati$e

Conditional Sentence Type 1

This type of sentence is used to predict li%ely or pro&a&le results in the future' if a condition is met. If you dont leave now' we(ll miss the train.

Form: if ! present simple"will future

Conditional Sentence Type 2 If! past simple'

This type of sentence is used to speculate a&out ima)inary or impro&a&le situations *the implication is that the conditions will not met+. Second conditional sentences can refer to unreal situations. They can often &e used to e,press ad$ice.

Form: if !past simple"would #could#mi)ht &are infiniti$e

-ou(d/might feel healthier if you did more e,ercise. If I were taller' I(d play &as%et&all *&ein) taller is impossi&le for me+ If I were you' I wouldnt drive so fast.

Conditional Sentence Type

This type of sentence loo%s &ac% at the past and speculates a&out possi&ilities

which didn(t happen. Form: if ! past perfect" would#could#mi)ht ha$e !past partciple If I had had your address' I would ha$e sent you a postcard. -ou mi)ht not ha$e crashed into the &us if you had &een dri$in) more slowly.

!i"ed conditionals

This type of sentence' which is a mi,ture of a third conditional sentence and a second conditional sentence ' lin%s a completed past action with a present result. If I hadnt #ro$en my le)' I would go on holiday with you.

Form If !past perfect" would# could #mi)ht

Other ways of introducin) conditions %nless It can &e used instead of if not ./nless we lea$e now' we(ll miss the train. &s long as' It is used to emphasi0e a condition. I(ll lend you the money you need as long as you promise not to waste it. (rovided / (roviding )that*' 1ean on condition that and are sli)htly more formal than if.
Provided/Providing (that) the bills are paid, tenants will not be evicted.