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BACnet controller programs disabling after a controller reload bCX1-4040 and BACnet b3 Field Controllers (b3xxx) Product Support Services - Boston TPA-BOST-10-0002.00 Confidential for Schneider Electric Employees and Affiliates 2010-MAR-02

We have found that the Infinity programs in the CyberStation database can become set to a disabled state after you perform a Find New BACnet Devices and perform a Send to Database on the BACnet Controller. The programs in the controller will still function normally after this; however, a subsequent reload of the controller will send the program to the controller with the state set to disabled. This problem only happens the first time that the send to database is performed. Subsequent saves will only affect newly created programs that are Sent to Database on the BACnet side. In order to correct the problem in the database you should perform the following steps: 1. Edit the default Infinity Program Listview 2. Add a column for the State attribute and set the source to Database 3. Run the Listview on each BACnet controller and look for any programs that are disabled in the database 4. Highlight these disabled programs 5. From the Listview select Edit and then Set Attributes 6. In the set attributes dialogue enter State for the name and Enabled for the value 7. Hit OK and the database for these programs will be set to enabled Perform this for each BACnet controller before you reload them to avoid the issue. The issue is being analyzed and a fix will be provided when available. Please contact us at 978-975-9508 or product.support@buildings.schneider-electric.com for further assistance or with questions regarding this publication. Also visit Lessons Learned located on ExchangeOnline a self-service web portal that provides access 24/7 to the most frequently asked questions and solutions.

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