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Outsiders Essay An outsider is a person who doesnt fit in.

It can also be someone who feels excluded or like they dont belong. Many times there are feelings associated with being an outsider such as sadness maybe even uselessness. here are a variety of places that a person could feel like an outsider such as at home! school and your neighborhood to. "ome of the reasons people are outsider consist of clothing! beauty! race and language. I think that most times it is involved with people classifying each other. here are different types of outsiders such as people who choose to be outsiders and those who dont choose. here are also insiders and borderliners. I think that I am a borderliner because I dont always feel like an insider! but I am not always an outsider. I think that the reason that I am a borederliner is because I like to hangout with both crowds because they both have their own way of being fun and uni#ue. "ometimes stereotypes can cause someone to feel like an outsider. A stereotype is used to categori$e a group of people. hinking that %ust because one is something! they need to act like that something. It can also be that if one acts like their classification they are one. An example of a stereotype would be that if you saw someone that liked to write you would automatically classify them as a geek. Another example about stereotypes and not fitting in comes from the book &the outsiders.' wo characters form the book discuss stereotypes. (onyboy! a greaser! believes that greasers are the only ones with problems. )herry! a soc! believes that greasers are too emotional and that they feel too violently. "ome stereotypes can be explored in ). Adichies E* talk called! & he *anger of a "ingle "tory.' In this presentation she discusses how she perceived books were

written so that you wouldnt understand them. "he thought that the people in the book had to be foreign. "he thought that the had to be white! have blue eyes! play in the snow! eat apples !and drink ginger beer. here was another time when +iddy! a boy who works at her house to earn money. ,is family was poor so she assumed that they could not make anything out of what they had. here was a flipside situation where this happened to her when she attended college and her roommate assumed that she did not know how to use a stove! she spoke a different language and listened to different music. here was a time when she heard stereotypes about Mexicans that said that they were immigrants! that they snuck across the border and that they were fleecing health care. "he wanted to see for herself because of the other experiences that she had with her roommate and with +iddyadde. "o she went to Mexico and then she reali$ed something. "he reali$ed something about stereotypes and what that something was that the stereotypes were incomplete. Another thing she reali$ed that everyone else should reali$e was that if we re%ect stereotypes we regain a kind of paradise. I think that this is true! if we re%ect stereotypes we regain peacefulness. *espite stereotypes! epiphanies challenge individuals to become people to become better people. An epiphany is a life-changing reali$ation. An example of someone who had an epiphany is myself! when I reali$ed that I was doing bad in one of my classes .I had an +/. I reali$ed that I needed to focus more on my work and less on talking to my friends. In addition to myself! there is also an example in the book &the outsiders.' 0ohnny )ade is a character that goes from $ero to a hero. ,e was sensitive and got startled easily but he smoked and sometimes had a bad attitude. After he killed 1ob he showed us that

he was an understanding person because he found out what the poem &2othing 3old )an "tay' meant. 4earning about stereotypes and epiphanies has helped me grow because I have reali$ed that you cant go around %udging people. I have reali$ed that some of us! including myself have been saying it wrong because I believe it is in our nature to %udge. I dont think we mean dont %udge I think we mean careful to %udge. I believe this because to %udge someone would be to know them better than they know themselves and I dont think this is possible. I think all individuals see the world through different eyes. o %udge someone would be to assume that the way you see the world is the right way and that would be ignorant. If you %udge someone make sure you are not guilty of the same action you are %udging. In other words dont throw stone from glass houses. In conclusion %udging a person does not define who they are5 it defines who you are so remember! be careful when you %udge because you could end up hurting someone! maybe even yourself.