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Module I
Introduction Ethics and morality, Ethics and law, Ethics and ethos, Business Ethics, Concepts, Importance and benefits, Ethical theories, Values and its relevance in Management, Values for Managers, Ethics in Business and Indian Value system, Various approaches to ethics-Indian examples.

Module II
Ethical Corporate Behavior, its Development, Ethical leadership with examples, Ethical Decision Making, Work ethics: nature and scope, Ethical issues at workplace, Ethics and cultural issues, Environmental Ethics, Ethical dilemma, ethical displacement.

Module III
Ethics in Functional Areas: Operations, Marketing, Finance, HR & I. Technology, Recent challenges in ethics, Ethics in different countries.

Module IV
Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance initiatives in India and abroad. Corporate Governance failures with examples, General ethical issues and the court verdicts in the domain of business ethics, obligation to stakeholders.

Module V
CSR and its significance in Business, social audit Ethical Issues-Corruption, whistle blowing-competition-privacy-trade secrets, IP rights, Harassment & Discrimination

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