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Mallory Weast Final Reflection

The day I signed up for English 1101 I was already dreading it. The course title was Writing and Inquiry, and I new what that !eant" I was going to #e doing a lot of writing. $t the ti!e I was not confident in !y writing a#ilities. %o!ing into this class, I personally hated writing. I thought it was difficult and ti!e consu!ing. I had one good English teacher in high school that taught !e how to write well. &owe'er, all the other ones (ust #asically threw papers at !e, and I had to figure it out on !y own. $s a result, this caused !e to hate writing. In spite of this, !y opinion of writing changed #ecause of this class. )n the other hand, putting !y portfolio together has !ade !e feel real confident a#out writing. My portfolio is consisted of at least twenty*fi'e pages of writing and this !a es !e feel great. $t the #eginning of the se!ester I struggled with the length of papers. When I write, I find !yself focused on the length instead of the content. &owe'er, this class taught !e to ta e things one step at a ti!e, so I don+t get o'erwhel!ed. I ha'e learned that I #enefit !ore when I write ahead of ti!e #efore the assign!ent is due. When I procrastinate I get stressed and I (ust focus on getting the paper finished. I ha'e also reali,ed that I wor !ore efficiently when I a! in a quite area away fro! distractions. -rainstor!ing also helps !e get !y ideas together, that way when I start writing I a! not starring at a #lan word docu!ent. Fro! e.perience writing !y ethnography, I ha'e reali,ed that I en(oy writing a#out topics that interest !e. %o!pared to !y pre'ious English classes, this class has #een a challenging, #ut helpful transition. I too honors English classes in high school" howe'er, so!e of !y teachers were not helpful. They would assu!e that I new how to write when I really didn+t. /espite pre'ious

Mallory Weast classes, this class has taught !e that writing is si!ply a way to e.press yourself. When I wrote !y 0iteracy Me!oir, I reali,ed that writing can also include your personal story. This class has also taught !e that the rules of writing should not get in the way" howe'er one should still #e aware of gra!!ar and the correct for!at. $long with learning how to write, this class has also taught !e that I a! going to !a e !ista es. I ha'e reali,ed that !y papers are not going to #e perfect on the first try. I should try !y #est to write acade!ically, howe'er I a! going to !a e !ista es. $s a result, this class has gi'en !e so!e good tips on the re'ision process, such as reading !y paper out loud. This is #eneficial #ecause it allows !e to catch so!e wording !ista es that I could ha'e easily loo ed o'er if I read !y paper silently. $ll in all, I feel different a#out writing in general. 1ow when I a! assigned a paper I feel confident that I ha'e what it ta es to co!plete the assign!ent. I #egin #y #rainstor!ing early on and I re!ind !yself that writing is si!ply e.pressing !y opinion.

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