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Do you allow your students to work in groups and learn together?

I love the idea of cooperative learning where the emphasis is on dividing the work while being independent, supporting and encouraging one another and contributing to a group. One of the cooperative learning techniques is the Jigsaw. The procedure goes as follows:1) Introduction, grouping, and subject division2) Regrouping and subject exploration3) Home group assembly, reporting, and reshaping4) Integration and evaluationA lesson plan that I created according to the Jigsaw Method is: 1. Background information: Textbook: Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth. Time: 10 lessons Specific topic: elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. Level and class: Advanced 12th grade. 1. Objectives: 1)Students will be able to recognize the elements of a tragedy when reading a Shakespeare play. 2)Students will be able to explain the elements in the context of a different play.

1. Materials and aids: Shakespeare plays. Worksheets 1. Procedure Introduction, grouping, and subject division.

Introduction is given by the teacher: Protagonist, antagonist, main plot, sub plot, reversal of fortune, and inner conflict. Class divided into heterogeneous groups of 6. Each 2 groups are assigned a play. Each student assigned a specific element. (the same elements in other groups) Regrouping and subject exploration groups reorganized according to elements. discussion and analysis of elements. Home group assembly, reporting, and reshaping Teaching the group and play as a whole discussion. Integration and evaluation Worksheet and evaluation.