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I dont understand what good does writing a journal do but I guess I have to stick on to it. I am not exactly thrilled with this idea because it is time-consuming and I might not continue this for long. Look here, if Im going to write this thing Ill make it straightforward. So, you must be wondering what good will it do for YOU to read a journal of a normal high-school student. You see this troubled teen who is writing this journal is not your average kid. I dont understand why give kids the burden to save the day. I say we kick back and enjoy while these adults carry on fighting monsters and other fictional beasts. Well, not exactly ficitonal. The thing is if this journal falls into the wrong hands then it would be a good chance for the bad guys to learn from their mistakes. You see, some people are going to think this is all fiction. Well, then go on and enjoy your ignorance but remember that if you are able to see monsters then you might be a demigod. Run and come to camp half-blood. The only safe place for people like us (I have heard people say so). My Life really is extraordinary. I never really wanted all this to happen but I guess I am HAPPY that I found out that I was a demigod. My life now has some meaning. Before being a half-blood, life was a really bad but most demigods have really terrible experiences. You must be wondering what I am talking about. Now dont go thinking that I discovered that I was a wizard and got invitation for some magic school. Like I told you before, I hate it when kids have to take care of the situation and not a normal one, a big one especially that involves mythology. I mean this is seriously stupid. Cant this happen after a few centuries when I am dead. By now you must have figured that I have a really bad luck that doesnt exactly help while fighting monsters.

About Me
Me, I am a young (teen) half-blood. You might not fully understand what that means. If you are willing to go to the Internet and search every damned fact about mythology then go ahead or read some other books. I am usually told that I radiate more power than other half-bloods (You know they are like half human and half god One of their parent is a God and another is a regular mortal like Hercules must have heard of him). People say that I am in some huge danger as monsters can easily track me (All thanks to Hecate Goddess of Magic long story no time to explain). So, well I just wanna say Hi, my name is Kevin. You see I am an orphan and my life is pretty messed up. Now, dont go saying, Awwww, poor kid. Dont give fake sympathy! I hate it! Long ago, I started having nightmares I really dont wanna describe. I ran away from the orphanage at the age of six and then I started attracting monsters but I defeated them all (Yeah, I know Im awesome). After some nasty accidents (Police was involved), I got sent to the strangest place School. It was difficult. I got kicked from every school without even completing the academic year. I was sent to different schools but eventually Id be suspended. I was also diagnosed of a serious case of Dyslexia and ADHD (Which is typical for a demigod a.k.a half-blood) but I got a good IQ (Which is not so typical). One thing interested me the most Mythology (Funny? Dont think so). I dont wanna boast (usually I have nothing to boast) but I am really good at this mythology. I barely get a B in school thanks to my dyslexia, though. So, you want an introduction to this mythological stuff then read some books about Percy Jackson right there. (He is really famous and believe me, there are books based on him). So, whatre you waiting for? Turn the page!

Note to regular mortals I cant disclose the year or any more detailed information in which these events took place, as I dont want mortals to trace the time in which these things happened. It would be bad if a time-machine was used to change the events that took place for example Helping our enemy. Hopefully, the regular mortals will not attempt this act of evil. - Yours Truly

December 14th - Saturday

So, I am enjoying a normal day of school like a normal student right? I wish it were true. It was boring but it was a special school to me. Why? Because I made two friends. Nate and Garrin. Let me introduce you to Nate. He was awesome. I loved to hang out with him. He was the only one who treated me normally; he didnt run away when I came near him. Nate is also dyslexic and ADHD so he also had a little problem in reading. I knew I was different from others because no one else had problems with monsters not even Nate. Everyone thought I was crazy accept Garrin who lies that he thinks I am crazy but he knows I am telling the truth. I know that for some reason. Maybe my body has an in-built lie-detector or something. Till my first semester, school was pretty rough. The only reason I didnt run away from this school is because of Nate and Garrin. But in the

middle of the school a new Latin teacher came called Mr. Brunner. Man he was awesome. I loved Latin class and somehow, I was better in it than others. Today, I was trying to read (my dyslexia was not helping) in my dorm when suddenly Nate entered. Hey, Nate. Where were you? said I. Nate has a guitar slung over his shoulder. He tried to reply, Nothing. He looked nervous. I knew nothing wasnt an appropriate answer as the look in face was beyond terrifying. What is it? said I. I looked at him suspiciously. I wanted to tell you something Nate blurted out. Something serious. I dont think you will believe me. No one will. He added. I have seen enough weird stuff in my life. Did something attack you? said I. Nate nodded. Some kind of monster. I am sorry that I didnt believe you earlier. I think you said the truth, he said. How did you survive! said I. I was startled because Nate was able to outrun a monster without a weapon and without any help. I was running and that monster followed me. I took a turn and after I stopped, I just couldnt find the monster any where a trembling Nate replied. Oh my, lets tell Garrin, said I. I ran and tagged Nate along with me who was still shaking badly. Nate managed to say, Why do you think Garrin will know about this. He never believed you either. I hurriedly replied, Lets hope you are wrong. I found Garrin in the middle of our park (Yep, our school has one). He was playing some kind of musical instrument. I never knew he liked music. Let me introduce you to Garrin My second best friend. This guy walks really slow but for some reason he runs really fast. I never saw him running. Nate did. He told me. I never really asked how he was able to run. Maybe Nate was pulling my leg. Whatever it is, Garrin is one of the most weirdest person I have ever met. If people think I am strange, Garrin takes it to a whole new level. He eats like a goat and acts a little strange around a lot of people especially our schoolteachers but I still like having him around. Back to

Present - Garrin was surprised when me and Nate were running towards him. I dont blame him. If any one sees Nate the way he is now it would shock anyone. Whats the matter? said Garrin, he tried to act casual but I knew that he was expecting a monster attack. But anyways, Nate and I told Garrin about the little adventure Nate had. Nate looked a little calm than before. Now come on, who will believe in such stories said Garrin. You will! said I. It came a little harsher than I had meant. Garrin looked taken aback. You know all about this monster business. I know it. Dont lie! I exclaimed. Garrin hesitated. That guy was on the verge of tears when we were interrupted by Mr. Brunner. He came towards us on his usual wheel chair. He cheerfully said Hello my children, please go back to your dorms, I would like to have a private word with Garrin about his performance in the Latin test.. And please do not terrorize innocent students by spreading scary stories he added. I was enraged but Nate was the one to speak. Sir, Do not lie, please. I saw the monster with my own eyes. said Nate. Mr. Brunner smiled but I knew it was forced. If some kind of monster would have entered this school wouldnt the other students or teachers notice it. He reasoned. I am sorry. I think you ought to take some rest. He added with another smile. I said, Hey Nate, lets go. Nate said But-. I cut him off (Not literally of course That would have been illegal). I know what you are thinking. I should have stood there and argued but I knew that it was leading nowhere so I decided to do something that could actually let us know something. I decided to eavesdrop on what they are talking. I told Nate about my plan and he decided to go with it. We hid behind the bushes before anyone could notice us. Garrin started the conversation Chiron, we should hav-. No, only one monster for now but if they knew the truth Mr. Brunner didnt complete the sentence. The thing that startled me the most was that Garrin had called Mr. Brunner as Chiron. I

remembered that Chiron was the trainer of ancient Greek heroes. Mr. Brunner looked at the bush behind which we were hiding. Mr. Brunner lifted his eyebrows for a second and looked at Garrin as if nothing had happened. Mr. Garrin continued the conversation about how badly did Garrin do in Latin and Garrin just nodded. Nate and I just went back to our dorms as Mr. Brunner had obviously noticed us. I still couldnt put the thoughts about Garrin and Mr. Brunners conversation. I saw Nate sitting beside me, lost in thought. I think Nate was also thinking about the conversation. If Mr. Brunner really is Chiron the centaur (Top-Half Human, Bottom-Half Horse) then that doesnt explain anything. I was having these thoughts when my eyes got heavy and I drifted of to sleep. I had the worst nightmare. I saw the face of a sleeping woman. The same one who used to appear in the dreams when I was in the orphanage. She spoke without moving her lips. It was strange but I was used to strangeness. She showed me visions of the world destroying itself. She told me that if I didnt join her, she would give me the one of the worst punishments in Tartarus. I resisted her. I just couldnt give up and by the way I had no business in whatever she was doing but still I had the urge to stop her and destroy her plans. I woke up with a start.

December 15th - Sunday

It was morning. Nate wasnt there in the dorm. It was Sunday so I figured out that he had gone to the park. It was our holiday today. So, I tried to finish my homework. I waited all afternoon but no sign of Nate. I went to the park to see if Nate was there. It was crowded as the students were enjoying their holidays. Cold wind was blowing against me. I thought of going back to my dorm to finish my homework instead I went straight towards the staffroom. I am sure Mr. Brunner knows that I eavesdropped

while he was talking to Garrin. I am going to ask about this whole Chiron business. I was just going to enter the staffroom when I saw Nate standing outside the closed door of the staffroom. What were you doing all day? said I. Well, Nate and me have a lot in common. So, maybe Nate is also going to confront Mr. Brunner. Not much really. I was just walking around the school trying to recover myself from the experience said Nate. Well, that guy just met his first monster. That could scare anyone. I have got a habit to fight monsters but somehow I havent seen any in this school. My dagger that I used to fight monsters with was melted in lava (Long Story) so I am not much of a fighter now. These monsters dont die with normal weapons like a wooden stick. I started to say, So, Nate. Where is- but Nate interrupted Mr. Brunner? Havent seen him all day. He just disappeared. Any news of Garrin? said I. No, I think he is trying to avoid us replied Nate. Well, Duh! He knows that we have overheard the conversation said I. Nate said Hey Kevin. Do you really think we can trust them? I mean what if Mr. Brunner and Garrin are responsible for all these monsters. I said, For now, I say we trust them. Maybe they are too scared to give us information. I say we wait. They cant hide stuff too long as we have both seen the monsters. As the sun went down the corridor became darker. Immediately I felt myself becoming powerful and more aware. My senses opened up. I sensed a figure moving behind us, which looked like Garrin I bellowed. Now whos eavesdropping! I added. I heard the sound of a gulp and hurried foot steps but it sounded as if the sound was produced using hooves. I ran towards Garrin but he had already disappeared. Now I understand by what Nate meant the fact that Garrin runs fast but the thing that disturbed me was we were being watched. I cursed and went back to Nate who was dumbstruck. What just happened? said Nate quietly. We are being watched! I exclaimed. As we moved out and found

ourselves in the dorm where we turned on our light, I started feeling weak. I observed that Nate did not have any of these funny changes. Nate was in better spirits. We are going to find Garrin tomorrow and strangle him said Nate. I replied with a smile You dont really mean that dont you?. He laughed. I went back to finish my Latin homework along with Nate. By the time we finished, it was already past eleven p.m. After we completed the homework we went back to bed. This time I was happy to have no dreams. Maybe I did and I forgot about it but anyways I dont REMEMBER having any dream.

December 16th - Monday

What better way to start your day by getting up early morning and getting ready for class (Please note that I was being sarcastic even though I am a little Geeky). I cruised through all the subjects without any problem, which was a little strange because I am always falling into trouble. I was especially anxious for Latin as I could talk to Mr. Brunner but as the class got ready for Latin the teacher that entered the room wasnt Mr. Brunner. Mr. Brunner had sent a substitute teacher. I got really angry. The next thing that happened, I still dont understand. You see every object made up of glass started breaking in our classroom, which includes the spectacles. Luckily no one got hurt. My anger quickly subsided. I got really angry because Garrin took the day off and so did Mr. Brunner, the only people who actually knew about this whole monster business. Without Mr. Brunner, Latin became boring. Even though I am a little annoyed with him, he is the best teacher I ever had. Now only one subject was left. I had the least interest in this one History. Our teacher Mrs. Lloyd gives a new standard for boring. My least favorite teacher teaching my least favorite subject. Great, Just Great. I know for a fact that Nate hates History too and for reasons unknown Mrs.

Lloyd hates Nate and me. As Mrs. Lloyd started her lecture about the Russian Revolution, I felt my eyes getting heavy but I restrained myself from sleeping. Then Mrs. Lloyd said something which almost made me fall out my chair. Did everybody finish your homework assignment barked Mrs. Lloyd. The class spoke in unison Yes, maam. As far as I tried to remember, I dont think Mrs. Lloyd gave us any homework. I always note my homework down and the only one to give homework was Mr. Brunner. I looked over at Nate and he was having the same thoughts as mine but the whole class acted as if Mrs. Lloyd HAD given homework. My heart sank. Oh boy, I am so dead I muttered under my breadth. The teacher scanned the classroom and her gaze fell on Nate and then on me. How on earth did she know that Nate and I didnt finish our homework? The teacher spoke Those of you who didnt finish the homework again she looked at Nate and me come with me. I hate this. I figured that Mrs. Lloyd was gonna take me to the principals room and probably find a way to suspend me. Hatred swelled up inside me. I didnt feel like leaving Mr. Brunner and Garrin. I looked over at Nate. He nodded. Both of us stood up and walked towards Mrs. Lloyd. She looked at me hungrily. She definitely doesnt look human I muttered to Nate. Oh yes, Its true said Mrs. Lloyd. How did she hear what I said? I was completely sure shes going to kill me. Great, I and Nate were the only ones not to finish the homework. Mrs. Lloyd escorted us outside the classroom and to the principals office. But wait, that wasnt the way to the principals office. This isnt the way to the principals office I blurted out. Mrs. Lloyd gave me one of her horrible smiles and told me When did I say that I was going to take you to the principals office. That was a relief. I looked at Nate. He looked nervous but it was hard to read his expression. She took us to a corridor that I had never seen. I knew the school pretty well but I never saw this corridor. At the

end of the corridor was one door. Being ADHD, I started to notice some things like the material of the walls was not normal. It was a metal no man had ever seen but still I recognized it. It was made up of the same material my dagger was made of. Funny? The door did not have any knob to open it. The way Mrs. Lloyd was walking was different almost like a man (or a monster?). The back part was a little bulged which disturbingly reminded me of a tail being stuffed at that part. I wish Mr. Brunner or Garrin were here. We reached the door. I looked at Nate and by the look on his face I could guess that he had also noticed all the weird stuff, as Nate was also ADHD. Mrs. Lloyd hovered her hand on the door and it opened. Inside was a huge auditorium. She told us to enter and as we had no other choice we did. As soon as we entered, the door closed behind us. I noticed that we were on the stage of the auditorium and in front of us there were numerous seats. Nate was also dumbstruck. Our school isnt so big! I was going to ask for an explanation when Mrs. Lloyd spoke in a raspy voice which was totally not hers It was worth it!. I turned towards Nate and told Hey Nate, We are in so much trouble, I lowered my voice and continued, shall we run. It is useless. I cant believe I am getting such tasty demigods, she looked hungrily at me. I said Excuse me! What do you mean by a demi-god and I am definitely not tasty. Then something totally unexpected happened. Nate spoke Y-you are a Manticore. Mrs. Lloyd howled with laughter. Mrs. Lloyd faced Nate and told I should have known. It is you. I will have pleasure eating you and, he turned towards me and said you, Ive got the feeling you are the son of The Big Three. You will be much more tastier!. Well, you know one thing I lost my apetite. This monster was freaking me out. I tried to process everything that happened just now. This means that all these stupid greek myths are true. If Mrs. Lloyd was some kind of monster known as manticore. I heard

that it can aim really well. I hate this thing. The tail of the manticore now pointed towards Nate. Nate suddenly moved out of the way. I didnt understand at first but then it dawned on me. Invisible arrows! I remembered from the greek myths about this manticore. My mind was racing. How could I defeat this monster? I didnt have my dagger and normal weapons cannot affect monsters and then I realized that the key to defeating the monsters must be the metal. I noticed that the metal outside in the walls was same as my dagger but how could I use it against the manticore and I dont think I can go outside without the Manttcores help. I gathered up my courage and spoke up Why are the walls outside made up of this material?. That thought seemed to amuse him. Well, I didnt find that funny. Maybe he was thinking some kind of monster joke. Whatever it is, the monster spoke up Dont you know anything about celestial bronze? It will help to mask your presence so that you dont get help from Chiron and that satyr. I got angry. You will get what you need but try to get through me I bellowed. With Pleasure replied the Manticore. He pointed his tail towards me. My instincts took over. I jumped over to the side and rolled on the floor. I could feel the blood flow through my veins. I got angry at how this guy wants to make me his lunch. Somehow, I knew I was not worthy of an end like this. All the lights turned off. I had no idea how this happened but this was good as I suddenly felt powerful. My senses opened up again as I stoop up. Darkness was an advantage as the Manticore will not be able to aim properly and I am somehow good at fighting when my surroundings are dark. Poor Nate was still struggling. I guess darkness didnt do any good for him. I could sense the Manticore coming towards me. I was able to think straight so I got an idea Run. Yes Yes I know what you are thinking. In my defense, my plan was legimate. Yes, I had a plan. Running was just a part of it. I ran towards the door. Dont ask me how I knew where it was

in pitch darkness. I stood in front of the door and let the Manticore chase me. My plan went immediately wrong. The Manticore aimed his tail at me. Oh wasnt the smartest thing to say at that time for me. The invisible arrow shot towards me. Thanks to my awesome sharp senses in the dark, I easily dodged the attack. The Manticores voice echoed through the whole auditorium I guess you will not be defeated like this. Surrender or let your friend die, he pointed at Nate. Ok, that got me. So much for my plan. I had to do something. I couldnt let anyone die because of me. I did the stupidest thing. I just stood there being so shocked. Nate took charge from here. He stood up and suddenly he started glowing. Literally. He produced so much heat that I thought I was going to melt. Surprisingly, I didnt while the door behind me did. I knew what to do. Nate, I am sorry but can you hold this guy for a while. You are doing pretty good, I looked at the Manticore who was unconscious and almost burning, I will go get help. Nate didnt speak so I took that as a yes. I ran, ran as fast as I could. I was already weak. I was running in the corridor. That wasnt allowed but right now I had other things to worry about. I was praying as I wanted to find Mr. Brunner/Chiron (Whatever) and Garrin. I found Garrin. When he found me, instead of running away, he came running towards me saying What happened? Where were you? Where is Nate? Is he ok? Are you ok?. He asked so many question. I just answered In auditorium celestial bronze manticore Nate in danger help, and I fell to the floor. When I woke up, I found a many-eyed-guy staring at me. It was so gross that I became unconscious again.

December 17th - Tuesday

I woke up without any dreams. This time I was sure I had no dreams. Beside me I had a glass of water. I looked around. No

one was there until I looked a little further away. I saw Nate who was only sleeping (Hopefully). He looked in a worse condition than mine. I got up with no problem. My energy was completely restored. Looks like you recovered quickly said someone from my right side. I turned and saw Garrin. Hey, Garrin! What happened there? Where am I? I asked. Garrin calmly replied I promise I will tell you everything I know but for now come with me. You have to meet Chiron. You know Mr. Brunner. You should have know about Mr. Brunner being Chiron as you eavesdropped. I replied coldly You also eavesdropped the conversation between me and Nate. I was only protecting you. I will tell you everything but please come with me, Garrin looked at me (I knew satyrs can read expressions by the way), Nate will be ok. He just needs some rest. Garrin tagged me along. The place was magnificent. He took me to a huge building which he called The Big House. I entered when Chiron was in his centaur form. I exclaimed in surprise. Chiron looked at me with a lot of interest. Chiron looked exactly like Mr. Brunner from the waist-up. From the waist-down he looked like a horse (Typical look for a centaur). Um Hi. Its a little awkward to talk to a centaur. No offence. Im just telling the truth said I. Chiron just gave a weak smile. Chiron spoke Sit down, if you please. I sat down. To my left I saw the face of a leopard. Chiron followed my gaze and spoke Oh, his name is Seymor and he likes Sausages. He proved the point by tossing it one. Seymor ate the sausage in one byte. Lets get to the point, Chiron said I. Ah Yes. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood where the best heroes are trained said Chiron. Those monsters that I have fought called me a halfblood. Does that mean that I am a hero? I mean half mortal and half god which means one of my parents is a God. That is my guess I finished. Chiron frowned at me and spoke Your guess is really accurate. You have caught on the facts pretty quick. But thats just ridiculous. How can Greek Mythology be real? I cant

believe all this is happening. You have any idea who my godly parent is? said I. Chiron said I have my suspicions. The fact that you are an orphan doesnt help either. Garrin told me that you were an orphan. Is that right?, I nodded, Well then, Garrin give your friend a tour of this wonderful camp. Garrin took me outside. I looked at the camp. It was huge. I spoke up first So, I am a Greek hero like Heracles. Garrin nodded. So, you are a satyr. I mean half human and half goat. I looked down at his goat feet. Garrin nodded again. He took me to the strawberry field. He said These strawberry fields are for Dionysus and his kids as vine grapes are not allowed by the Gods and there, he pointed towards a few huts, These are the cabins allotted for the children of each God. I looked at him expecting him to crack up any minute but he was deadly serious. I observed all the cabins. The cabin of Zeus was looking as if covered with lightning. Heras cabin was designed with a lot of peacocks. The cabin of Ares had things such as a spear, a boar etc. I wondered which cabin would I enter. I asked Garrin and he told Hermes, until your godly parent claims you. It should happen soon enough. I said When will I get claimed?. Garrin replied Usually it happens at the nights bonfire. I just cant wait for it said I. Garrin showed me the sword/spear arena. He showed me the lake. He told me about a game called Capture-the-flag but it is not played nowadays because a bronze dragon is on the loose in the woods and it is too dangerous for us to play the game. He told me that the kids from the Hephaestus cabin are trying to fix the problem but so far no luck. He also told me about the Second Titan War and about how Kronos was defeated by camp half-blood. This Camp was led by a guy called Percy but recently he just disappeared. No one knows what happened to him. While Garrin showed me around I saw a chariot that was pulled by a pegasi! I admit that I was a little shocked even though I have seen enough weird stuff. The

chariot crashed right into the lake. The chariot must have been broken completely. I couldnt tell as I was seeing things from distance. Garrin took my hand and hurried towards the lake. I managed to say Does this thing happen everyday in the Camp?. Garrin managed a smile. When we reached we say five kids coming out of the lake. One of them looked huge but had a tattoo of a rainbow. Garrin who was following my gaze said His name is Butch. He is the senior counselor of the Iris cabin. I replied That explains the tattoo. Who is that blonde girl? I asked. Garrin replied Oh, You mean Annabeth. She is the daughter of Athena. She was in this camp for the most number of years. I asked And the other three. Garrin frowned and said I guess we have got three new half-bloods. Then suddenly a holographic sign hovered above one of the new guys head. It was sign of a hammer. The other new-guy said that it was the sign of Vulcan. The guy with the sign over his head (The sign disappeared after sometime) was telling about how he is not a star trek fan. The three introduced themselves as Leo, Piper and Jason. Leo was the guy with sign on his head. (Actually Vulcan is the Roman form of Hephaestus). Jason was taken by Drew (Garrin told me she is the daughter of Aphrodite and she is also the senior counselor) to take a tour of the camp just like mine. Garrin then took me to the Hermes cabin telling them that I was (he was saying something about me being undetermined). Whatever. So I got a nice little bunk. I did not have any possessions or clothes (It seems that you can get an orange camp half-blood t-shirt like the others). Afterwards when it was time for dinner we were led by a guy called Travis Stroll (He is the senior counselor of the Hermes cabin). We sat and had dinner together as a cabin. One thing I have learnt that the guys from the Hermes cabin are seriously mischievous. The craziest thing is that we have to give the best part of our food to the gods because they like the smell (Thats ridiculous). Well, after that

we have the bonfire. Man, it was really interesting. It was about Jasons quest. Rachel (She is the oracle of our camp. You know the one that speaks the future) told to beware the earth and all were wondering who is the villain. Of course, everyone who has interest in all these myths should know that Gaea is the one causing the problems and that we are being threatened from another Gigantomachy but the look on Chirons face made me refrain. He knew that I knew what was coming but he did not want me to scare anyone especially Jason. Fine. I kept quite. Well, this Piper girl was also claimed. She is the daughter of Aphrodite and she is going to a quest with Jason and Leo for saving Hera from a prison. Well, then Chiron told the bonfire is over and told us to go to our beds. Well, I went straight to Chiron. So Chiron. The Gigantomachy is coming up. Right? said I. Chiron replied I think so but I didnt want to make everyone nervous by telling them that. I am not even sure. Please dont tell anyone. Just dont think about it. I said One last question and please give me an honest answer. What happened at school? I mean with the Manticore. Chiron sighed and said Nate was in really bad shape. The Manticore was really weak so Garrin used his club and hit the Manticore to completely disintegrate it. I felt like an idiot. He never fought the Manticore. Maybe if I had used my power and helped Nate defeat the Manticore, none of this would have happened. Chiron looked at me sympathetically and said Dont beat yourself upon it. You did the right thing. Your friend will be ok. I said Yeah ok but how did Nate survive when he first faced the Manticore and he was running away?. Chiron smiled and replied Well, Garrin defeated it but I do not know how it came back so quickly. It usually takes years to reform. I said The Manticore also told that he gave the class some homework but Nate and I dont have any memory of the Manticore giving any homework. Chiron replied Oh, that was the mist. It usually doesnt affect demigods. It is used to fool

mortals. Now I would suggest you a good night sleep. I went back to my cabin and had a good night sleep.

December 18th Wednesday

I woke up and saw some of my cabin-mates still sleeping. I tried to remember my dream but I dont have any memory of it. I went outside and saw all the half-bloods and satyrs alert and nervous. In front of me, I saw the most magnificent object, I had ever seen. Its so cool. said I. All the half-bloods near me looked at me as if I had gone mad. All the people were armed and were ready as if they were going to destroy the dragon. Then it dawned on me that this was the dragon Garrin was talking about. This dragon made Chiron ban Capture-the-flag. Leo was sitting on top of it. Piper and Jason were looking at in awe. Leo was trying to convince everyone that the dragon was harmless. It seems this was the ride Leo had chosen for his quest with Jason and Piper A bronze flying dragon. I admit that it was pretty cool. After the dragon took the three for their mission, people started clearing up. In front of me was Nate himself. I was happy to see him. I shook hands. Hey man. Youre ok said I. Nate replied Yeah, their healing food called Nectar and Ambrosia, I felt pretty awesome. Nate continued Garrin found me and told me to come here. Nate looked at the Cabin obviously confused. So, I started to explain all about Camp halfblood. I met Will Solace (Head Counselor of Apollo cabin) who was just walking past us. He told me that we need to take Ancient Greek from Annabeth. Nate and I went together and took the class. Then we learnt Archery. Nate was seriously good at it. Every shoot was perfect. I was lousy in archery. Chiron guessed that Nate could be the son of Apollo. We then did canoeing. We werent good at it. Wrestling was also no good. The kids in the Ares cabin would easily defeat us. We were no

good in running too. Then came sword fighting. Again Nate was pretty good but I did not do so well. We went for spear fighting. Nate was not good with spears at all. Neither was I, so I tried a Javelin. I was surprisingly really good at it. Everyone there said that Clarisse was the best with spears. Clarisse and I had a headon battle with spears. The moment we started, there was no contest. I easily defeated her. (Yep, there is something I am really good at). Clarisse asked for a rematch. I defeated her again but this time I also broke her spear. She cursed in Ancient Greek and looked at me coldly, her eyes full of hatred. Everyone congratulated me. It didnt take long and word spread quick that I easily defeated Clarisse head-on. Then things went normally. As normal as it can be for a demigod. Everything was normal until the bonfire. Nate and I were sitting together when suddenly the wind started blow strongly. Then suddenly a glow started to appear a few meters away from the bonfire. A man appeared where there was a glow a few seconds ago. That man was also glowing. The man spoke Usually I dont make appearances during the night unless absolutely necessary. Well, Zeus has allowed one exception. Nate is my son. He is claimed now and I want him to become the head counselor who will lead this camp to the coming battle that I foresee. Bye. The man disappeared. Everyone was shocked. Not as much as Nate though. Nate barely knows anything about Greek mythology and the camp but he is becoming the head counselor of Apollo. Will Solace was also in shock. Nate will lead our battle. I cant imagine Nate with armor. Things were a little fuzzy after that. I was still undetermined. Chiron was also a little surprised that I was not claimed. He told that the gods broke their promise (Not Surprising!). Nate became the head counselor but asked a lot of help from Will Solace and me. Nate used to tell what happened all the time about how hard and boring the work of a senior counselor is. I dont blame him. Days passed on.

December 21st Friday

Things were pretty normal for the past few days but today was over-the-top-awesome. Ever having diner when suddenly Jason, Piper and Leo emerged out of no where right on the Aphrodite cabins table. The look on their faces (That I would have paid to see). I admit that everyone were stunned even me. Everyone started asking questions but Chiron stopped them and told that the three need rest. After that the excitement subsided. Something wrong happened that day. Nate felt sick so Will Solace had to fill in for Nate. That means that Will Solace will be attending tomorrows senior counsel meeting but he promised that he will tell every little detail about the meeting to Nate. Everything was pretty normal for the whole day. The thing that changed now for reasons unknown that Ares cabin started to respect me even Clarisse. Weird? I guess Clarisse let go of her pride. I think everything can finally be okay.

December 22nd Saturday

Today was the senior counselors meeting. Well, I didnt attend it. I cant but after the meeting was Will Solace came over to tell Nate what happened. I was sitting beside Nate talking about the myths of Gaea. When Will Solace entered, I stood up to leave but Will Solace stopped me and said Its good that I found you here. Chiron says I can tell you everything that happened back there. Great. I was gonna know the latest news. Will Solace told me that the Roman gods are still around and that there is another camp like this one form where Jason had come. It seems that he didnt remember anything from his past life as Juno (Heras roman aspect) has stolen his memories and they are slowly

returning to him. According to the prophecy of Rachel (The oracle I mentioned earlier) we have to join forces with the romans in order to defeat Gaea. It seems that Percy had been transferred to the roman camp and he probably doesnt remember who he is. This was done to gain trust between the two camps. During the second Titan War, the Romans destoyed the Titan base. Leo (who is now the senior counselor of the Hephaestus Cabin) is assigned the job to build a war ship that he has named the Argo II. According to Rachels Prophecy (a.k.a The Great Prophecy), seven demigods will go for a quest to defeat Gaea & co. It has been decided that Leo, Jason and Piper are the first three demigods and the fourth will be Annabeth. Its just great isnt it? Well, Will Solace bid us good bye and he left. I said to Nate Hey, This Great Prophecy has got me interested. I could just get claimed and go for an awesome quest just like these guys. Nate tuned to me and replied You are not afraid to loose your life. I laughed. I said, I just dont know. Its like in my entire life I have never feared death. Death was never able to scare me. Nate smiled. Well, this isnt the end of it. The most I heard from the rumors that Annabeth had to follow something called as the mark of Athena and she was succeeded but she fell into Tartarus along with Percy. This is really sad. I have heard that Tartarus is much worse than death for a mortal. I dont think Percy and Annabeth will survive. I also heard that now the seven (five actually as we lost Percy and Annabeth. Oh, its six now because the seven were able to rescue a guy called Nico de Angelo (Long Story about him)) have got the Athena Pantheons (another long story). They are sailing to Greece to close the doors of death in the House of Hades. The plan is Percy and Annabeth close the doors from tartarus while the others do it from Greece. Nice Plan? Well, Camp Half-Blood has other problems. The Roman Camp (a.k.a Camp Jupiter) is attacking our

camp. We are all getting ready for the battle. Nate is also getting ready to lead us (Apollos Orders). Nate has asked my help (typical). Our camp has friendship with Tyson (Leader of the Cyclopes army and son of Poseidon) so we have the Cyclopes army on our side. Cool! You see the craziest thing happened so did the saddest thing. I feel bad for what happened but I knew that it was necessary for some reason as the Fates decide it.

July 5th Saturday

You see Camp Half-Blood is preparing for this battle. We decided that we try to make peace before we battle. So Nate was chosen for this job as he is supposed to lead the battle and of course Nate is now asking for my help. This isnt good. I have not been claimed. Chiron cursed in Latin (Wow, I heard a centaur cursing! Cool!). He said that the Gods have broken the oath that they took after the first Titan War. Chiron said the Gods wont do that until absolutely necessary and most probably only a major God would break an oath to the River Styx. I got to wear some seriously awesome armor. Pretty cool and I got the best spear the Camp could give me.

July 6th Sunday

The Hephaestus cabin is really awesome as it made all sorts of complicated traps to repel those pesky Romans but I guess the Vulcan cabin is just as awesome as they waded through all the traps but it definitely slowed them down. We purposely made these traps friendly. We wrote all sorts of messages like We are Just friends. We should not fight. We have to defeat Gaea together. Blah, blah etc. . The Romans came anyways and they did not look happy. They were just about to start the battle

when our leader (Nate) started Glowing just like the time we fought the Manticore. Now, I realized. He was glowing like the sun. You know Nate is the son of Apollo and Apollo is like the God of Sun or something. Whatever. He radiated a lot of power just like Apollo told. He was the strongest son of Apollo. All the Roman demigods started becoming feverish and weak. Thanks son of Apollo (Apollo is also the God of medicine so he could do stuff like making people ill). This was the distraction we needed so we could talk to the Romans. I saw a demigod on a flying horse shouting Romans, What Happened? Octavian!. The guy called Octavian replied Those wrecked Greeks are weakening us. Octavian rushed towards Nate. I was far away from Nate. I was running towards him but it was too late. The Romans started the war. They did this by killing Nate. That made me angry. Really angry! All the Romans were charging at the Greeks. They were going to destroy Camp Half-Blood. My Home! NO I bellowed. Suddenly a crack appeared between The Greeks and Romans separating them. The crack opened and opened. The crack revealed hot boiling liquid which disturbingly looked like Lava. Then suddenly a holographic sign hovered above me. All the campers from Camp Half-Blood knelt so did Chiron and he said, It is determined. Welcome son of Hades, Lord of the Dead and King of the Underworld. I was in complete shock. My spear disappeared from my hand and from the earth came bursting out, a weapon made of iron with a funny and sharp shape instead of a tip. I recognized it! It was a Polearm. It looked like a Glaive. Chiron said that it is made from Stygian iron (cooled in the river Styx and only available in the Underworld. How cool is that!). More than anyone Chiron was in shock. He said, Hades broke the sacred oath. All the Romans were also petrified. Octavian stepped forward but the Flying-Horse-Demigod interrupted Dont be foolish! You will die!. The Flying-HorseDemigod looked like the leader. I was feeling really powerful. I

felt angry for Nates death but suddenly something miraculous happened Nate started to get up. His wounds closing up. Everyone gasped as Nate started to regain his balance. The Leader of the roman camp said Impossible. I thought Thanatos was released. How can this happen?. Nate spoke up I know., there was a moments silence At least I think I do. The fates forbid my death now. My death is planned for a different time. There were a little change of plans.. He hesitated. I could see that he was hiding something but I decided not to ask. All the Romans were still petrified. I dont what gave me the urge but I spoke up Fighting is foolish. Gaea or Terra, Whatever you prefer is counting on it. A random Roman spoke up And why should we believe you? You were the ones who first attacked our camp. We welcomed you but you are nothing but traitors who want to corrupt us!. Anger swelled up inside me. Immediately the Roman who spoke fell asleep. I didnt know that children of Hades had that kind of power. I controlled my anger. I said as loudly as I could We never intentionally attacked your camp. Gaeas minions know as the elidions were the ones who possessed us and forced us to attack you. Another one of the Romans replied Lies. Why should we believe you? Prove that the elidions possessed you!. I laughed and said Prove that the elidions did not possess us. Prove that we had hurt you intentionally. Can you prove all this? If you can I shall readily prove that we were possessed. That was enough to shut that Roman up. Finally the leader said We cannot fight the Greeks as that crack is separating us. Octavian, she turned towards Octavian and said What do you think we should do?. Octavian looked at me and then at the whole camp, his eyes full of hatred. He then said I say we retreat and think of a different invasion strategy. I said Bad Idea. I really think you should befriend us. One of the Romans replied Why should we believe you?. I smiled and said, If I wanted to kill you, I could have

easily done it. I can simply widen the crack and all the romans will enjoy the underworld. The Leader of the Romans spoke to me I am Reyna, praetor of the Legion, even if I say I believe you, what assurance is there that the elidions do not possess one of us and make us fight against each other. Chiron trotted towards me to handle the situation. He said, That situation has been taken care of. I got a message from the demigods that the elidions are trapped. They will no longer create any problems. He gave everyone a weak smile and continued but I cannot give you assurance that Gaea will not send any of her other minions to drive us apart. So, in order to defeat Gaea we must be together no matter what. All the Greek will leave the weapons and I request the romans to follow the example. If any thing goes out of hand from either side, no one will react. We will calmly inspect the problem to avoid further complications. I could tell that the Romans did not believe Chiron but it did sound convincing. Octavian woke up and shouted They are trying to fool us dont listen. This time I didnt have to put him to sleep because out of nowhere a woman came out if the woods. The Romans bowed with respect but the Greeks just stood in their place obviously confused like me. The woman spoke Ah, You of course, wouldnt recognize me. Kevin, you did a good job. Octavian, it would be nice if I could turn you into a peacock but I dont think the other Gods would approve. Octavian shuddered. I dont blame him. Turning into a peacock does seem bad. The woman then continued, I am Juno. You Greeks will know me as Hera. Greeks and Romans have to unite like it or not. Kevin, please close the crack and I order all Romans to abandon their weapons. The Greeks shall do the same. My spear automatically turned into a pen. I put it in my pocket before anybody could notice. After everyone abandoned their weapons, I willed the crack to close and it did. Wow, this is awesome! said I. I wanted to have a word with Hades about

why he didnt claim me earlier and I also wanted to know about my mom. I dont even know my name. The head of the orphanage told me that her last wish was that she wanted to know that she loved me. She wanted me to be named as Kevin. Well, those details aint enough for me. Well, there were more pressing matters now. We decided to make piece with the Romans. The only person bothered by this decision was Octavian. Well we let the Romans INSIDE our camp. Chiron came towards me and told that I needed to go to the Hades cabin. Actually, I didnt notice it earlier. Chiron told me that Nico de Angelo, who was also the son of Hades, built this cabin after the second Titan War. I went in. Well, it was dark. Nothing magnificent but I did like to get my own cabin. There were disadvantages like there was no one to wake me up when I overslept but that hardly happens. Then something that happened that surprised everyone. Hades himself arrived at camp. If the rumors I heard are correct then this was the first time Hades visited this camp. All the campers arrived at the lake, beside it was a man standing Hades. He smiled. That was creepy. His smile wasnt LOOKING affectionate. His smile conveyed a feeling that he would be happier if we were all in the Underworld than this camp. Hades spoke Well, I guess my son has been claimed and he helped to unite the Greeks and Romans. Chiron trotted towards my dad. My dad said Long time no see, brother?. Chiron frowned and replied I guess you know more than the other Gods about what breaking the oath means. Hades ignored Chirons question but he asked another one You also claimed him late. You broke another oath!. Hades countered, It was necessary. If my son would have realized his powers sooner, I foresaw that something really bad would happen. My son is more powerful than I myself know. There was a short pause. Then some stupid roman shouted Is he stronger than Hercules?. I wanted to punch him but I refrained

myself as Hades just told me, I am too powerful. Hades replied to that romans question As I told you, I myself dont know about my sons powers but he has a lot of powers except sheer strength of Heracles. As for the reason I came here. Well, I want to make some thing clear. Chiron looked startled. I guess he has seen more weird stuff than me but not as weird as Hades coming to camp and chatting. Chiron said What do you mean?. Hades laughed and said, You thought you understood the prophecy. Even Hera doesnt understand it. Her job was to unite the foes. My job comes to unite the real seven half-bloods. Annabeth chase was never one of the seven demigods. She had her own destiny that she has dutifully fulfilled The Mark of Athena. Of course, we are going to use that statue that Miss Chase (Annabeth) has given us. It will help to defeat the Giants. Kevin is a part of the seven demigods. I will arrange the transportation of Kevin. I dont know whether Percy will survive and join the other six. . Chiron looked flabbergasted. Rachel was standing nearby completely shocked. Everybody looked at Rachel. Hades ask Am I right?. She nodded and said but I thought I knew the seven demigods. Hades smirked and said, Well, you want proof? Ask the Harpy. I thought my dad had totally gone nuts but when I looked above me, I did see a Harpy. She kept telling Random words about the American Civil war. I never really concentrated in School so I had no clue what she was talking about. The Harpy landed on Rachels shoulder. Rachel introduced the Harpy as Ella. The Romans looked at it as if they had seen the Harpy before. Rachel looked at Chiron who nodded, took a deep breadth and spoke Ella has memorized all the Sibylline books so. She was interrupted by Octavian who shouted that is why you Greeks took it away with you. You greedy-. I am pretty sure Octavian would have said more but the look that Hades gave him could have given nightmares to anyone. Nice move dad! Octavian did shut up. He knew more

than to contradict a God especially the Lord of the Dead. Rachel continued, So we have been comparing prophecies and we did find out something about the seven demigods not being what we think they are. Hades now spoke up Ill give you all a free advice. Usually, I never involve myself with all this rubbish wars as I am doing my own thing in the underworld but as my son is deeply involved with this war I think I will help all of you this one time. He continued When my son, Kevin, gives you the message, then prepare yourself to go to the House of Hades i.e. my temple. There you will have to fight Gaeas forces. Foes bear arms to the doors of death. That line means something you know. Hera worked hard. Guess Im off. He was about to leave when I blurted out what about my transportation?. Hades looked at me and gave me an evil smile. He said I forgot! Lets go. I will make you familiar with Shadow-Traveling. It is really useful. Nobody tried to stop me. All of them were petrified. Dad led me to the nearest Shadow and the world dissolved. I heard some muffled whispering voices. It was completely dark for sometime. When I focused on my surroundings. I was on the shadow of two buildings. I walked to my left and found a hellhound. I was about to summon my spear when I remember that hellhounds should obey me, as I was the son of Hades. I walked towards the Hell-hound. I think it recognized me. I spoke to it Take me to the Argo II. The Hellhound turned 180 degrees. It was pretty awesome that I was able to command the creature that most people are afraid of. I was thinking about the appearance of my dad. I wanted to ask him about my mother but he didnt give me a chance and I dont think I wanted to know the truth in front of so many people. Maybe the next time I get to talk to Hades a little privately, I can ask I willed myself to focus on my mission. I couldnt believe that I was one of the seven. I barely knew what to do. I still couldnt believe that he said that I am really powerful. The Hellhound suddenly stopped. It ran

away. I moved forward. I knew that something that could scare a hellhound wasnt going to be good. I found Argo II. Five demigods were fighting werewolves in a city. I recognized Jason, Piper and Leo. There were two others I didnt recognize. Those werewolves werent affected from celestial bronze or Imperial Gold (The weapons of the romans). A Girl-Demigod whom I didnt recognize shouted something. The others nodded. The girl started to run away. The werewolf she was fighting tried to stop her but Jason started fighting that werewolf. The werewolf that Jason was fighting earlier charged at Jason. Everyone were busy fighting. I decided to join the fun. I brought out my pen which automatically changed into the polearm. I loved stygian iron. It was unbreakable. I charged at the werewolf charging at Jason. I didnt notice me. I stabbed it. The Werewolf howled. It started to retreat. Suddenly, the whole place went dark. The werewolves recoiled. They seemed scared of me but they didnt back down. The werewolves were petrified. That gave the demigods the chance to fight them. Then suddenly, the girl-demigod came with a silver sword. I didnt know how I knew that it was silver. The sight of the girl (Actually it was the sword) scared the werewolves and they ran away. Jason came to me and said I saw you at the first day of Camp right. What are you doing here? Anyway thanks for the help. Hazel- he looked at the girl Nice one. She smiled weakly. I spoke up Let us go inside. Jason looked at me and said Us meaning you too. I am sorry but the quest is only for the seven demigods. I said, Things have changed a lot. I will explain. I entered. I told them everything that happened in the Camp. When I told that I was the son of Hades. Hazel looked surprised and said You are my brother!. Hazel told me that she is the daughter of Pluto (Roman aspect of Hades). They introduced me to Nico. He looked as if he hadnt eaten for a year. His eyes brightened to see me. He was happy to have another sibling. It took a little time for things to settle

down. When Argo II was flying again, I asked What were you doing there?. Leo replied Getting Supplies. You came immediately after the fight started. Piper looked at me intently and said The werewolves seemed scared of you. The satyr who introduced himself as Coach Hedge told me that I aura is powerful and I could easily attract monsters. Great! This is what I needed more trouble. Whatever. I asked Hazel what had happened during the fight. She told as the daughter of Pluto, she could sense precious metals. She sensed Silver (the only material that harms Werewolves) and she went after it. Lucky for my sister to have such awesome powers. We all settled. Coach Hedge was watching the Satellite TV. Leo was controlling the ship which he was really good at. Even, I understood how most of the ship works. Leo told that I wouldnt have been claimed and if I would have been blond with grey eyes then he could have sword that I would have been the son of Athena. Yikes. I never really liked Athena. She is seriously proud. The other reason I dont like Athena is because she agrees with what-ever that dumb Zeus says (No offence, Jason). According to me Zeus is just a lucky brat. While I am writing this, I am looking up waiting for Zeus to strike me with lightning but nothing happened. So, alls well. I visited the Athena Pantheons. However Athena is, I felt sorry for Minerva (The Roman form of Athena) for being treated so badly by the Romans. It could anger anyone. Nico was recovering quick after giving a lot of Ambrosia (We were careful because too much of it can literally burn us up). Argo II was seriously Hi-Tech. I always had a love for technology. It seems I could operate a computer better than Leo. Leo is good only in the Hardware sector but not so good with Software. Leo and I worked together to create a system which detects the monsters nearby and fetches information from the internet (preferably Wikipedia) about them. All this Information was provided in an easy and neat layout thanks to my software

skills. I admit that I couldnt have built something this cool without Leo. His hands worked like magic. He was seriously ADHD. Another guy who introduced himself as Frank greeted me and said that he was the son of Mars (Not the planet. Mars is the Roman form of the War God Ares). If you look at Frank, you will never believe that he is the son of a War God. I noticed the relation ship between all the demigods as I was a good observer. I noticed that Jason and Piper were in a relationship. Frank had an obvious crush on my sis but she was confused between Frank and Leo. It was as if Leo reminded Hazel of somebody else. I decided not to ask. That means me and my brother Nico are pure bachelors. Cool. I never really felt the feeling of Love. I have always stayed far from it and I have decided that I will always remain a bachelor. I felt really close to my new friends but I also missed my old friends Garrin and Nate. I cant imagine how Nate is feeling and what he is going through right now. My dad told that I have to send a signal. I felt really bad. I didnt know how to use my powers. I didnt know how to do anything. I was woken up from my train of thoughts by Leos scream A couple of Angry monsters chasing us. Jason came and said What? Great. Just what we needed. Gaeas minions who can attack in the sky. Where are we safe now?. Leo replied fumbling through the Argo IIs equipment Lets deal with the present situation. I said What are we being followed by, Leo. I dont know. Check for yourself. I am little busy here. Jason looked dumbstruck. He looked at me and said How are you supposed to know?. I dashed towards the device Leo and I built together. I looked at it and said The monster thats following us is not there in the database. Leo cursed in Ancient Greek. The creatures were catching up. The Radar read the monsters had caught up. We took positions and looked around but surprisingly we found nothing but a normal Airplane. I sensed that something in there was about to attack us. Leo used the ballistae to attack but the

airplane dodged. Airplane had some weapons of their own that I do not know the name of. A huge iron ball attacked us and the Argo II started to descend. Leo looked angry How dare they destroy the Ship. I have just fixed it. The Airplane was actually smaller than our Argo II. So it landed without any mortals noticing. We still didnt leave Rome that progress was disappointing. The door of the airplane opened but instead of seeing some huge ugly monster, Skeletons came out of the Ship. All the other demigods were trembling. Nico was still inside the ship. We promised to protect him as he was not in the condition of fighting. I being the son of Hades was not scared at all. I was infact amused. Who would be foolish enough to send skeletons to destroy a son of Hades? All other demigods looked at me. I willed myself to control the skeletons. The skeletons came prepared with all sorts od daggers, swords, spears etc. but did not expect a son of Hades waiting for them. They looked at me and I sensed that they were scared of me. (Yep, I am awesome. Skeletons are terrified of me). The skeletons dropped their weapons and bowed to me. The other demigods were astonished as they did not expect for this to end up like this. I looked at the other demigods. I didnt know why but they recoiled and winced. I ignored them and looked at the skeletons. In the corner of my eye, I could see that Frank was at the verge of running. I asked the skeletons Who sent you here? Was it Gaea?. Their Jaws were moving and all I could here was their chattering but somehow I understood them No, My Lord. We were sent by Nyx. I asked them What were her Orders?. The skeletons replied, To kill all the demigods that get in our way. I knew that I was controlling them and If I let go, they will promptly follow their orders. The sun went down. I felt really powerful. I felt power flowing through my blood. My vision went black.

See? Typical life of a sixteen-year-old son of The Big Three.

July 7th Monday

When I woke up, I knew it was morning. As I focused my vision, I could see the smiling face of my sister. I got up and rubbed my eyes. The last thing I remembered was the conversation with the skeletons. I asked How long has it been?. Leo who just came in said Twelve hours exact. Wow. I felt really drained before I could ask anything else, Leo said You were totally cool. You just concentrated and boom. All the skeletons started to burn up. What exactly were you talking with the skeletons. Hazel noticed that I was weak and out of energy He really needs some rest, Leo. I think discussion can wait. Hazel gave me a hug and left the room with Leo. Just before I fell asleep, I noticed that the way Hazel is, just isnt modern at all. I also notices that Hazel always wears some kind of Jacket and keeps checking the pocket. See? You have to notice all this when you are ADHD. Whatever it is, I decided that it is none of my business what my sister does. I slept off again. I woke up again and I figured out that I hadnt slept for more than two hours but I had regained all of my strength real quick. I stood up and went to the Mess Hall. All the demigods were in a serious conversation including Nico. He had gained a lot of strength. The demigods stopped abruptly when they saw me entering the hell. I sat on an empty chair. Piper raised her eyebrows and said, You have recovered quick. I was able to manage a smile and say, Im fine and I guess Nico is also fine. He grinned. He was in a good mood. There was a moments silence which I broke Please continue what you guys were doing before I came along or am I interrupting. Jason quickly said Of course not. You are not interrupting. We were just talking about Leos plan to upgrade the ship. He says, Jason

glanced at Leo that we have to make a few more stops in order to completely upgrade the ship. It may slow us down but Leo says Its worth it. Leo said It is coz when we meet Gaeas forces, we need to surprise them with the ultimate war machine. I said, What has happed when the skeleton things came to attack us? All the demigods exchanged nervous looks. Jason shrugged and said, Nobody understands what exactly happened there. We thought you knew what you were doing and you remembered everything but as it turns out, you dont remember a thing that happened, right?. I nodded. He continued, Well, um. Your eyes started to glow and all. The skeletons started to obey you and afterwards they just crumbled to dust. Slowly the memory of what happened there war returning to me. I wasnt myself there. I remembered that Gaea and the giants werent the only threat. I muttered Weve got a huge problem but everyone heard me. I told them exactly what happened there. All were exchanging nervous glances. Are you Okay? Nico asked I mean you have just started using your power and controlling skeletons, especially those types, isnt an easy task. I think you need a lot of rest. but I replied, I am completely fine. I feel healthy enough to blow up a ship. Nico raised an eyebrow. Just joking said I. The thing about Nyx really worried me. I heard that even Zeus cannot fight her. The meeting was dismissed. Coach Hedge (our chaperone) is now maneuvering the ship while Leo is studying the Archimedes scrolls or whatever they are called. Nico was still a little weak but now he could talk a little more loudly. He could walk on his own and also eat on his own. I guess Hazel now has lesser responsibilities. Nico went to rest in what was Percys room before. Percy and Annabeths disappearance has really broken down the spirits of the others save Coach Hedge who really wants to tear monsters with his bear hands. Leo was still having trouble masking our presence especially because of me. I guess

if somebody is to blame its dad but no choice but to go along with Hades and the other Gods or all of us our toast. Ive heard that Frank has Shape-Shifting abilities. He can change into anything. Wow. With such power, I dont really think I am anything compared to him but Hades was serious when he told that I was the most powerful Hero in the ship. I couldnt find Piper and Jason but I let it go. I havent still explored the ship fully. Jason came to the mess hall after a few minutes. Leo was in the control room when he ran towards Jason. He was gasping for breadth. He said The ship has detected many minions of Gaea coming right towards us. Would you mind blasting them of with lightning?. Jason stood up and followed Leo. I really felt useless now but I removed the thought out of my mind as my dad must have had some reason to bring me to this ship. The ship suddenly shudder and I could feel it landing. Frank came to the mess hall. I raised questioning eyebrow. He said We have to land. The monsters will overwhelm us. No other choice. Jason came accompanied by Leo who was cursing. I wish I could upgrade this ship a little faster, said Leo. I said What about sea monsters. Wont they attack us?. They will attack us, Jason corrected me, and I am willing to bet Keto is still after us. I remembered that she was the goddess of sea monsters. That isnt good. Why are such dangerous people are not on our side. Whatever. So, what are we going to do? Die? said I. Jason replied, I wish Percy was here but we are going to our guard up. Leo nodded. Jason was too tired to say any more so he went to his room. Leo came to me and said, As Annabeth is not here he hesitated for a moment but continued you can use her cabin. We didnt know that you were a part of the seven and the guest room is always occupied by Coach and I wouldnt recommend you to stay there. I chuckled. Thanks man said I. I went to Hazels room. She was looking at a ladys picture which I guessed was her mother as they were looking quite similar. I

said Sorry for not knocking but Hazel looked delighted to see me. I came in. She was really nice to me. I usually heard that having a sister is a pain but mine was really nice to me. She motioned me to sit down. Well, I did. There was a moments silence but it was broken when I asked Is she your mother?. She almost broke into tears. Her eyes were moist. I quickly said I am sorry. I shouldnt have asked. None of my business. Hazel looked at me and smiled Now I have two annoying brothers to handle. I smiled. From the beginning of my life, I had no family. Of course I met my dad at camp but he was only there to explain stuff to camp and to take me to a very perilous journey. Wow, that isnt exactly what a child expects from his dad but now I have got Hazel and my brother Nico. I am actually thanking my dad for sending me for this quest. As if reading my thoughts, Hazel hugged me tight. Hazel looked back at the picture and said She is my mother. She took many wrong steps but she did the right thing in the end. I did not know how to feel. I mean this is the first time I am properly talking to my sister. For the record Hazel is my half-sister I just call her my sister because it is easier to write sister every-time instead of half-sister which is more time-consuming annnddd I am a little lazy. I guess the best thing to do now is to give Hazel some time. I know that it is not good because I have just met her but I guess I shouldnt interrupt on whats going on in her life. I was really bored. I never really saw Percy but I knew Annabeth missed him a lot. I saw her face full of sadness. Everybody likes Percy. I guess that Percy maybe a good guy to hang out with. Everyone here are occupied. Jason and Piper are always together. I am also guessing that Frank and Hazel have something between them. Coach dont make me get started but I guess the Fates must have chosen him to come along (I am not so sure as he just watches Pokmon on the satellite television). Nico is usually resting and I dont have much to talk about with him. The only person I could hang out

with his Leo but he is so busy with his Archimedes scroll that he barely pays me any attention. I guess that I am a loner. I was used to it. Every time I used to go to school, students used to steer clear of me save Nate and Garrin but they came to my life a little later. I wondered how things were going in Camp HalfBlood. Chiron can handle stuff there I believe. I was lost in my train of thoughts when the ship gave a sudden violent shudder. I came back to present. I heard an announcement in the speaker. Everybody report to the mess hall, the speaker said in Leos voice. I hurtled towards the mess hall. I was the first on to reach. Then came Jason and Piper followed by Frank, Coach and Hazel. We realized that Leo wasnt here. He was the one who called! Leos voice spoke from the speaker again Have you reported I take that as a yes. We are attacked by monsters just as expected but I have a plan and to execute it, I need to man the ship so please fend of our little friends while Captain Leo deals with the real situation. Great! Things would have been a lot easier if Percy was here (he is a son of Poseidon the sea god). I went to the outer part of the ship so that I could know what was coming. I couldnt see anything. I was about to tell Leo that Festus was probably giving a false alarm or something when I saw a dark shape move underwater. Jason come towards me and said If the monster comes to attack us, I will electrocute it. The monster made a jump and I could see it. It was THE UGLIEST object I have ever seen in my life. Jason gave a yell of surprise and said I dont exactly remember what it is called but when I was the praetor of the legion, I was told about a monster like this one. A mortals brain will instantly fry even if they try to imagine how this monster looks. Mortals cant see this monster thanks to the mist or else just seeing it would kill them. The monster will also make a weak demigod highly feverish but I guess we are pretty powerful, he grinned at me. I have never heard of a monster like that. This is why I am not describing the

monster to you because if you are reading this journal then youd better complete it. I said How are we going to defeat it?. Jason replied I have no idea. I cant believe that Keto is still after us even after the Shrimpzilla incident! he looked at me and saw my perplexed face. He continued Oh, thats a long story. I ignored him. I was thinking of a way to defeat the monster. Being a son of Hades wasnt going to gain any favors from the monster. If I had my dads helmet then I could have scared any monster to death but since I didnt have it, I had to rely on what I already had. Jason tried to strike down the monster with lightning but it did not have any effect. It probably wore an electric proof suite. If this monster cannot be defeated with lightning then I believed that we were dead meat (I mean literally). The ship shuddered again. Jason took his weapon. So did I. My spear looked pretty cool I looked at the end more carefully and I noticed that the funny shape that I was talking about that was in the end of the spear was actually a shape of a dragon. Wow cool. I didnt notice that before. The sea -monster lunged towards me. I did not have time to dodge. Now, only a miracle could have saved me and fortunately for me, a miracle did happen. The mouth of the Dragon-headed-shape on the edge of my spear started glowing. I saw a dark ball. I think I read some book about dark energy. I remembered that Hades and the power of Dark energy. So that means that I have the power of dark energy too. Cool! The ball of Dark energy was released from my spear and it hit the monster. The monster disintegrated immediately. When dark energy was released form my spear, I was also thrown backward. Its kind of like shooting gun because when you shoot, you feel a backward tug. The thing is, my tug was really powerful. I fell but I recovered after a few seconds. I looked over at Jason who was frozen to his spot. He unfroze and helped me get up. I wasnt much weak from using that awesome bit of energy. Jason, who was flabbergasted,

asked, How did you do that? Such a powerful attack! It disintegrated the monster on the spot!. I told him to cool down. I then said, It is one of my advantages of being a son of Hades. We werent attacked by more monsters. It seems that Leos plan worked. All of us assembled in the mess hall. When we asked what Leos plan was, he denied telling us. He said that it was too complicated for us to understand. We didnt press him. Jason explained to everyone about my awesome powers (I know that I am awesome). Nico was particularly interested. Even Leo was practically jumping and saying So cool. So cool!. I showed them my weapon. It was actually a pen but when I wanted to, it became the deadliest weapon I have ever seen. Leo was examining it. Nico had a close look and said, This is stygian iron. I said, Thats what Chiron said me. What about your weapons?. Leo said The Greek demigods use Celestial Bronze while the Roman Demigods use Imperial Gold. The children of Hades are usually an exception because they like to use Stygian iron. Nico said, Stygian iron is unbreakable. Look at mine. Nico pulled out his dagger. Nico said that his dagger was also made up of stygian iron. Nico said, Your spear is much cooler than my dagger. I said, I wouldnt mind an exchange. Nico quickly replied No! It was dads gift for you and anyways I am not good with a spear. Leo said, It is a polearm. It would have taken a lot of time to build something with this kind of perfection. The end of the spear is much more deadly than a normal tip, Leo looked at Jason and continued, After what has happened today, I dont think Keto will dare attack us again but I dont think we should let our guard down. Jason nodded. I took my spear back. I willed it to turn it back into a harmless pen. The best thing about my spear is that I can also use it as a completely normal pen. This just keeps getting better and better. I dont really think something can now threaten us. Frank spoke up I will go and check around to see if I can spot any

danger. Leo cheerfully said, Of course, we are dangermagnets. Frank scowled. I guess Leo and Frank arent exactly best friends. Piper signed as if this happened everyday onboard. I never actually saw Franks power in action but now that I am seeing it in action Man, this power is so awesome. He tuned into a crow and flew away at once. Again there was silence. Nico left, as he was feeling weak again. We sat there was atleast an hour even though we were ADHD. Frank did not return yet. Leo went back to working on his Archimedes-thing. There was an awkward silence between Me, Hazel, Piper and Jason. Jason spoke up I will go and find Frank. Just stay out of trouble. He moved out. I was confused. I said, How can you?. My question was cut short but Piper who said, Jason can fly. I mean he can control the winds which helps him to float in mid-air. I said Wow. Youre awesome! If you can control the winds, can you create a tornado?. Jason replied, That would take too much power and I have no intention of destroying. I said, Well maybe if a tornado is approaching, you can stop it? Jason replied, Most probably, yes, but I have never tried. He smiled and left. I left to visit Nico and I left Hazel and Piper behind. I knocked. Slowly, the door opened. Nico looked at me and his face gave a weak smile. I said, Well, May I enter?. Nico laughed (the first time I am seeing him do so). He replied, Dont be so formal. Of course you can enter. Dont blame me. I got that habit from the orphanage. In the orphanage, you are punished if you are not following the rules. I always followed the rules which means that I have never found out what the punishment is. Back to the present Nico let me enter. He was staying in Percys Room. Percy is the son of Poseidon. Well, maybe Percys a nice guy because everybody likes him. I cannot judge him yet as I have never met him but I know about Poseidon from the myths that I have read about. I hate Poseidon. Now that I am putting this in writing, I have to be careful near water. Actually, I hate

many Gods especially Zeus. Well, I believe Zeus is not the king of the Gods but actually the king of foolishness. Note I am glancing at the sky while writing the former line. I guess that I have to be careful near winds and electricity. I seriously cant believe that the other gods are not opposing Zeuss unintelligent order of cutting connection with the demigods. If you ask me, Zeus is completely crazy. I think that Zeus is not actually reading the book while I am writing so that means I can call him an ai [Lightning flashes] Ok, so maybe Zeus IS reading my book while I am writing it. I should be careful with what I write. There is no freedom of expression in the world of the Gods [Lightning flashes again just to prove the fact]. Back to the present again (Its hard to focus on one subject) I sat beside Nico. Now, I am not going to describe everything indepth. The room was well blue. It was blue just like the ocean. I think he likes blue, being a son of Poseidon and all. I said, What was in Tartarus that scared you so much?. I probably shouldnt have asked that. Nico looked scared to death. Fear and Death, both are a part of Hades so his children (i.e. Me and Nico) shouldnt be affected at all. We are not supposed to be scared but I think Tartarus should be an exception. He said, I was foolish to there. I replied, No, you werent because you gave us vital information about the Doors of Death that nobody else could have. He smiled weakly but I knew that he was anxious to change the subject. He said I cant believe that Hades broke the sacred oath unless we did not notice him in the Lotus Casino!. Nico was talking to himself. I remembered that even Chiron mentioned something about the sacred oath. I said Um I

dont know anything about this oath business. Nico replied Years ago, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades swore to The river Styx, that they will have no more children so that they could prevent apocalypse but of course, Zeus and Poseidon broke their oaths. Only Hades did not break it but now that you have come. I countered But now that the Titan war is over, the oath shouldnt matter, right?. Nico looked towards the window as if recalling a distant memory. He said, I am talking about the past. Hades set the worst of the monsters in Tartarus on Thalia because Zeus broke the oath. I am sure Zeus wants to return the favor. I shuddered. Lightning glowed the dark sky. I suddenly felt scared of it. I put myself together. If Zeus is in his right mind (which he usually isnt [lightning strikes again]), then he will not dare to kill one of the seven. I mean if he wants to be replaced by Giants Hed better not kill me. I changed the topic You got Percys room. Um It feels strange but that means I have to take Annabeths room?. Nico just nodded but I could tell he was suppressing a smile. I again changed the subject by asking Nico Have you understood your powers. Do we have cool powers?. Nico replied Well, we can have influence over things from the underworld. We can talk to people of the dead and get useful information. Most of the time, the ghosts do our bidding and yeah, we can shadow-travel. We can teleport from one place to another as long as you are standing on a shadow and your destination also having a shadow near it. So, shadow-travelling to a desert will be difficult during day-time. Now I understood how Hades brought me near the ship. I remembered the incident where I separated the Greeks and the Romans. I asked, We can send people to sleep?. Nico answered, Actually, now that you have mentioned that, I do remember that we can make people sleep because Hypnos (the god of sleep) is a lieutenant of Hades. The same way Jason can control winds, as Aeolus is the lieutenant of Zeus. Wow, new information! I immediately

stored it in my brain. I said Goodbye and left because this small conversation had weakened Nico. I seriously dont understand what happened to him. He seemed so fragile. I retired to my cabin whose former owner was Annabeth. The moment I entered the room, I gave a cry of exclamation. The room was really neat compared to Nicos cabin (formerly Percys) with hundreds of books. I also noticed a cap that I deduced to be of great importance to Annabeth, as it was prominently displayed. I also noticed some crumple blueprints. I also saw a piece of paper with complicated diagrams and measurements of what looked like a Chinese-handcuff. The bed looked comfortable but I observed that it had not been slept in for a considerable amount of time. I felt bad. You know sleeping at someones place who has little chance of living. I think it is impossible for any mortal to survive Tartarus. Nico only survived because Gaea let him be the bait of the seven demigods. I dont think Percy and Annabeth will be so lucky. I also heard from Travis Stroll (son of Hermes) in camp that Percys mother was not informed of Percys little trip to the most dangerous and terrible part of the universe. Chiron thought that it would be terrible news for her to handle. Well, I dont think we can hide that fact much longer. I sat on the bed thinking about all this when the ship trembled again. I cursed. Does trouble come only when I am trying to rest? I wanted to blast the creature which came in our way. Maybe Keto herself made an appearance. Probably, she didnt know that I was in a mood of rearranging her face. I got up and immediately went to the mess hall where Piper, Leo and Hazel were already there. Hazel looked like she had been crying. I pretended not to notice. I gave a questioning to Leo who just shrugged and said Coach insisted that he wanted to man the ship. He is good at it when we are using the ballistae. He can sense Jason and Frank and probably trouble so we are doing a U-turn. That wasnt good. Nico also came to the mess hall. Piper

spoke up You should go back and recover, Nico but Nico just shook his head and said, I dont want to miss the fun. He tried to suppress the weakness in him and he did it pretty well but I could still tell. I didnt have time to speak when we reached. Hazel and Piper gasped. Jason and Frank were on a rock, terribly wounded. I noticed that Franks spear had a few cracks. Jasons javelin was completely broken. It was not a good sight. Nico unsheathed his knife. Piper and Hazel hollowed his example by unsheathing their own daggers. Leo put his hand inside his tool belt. When I followed everyones gaze, what I saw astonished me. I was a huge tornado on water and I had a feeling that some terrible monster was inside it. This scene reminded me of pictures of Typhon I saw on the Internet. It was really disturbing. I didnt think we stood a chance. Hazel murmured, If only Percy could be here. Leo said, Annabeth would have told us what to do. I saw the face of everyone and I understood they lost hope. Some instinct of mine made me speak We will never lose hope. Hopelessness never escaped the Pandora Jar. We will never ever lose hope. I removed my pen out of the pocket and it instantly turned into a deadly polearm. I opened the gates and pointed my weapon to the tornado and dark energy was shot at it. I held my ground. The beam of dark energy was maintained. The tornado started to falter. With a jolt I realized that I was becoming weaker. The polearm was getting the energy from ME. I stopped at once. I faltered. I had drained a lot of my power. The others seemed to understand. Leo ran to the front and a blast of fire shot out of his hand. I was surprised. The flames hit the tornado but the water came to shield it. The water extinguished the flame but Leo continued. I cried, It is useless. The water will extinguish the fire every time but Leo only managed to say, Watch me. I realized what Leo was planning to do, as the water was no longer able to extinguish the flames. Now, when the water made contact with the blazing

flames, it instantly evaporated. Jason miraculously stood up but I could say that it was taking real effort. He looked at the sky and closed his eyes. Immediately the tornado seemed to falter. Then, it started to slow down. Slowly, the tornado was getting feebler while the ocean getting calmer. Inside was a really hideous thing I didnt want to call it a living organism. It was worse than the thing that she sent earlier. I was assuming that it was Keto but I wasnt so sure. Hazel spoke Do it now Kevin but I was to paralyzed. I could see Leo falter too. Jason was now completely unconscious. Piper used her charm-speak to snap me back to reality. I focused all my power on the polearm and shot dark energy. Keto also shot a similar bean from her mouth like how a dragon breathes fire. The two beams clashed. My power was weakening while Keto was immortal and had endless power. I was loosing ground. I tried to think of all the good memories I had (there werent many) but I guess it worked. My dark energy seemed to overpower her and it hit hard. She fell inside the water. I wish it could disintegrate but I knew better. Keto was immortal. We couldnt defeat her. I looked around and found the Leo had collapsed and Hazel was now helping him. The monster stood up again. I pointed at my polearm at it again. Hazel yelled No but I ignored her. This time Nico took my hand our power combined into the dark energy. Keto started to glow and I felt as if a nuclear explosion had taken place but I held my ground. I instinctively closed my eyes and I caught a glimpse of the others doing the same. Our ship was rattled and it answered by using the ballistae at Keto. Coach did a pretty good job. Keto staggered backwards evidently weakened. When I thought she was going to attack again. The water erupted into huge tides and engulfed the monster. Coach immediately took control again and the ship started to float. We were really amazed to look at what was happening. Keto tried to get up the water started swirling and became a Hurricane. I forgot to tell! Jason and Frank were lying

on a rock. So both of them were in danger. Suddenly, diamond came out of it creating a sort-of shield. I looked at Hazel. She shrugged and said that she found a little amount of diamond inside the rock. A fact which felt weird to me but the hurricane was more fascinating. Ketos last words were Curse you. She disappeared. The hurricane subsided. I noticed another rock and I saw a person standing there. If this person was the one who did this then he has to be a son of Poseidon which means he has to be Percy but that was impossible. Argo II flew towards the rock where Jason and Frank lay unconscious. Piper ran towards Jason as soon as we landed. Me and Nico helped Frank get into the ship. They were being taken care of. Even Coach came over and used some of his woodland magic. I was curious to who saved us. I started to look but the person standing on the other rock disappeared. I dont think I was hallucinating. After a blink of an eye, I found myself face to face to a person taller than me. He looked rugged and athletic. I figured out that he had quickly emerged from the water. I looked behind me and I found Hazel, Piper and Nico coming out of the ship. Piper and Hazel seemed to recognize him. I figured out that he should be a friend of ours but I knew that it was not Percy because I have seen his picture. Piper filled me in He is Chysaor. She looked at him and glared. She said Dont tell me you actually saved our lives. Ok. I understood that he was Chysaor, son of Medusa and Poseidon. So he is a bad guy but he just saved our lives? Chysaor replied, I want revenge. I hate Keto anyway. I want to personally kill you guys. He gave an evil smile. We looked at each other. Nico said I will go but I countered Not in your present condition. Nico looked really weak after helping me. Hazel volunteered but I said You have no chance to win as you both have daggers that cannot win against a swordsman like Chysaor. He obviously was pleased to hear his praise. I looked at him in the eye which made him recoil for some reason but he pulled himself back

together. I said, I will challenge you. He sneered and said, Lets see how skilled you are son of hades. Everyone cleared to give enough space for a one on one battle between Chysaor and me. He spoke You attack first. I will give you a head-start. I attacked him. He blocked it and he started to attack fiercely but I parried all his strikes easily. My instincts were guiding me. For one moment I thought I had outmatched him but behind me a huge wave erupted and drowsed me. My moves now became slow and he was now really pushing me to my limits. Fine then! If he wants to use his powers, I will gladly return the favour. I pointed my polearm at him and he was blasted backwards by dark energy. He found it difficult to get up. I guess I made him really angry. Behind him, he made an entire hurricane and was hurling it at me. Well, I wasnt out of tricks but I really didnt want to kill a human, so I concentrated and Chysaor instantly went to sleep. The hurricane stopped. Piper, Hazel and Nico were surprised to see me. Nico was gaping at me. He said That was so awesome!. I nodded and quickly replied We have to go out of here before he gets up. Nobody objected and we had taken off. We decided to stay Air-borne after the Keto incident fearing that she might come again. I wondered what did Keto actually do to Jason and Frank. They were terribly wounded and even Coach Hedges woodland magic had little effect. Leo started to gain consciousness. He was not wounded. He only used up a lot of power. Nico was so tired that he immediately retired to his cabin without batting an eye with anyone. The problem was, I felt okay. I used a lot of power but I did not faint like Leo. I just felt as if I had sprinted half a mile. I went the sofa where Jason lay unconscious. Piper was tending to his injuries. My polearm turned into a pen before anyone noticed it. The thing was the polearm which was as tall as me looked a bit threatening. Piper knelt before Jason and started to weep. I also knelt before Jason as I did not feel like retiring to my cabin in present

circumstances. Piper stopped weeping when she noticed me. I apologized for the interruption that I might have caused but she said that it didnt matter. She said, I feel totally useless. I havent done anything useful. I just rolled my eyes. Fine said I. She looked startled. I continued, You think you are of no use? Please! I thought everybody knew that each of us has a role to play. You cant expect to be of use every second of your life. There was a reason you became a part of this prophecy. Each one of us is vital. If anyone of us does not play his or her own part then the gods will lose. They cannot exist without us. The fates of the Gods and half-bloods are intertwined [Lightning flashes again. I am getting tired of this. Doesnt Zeus have other works?]. Piper spoke after some pause You know that we have slim chances of surviving the war. The giants are really strong. You havent seen them. Even we saw only them before they were completely raised. They can only be defeated with the power of the Gods and demigods combined and the Gods are too proud to fight along our side she finished bitterly. I gave a reassuring smile and said The Gods will fight along are side. I am sure of it. They want to save their skins and sooner or later they will come to fight the Giants along with us. Piper listened earnestly and then she was lost in deep thought. I interrupted her train of thoughts by asking Your fathers an actor?. This question almost made her jump. She frowned and asked Who told you this?. I casually replied Nobody. I just guessed. She looked astonished That is impossible. Someone must have told you. I merely shrugged and said, How many RICH McLeans o you know. She asked How do you know my last name and How do you know that my dads rich?. I replied Well, the answer to your first question is that not only me but the whole camp should know your last name as your full-name was announced clearly by Chiron when you replaced Drew as the Senior Counsellor. As the answer to your second question you have a

bracelet on your hand made of pure Gold. So, your dad must be rich to buy it. She looked at me for a second and said But the bracelet could have been given from anyone! How do you know that my dad gave it to me. I shrugged again and said Very simple! Your bracelet clearly has your last name engraved on it and you did not wear any jewellery since I saw you at camp neglecting the time you got your moms blessings. This showed your lack of interest in jewellery but youre still wearing a golden bracelet which means it was given by someone close to you. Most probably your dad gave it. Your siblings would never (I smirked while I was saying this)... I didnt continue. She smiled dryly and nodded. Her attention drifted towards Jason. She looked at him with concern. Jason and Piper went along very well. It was a no-brainer. I had not noticed it before but Pipers lower lip was trembling. That usually happens when you feel some kind of emotion but you try to hide it. Piper was devoted to Jason but for me love was a mere emotion that did not work for me. I only have the kind of love a brother has to his sister. I still remember that I just loved to read books (I still do) but I hated the romantic-kind of novels. I thought I was invading privacy so I got up to retire to my room but Piper spoke before I could leave Kevin! I am sorry. She faltered and began to cry. I rolled my eyes and said Now, dont go telling that you are useless again. I already told you that we have our roles but Piper interrupted me Its not that. You saved all of our lives. We couldnt have defeated Keto or Chysaor without you. I, at first, thought you were a burden but I was so wrong. She broke down again. I did not know how to reply to this. So, I left without a word. Talking made me more tired than battling the unbeatable Keto. Funny? You see, Leo and me have got this similarity, both of us get nauseous by talking to girls. I opened the door and entered my cabin. The speaker attached at every cabin bellowed in Leos voice We will be reaching Greece soon

so better put your makeup on. I am sure that the last part was just a joke. Maybe to mock Piper but as far as I know that even she doesnt use makeup which is strange for a daughter of Aphrodite. I just lay in my bed remembering the days of the orphanage when something in front of me caught my attention. There was a book. I could have sworn that I had never seen it before but maybe I had overlooked it but my instincts told otherwise. I got up and did the natural thing. I took the book. On the cover was a picture of Percy and Annabeth together. The title was Diary written in print. Below it, was printed This book belongs to Annabeth Chase. The name was written in beautiful handwriting (In Ancient Greek). If ever a person fell in love with handwriting, I probably did. You see, my handwriting is absolutely terrible but nobody in the orphanage cared about my handwriting. So, I was never in the good books of my English teachers but now it hardly matters because if I dont save the world, I really dont think the Giants will spare my English teachers. The book on my hand was Annabeths personal diary. I really dont think that she has much chance of survival. So, maybe if we win the war with the Giants, I can tell people about the legacy Annabeth and Percy left us. The thought that Annabeth made a difference in the world might make her happy in the underworld. So, I opened the book and read. The first page was titled Annabeth Chase and the lightning thief. Everything was written in Ancient Greek. You see, I cant really tell you what happened in the book. Too long to explain because even my story is long and I need to save paper on my Journal. It seems that there were four more titles namely Annabeth Chase and the sea of monsters, AC (Annabeth Chase, I am just too lazy) and the Titans Curse (It was quite short). AC and the battle of labyrinth. Annabeth wrote the title boldly and the by the writing I observed that she wrote hurriedly which means that she was excited. The last title was Percy Jackson and the

last Olympian. I dont get it! All the titles had Annabeth Chase but the last one referred to Percy. That was strange but after that, the book was empty. Time passed by as I read the fascinating adventures of Annabeth. I was in the middle of reading the battle of the labyrinth when the speaker bellowed in Leos voice again Everybody! Report to the mess hall now. I bookmarked the page, got up, put the book where it was and left for the mess hall. Leo and Coach were sitting, waiting. Coach was clearly annoyed but I think I could sense a mixed emotion of pride in him. I sat down waiting for the others. There was a pause for a minute. I broke the ice by asking, What happened?. He replied, Wait for the others to come. Hazel and Frank appeared. Hazel asked, Sorry, Am we late?. She noticed that I, Leo and Coach were the only ones present. She awkwardly sat down with Frank. A little far from where Leo sat. Frank had healed remarkably well. Piper and Jason also came immediately after Frank and Leo sat down. Jason had also made a quick recovery. Nico, at last, gloomily appeared and took his seat. His face was paler than usual. I guess, everybody noticed this but nobody asked him anything. Now that I think about it. Everybody looked paler than usual. Leo looked at Jason intently. Jason took a deep breadth and said, I think that the danger is past us. I said, Dont think so. The danger has not even started. Look!, I pointed at the window. There was a huge island. I might even say that it looked a little sad. When we got a little closer, Piper gasped. She pointed at a man with white robes standing at the island. He looked immensely strong. Jason scowled. Everybody except Nico and me showed signs of recognition. Jason answered my questioning glance You can look at the famous Heracles yourself. I was baffled. I didnt know that Heracles was here stranded in an island in the middle of nowhere. Oh, I see. Behind the island was Greece. We have to look for the house of hades. Maybe we can casually ask a local

where all the deadly forces of Gaea where. There are more important matters here, anyway. Piper spoke bitterly Why does he have to come again?. Okay, so the other five demigods have already met Heracles and they are not happy to see him again which means that their previous meeting didnt go well. I asked Um Should we like Stop by or something?. Hazel answered, I wish we could pass by but we have to pass by or else he will blast us to dust. We landed. We looked at each other. Jason and Piper spoke together I am not going. They looked at each other realizing that they both spoke together. Nobody liked the idea of going. I spoke How about Leo and Me?. I looked at Leo. He nodded in agreement. Hazel protested, Who will control the ship?. Leo answered, Coach will. He is better than me in using the weapons on-board and I have a feeling that we are going to need it. Everybody nodded in agreement. I guess that everybody now trusts me after this Keto incident. I stepped out. I turned back and locked eyes with Hazel. She mouthed the words Good Luck. I walked towards Heracles along with Leo. I finally reached the place where he was standing. He looked really strong which he actually was. The son of Zeus locked eyes with me. I broke the silence Hey Heracles. You are a cool guy right. So, we might just pass in silence and quietly go to Greece without any disturbances. Right?. His eyes were cold. He said, I am sorry but I cannot help you. I shall not let you pass. Leo frowned and spoke You cannot do that. You have to order a quest to test us so that you can let us pass. Heracles replied, This quest was ordered by Hera. That is all I want to know to stop you. It would be good for you that you just turn around so that I dont have to crush you. That made me angry. I gave a spiteful look and said You cannot inflict harm upon any mortal unless the mortal does the same first!. Heracles sneered and said, Think you know everything. Fine then! I will give you a quest but I dont think you will have the courage of completing

it. You are just going to go back. I almost screamed You are doing this because of Hera, right? You are more dumb-witted than your own father! What good will it do to you if we fail and the Giants take over? You and the other gods will rot in Tartarus. At least I will have a chance in Elysium. If you do this, I will personally make sure the Giants take over and you will be the first one to get thrown. You can taunt Hera there!. Those words seem to have effect on Heracles. Leo took a step backward. Heracles looked amused. He then laughed loudly. It sounded to me like a Hellhound howling. He pulled himself back together and said, You have a nerve kid! I will give you credit for that. Nobody has spoken to me like that for so long! Let see that you have that nerve when I have given you the quest. You see, I dont care about the other gods, he was interrupted by me Not even Dionysus. I heard that you were good friends. He sneered again Dont even get me started about him. He is the one person I want in Tartarus. Only my Roman form Hercules likes Bacchus. I momentarily saw Heracles robes change from white to purple. It might have been an illusion. He continued as if I had not interrupted I never cared about the Gods. I am strong and I will easily survive Tartarus without any problem. Leo muttered At least Hercules had some sense. This guy is a total crack. I nodded in agreement. I looked at Heracles and glared. I said, What is this quest of yours?. Heracles gave me an evil smile Something you will never be able to do! Defeat me!. I thought I had not heard it right but when I looked at Leo, I knew I wasnt going to be so lucky. I spluttered But you are immortal. I cant kill you while you can kill me. Heracles tried to control his laughter You have to defeat me. That is If you wound me, I will accept my loss. Same goes for you. I said But you can just show your true godly form and I will disintegrate. Heracles looked me in the eye and said Fine! I will not show my true form. Demi-gods nowadays are too weak. When I defeated

Thanatos, I never asked him not to show his true form. I defeated him. He fled from ME!. The exclamation shook the planet. Heracles picked-up his club. Leo kept saying, Its a bad idea Kevin. Its a bad idea. He will crush you man. I gave Leo a smile, probably my last, and said, He has got strength. That is all. No brains at all. Even if I had to face two of him, the odds would have been roughly the same. Now back off. Leo probably wanted to protest but for some reason he didnt. Maybe after I defeated Chysaor, I gained everybodys trust. Heracles voice echoed throughout the island (It was a wonder that my ears didnt pop) The entire Island is the battle-field. If my golden Ichor flows, then I lose and if you die. Well, theres one demi-god less for ya. Leo seriously looked like he wanted to join the battle but I gestured him to restrain himself. Heracles smiled which should have blinded me (His teeth were too shiny) but I was okay for now. He started by throwing his club towards me. I leaped out of the way but it still followed me. Okay, this was bad. I slipped and fell. I felt that this was gonna end sooner that I thought but then the surroundings darkened. It became so dark that I had a feeling that I was already in the underworld but then I could sense the club coming in slow motion towards me. I took my pen out of the pocket which turned into a polearm. The dark energy blasted the club off-course. I heard an angry grunt coming from somewhere. Probably Heracles. I could see him coming towards me. He flinched a little when he looked at my polearm. I could sense power radiating from him. He was quick before I could get up, he pinned me to the ground. I was also disarmed now. At the corner of my eye, I could swear that the earth had swallowed my polearm. My surroundings went darker. Heracles didnt notice these changes. He was too busy thinking about the ways he could kill me. I tried to put him to sleep. Heracles grip slackened but it tightened almost immediately. He gave me a malicious smile and said, That wont

work on me, son of Hades. He gave a mirthless laughter. It reminded me of the movies where an evil scientist tries to take over the world. When the scientist thinks he succeeds, he is stopped by his nemesis. So, I am the Nemesis here which means I HAVE to win. That thought made me grin. It had the desired effect. Heracles got confused and his grip over me weakened only for a millisecond which was enough time for me to make my move. I took all my effort to try to make him sleep again. His grip completely weakened and I pushed him which took a lot of effort as he was still the strongest person in the world. My polearm came bursting out of the ground. I held it and shot dark energy at Heracles. He fell down with smoke coming out of his body. I immediately struck at his back. Golden Ichor started to flow from his body like blood from a mortal. He howled with rage. He got up. His wound was already closing up. He grinned stupidly and said You have completed the quest!. Leo couldnt believe his eyes. I signed with relief but his smile was really cruel and malicious so I thought that it was best the Leo and I should go as quickly as possible before Heracles changes his mind. Unfortunately, He did. He snapped his fingers and the trees around us started to fall. Leo and I were trapped. I got really angry. It went even darker. I said Hey, I defeated you fair and square. He smirked and said I dont want you to go and tell everyone of your victory against me. It will spoil my reputation. I understood why nobody liked Heracles. He was just so full of himself. Heracles started to glow. I averted my gaze. I was blasted off my feet and I feel painfully on my back. I looked at Leo and found that he shared the same fate. I got really angry now. From the ground twenty undead people rose. Heracles scowled and punched one of them. It disintegrated. The undead people started fighting. I summoned a few hellhounds too. Heracles just tore one of them apart. I locked eyes with Leo and we knew that we have to run. I continuously summoned more

people from the dead while Leo was looking fore a way out. Just when we thought Heracles was going to be overwhelmed, he would show his true form and everything that I has summoned would disintegrate but I still continued to summon the dead. I looked for Leo but he disappeared. I tried to look for him everywhere. I was getting tired by using so much of my power. Suddenly I saw a hole which looked like it was dug recently. I summoned another wave of undead people and hellhounds and went inside the hole. There I saw Leo digging a path. He immediately turned as he probably sensed my presence. He said Oh, its you. Glad you are alive. I am just digging a path. You know, its our best chance. I simply nodded. Leo had a shovel in his hand. Dont ask me from where did he get that. I used my polearm and started to help. I stopped and said This much us probably enough. I blasted a hole above using dark energy. It was a little too high for me to climb so Leo lifted me and supported me on his shoulders. I successfully climbed out and I pulled Leo out. We started to run. It seems that Argo II was already ready for us. From a distance, I could hear Heracles bellowing in rage. I increased my speed and so did Leo. We reached just in time. Argo II sped up while Heracles was below us howling in fury. That was close one said Jason. I merely nodded. The trip was exhausting. Leo was repeating, We made it. We made it again and again. The other demigods let me rest for sometime. Then we had a meeting in the mess hall again. Everyone looked really anxious like they were dying to know what happened. Hazel spoke first What was the quest?. I looked at Leo but he just shrugged. I told them about everything that happened there. Jason looked flabbergasted You actually defeated Heracles?. I quickly replied, No, We merely escaped from him. Besides, if it wasnt for Leo who dug our way out, there was no chance that I would have escaped. Nico looked relived to see us alive. Leo spoke I guess we can all do with

some rest. Its midnight already. We have a big day tomorrow because by morning we will be in Greece. All of us nodded. I was a little nervous as everyone here had first-hand experience with Giants. I am new to this but I was determined to defeat them and the only way to do this was learn as much as possible about the enemy. Perfect information will give perfect victory. I went inside my cabin again to continue reading Annabeths diary. I entered my cabin and immediately sensed something wrong. I gasped in horror as I saw a woman standing in front of me. I instinctively reached my pen which turned into a polearm as tall as me. The end of the polearm was crackling with dark energy. The woman merely chuckled. I had a feeling that I had seen this woman before. I turned on the light and said, Who are you?. The woman chuckled again and said, Guess it. You should know. Come on. Try to remember. Strain your memory. Ok, so either it was a monster or a god. I tried to remember. Then, I remembered. The woman standing in front of me was the Lady-in-the-train. You see, the time when I was running away before I came to school, I was once on a train. With difficulty, I had collected the money and bought the ticket. I was running away from a monster. I was