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Tovor wings a Eee Ms betes tno over wngs ee mor BR tes acl mons tavare eer ang Se etek orcrved wih plowed sin search Artifical mes sth piled window openings ani RAMRAHe skin, Shared spaces are articulated as object zt : i. Spiroinding a terraced plaza and are clad in each type of aysome ‘ pi eM etertor material, one in brick, one in stainless stee ; " meee ‘cormugated st Stel, a8 are some of Lie canopies that we 4 SPP Mefiee Curtain wall, storefront and skylight system és used ' t " i {0 create the entry’ jeulate the transition between mane = Maually connect the tower wings to onc yer, constitu! a a eae ion of the ass curtain wall, The arious . FE nine ee tie ay ani Maris Sis Center for Commuter oy Pantera DMeeeeeence the Mesuchiwrtstiauinie ct Technclogy aie ce Conptetion: 2005 S wren Bal wt . - Archiinets Gehry Partners Li . ‘Citadel € Vocal stractural al oe Larndscepe An ‘ Mail engineer: - vi in h Exterbr endear Nan,3P 7 0 | ath floor plan 4P P6181 Bi afar staess Bie! wll Pato by Peter Worth, 1-19 View of Bers ard entrance hall Bi rt ref ave csrooms. eb Pr Vorderwarter Oppose ve. Ths pane, ee Vie fr cafe trough to toward west se, This = FM RGING. te Ahm be IH abi) a Doo ou : tyro aba ao 0 Mp Section A (scale: 1/600) AWHEA (R18 i Doon ya OC |o0oo |g) oo OOO 000 |00 fo} oo} noon jm\A) DOO 000 00 |} Oo \njooom jo 1 1000 |00 6 oo a \oooo joo | M000 1 © OOD MW OD00 jook : ee O00 | 0 1 OOD Moco oo i erie io Laon joie oo) foo nm) rats Rea ee ection Be Section ¢ A ‘Section DA 2b et (estab Tshes in 1876) andl Larges iE OCAD is Caneel Fare i Pig is named ater te lead benetacor = Reccinncrtceensntcccms || 6) world-wide Four jn for the Ontario Colloge of A Nop Aroitents" radical 1 Toroito wes completed in the summer 2 reular now building was designed in collaboration syitls Toronto-based ts Robbie’ Young + Wright elu akes the form perstnueure, th able “table top Melepiped (9m high, 1 m.wide and B4 m Tong), with a skin, st aby The re ofapa striking bleek and white pil the ground on 12 multi-coloured legs. The structure provid two storeys of studio and teaching pave and is cou to the existing facility below by an ee a stair core that forms the central focus of the neviy created entranco hall uniting th hhalves of the existing College buildings at all levels, This heyr sper conprises a nev four-storcy Entrance Hall. which entered through a full height glass facade, and a three-store Great Hall on Level 2, where stients and artists can exhib their work. This will be an important contre for social activity anid a valuable gathering space for events, with a galler tuditorium, cafe and conference centre immediately adjacent The unique landmark development ($42.5 m) provides OCAD. with an additional 621 space while at the same time ating a link The park will also benefit from the area regeneration and, itis expected, may eventually be liome to more art=-related event Design Development Original ideas are embodied in the project ~ a flying, vividl ie summers hot and humid, it was important to create an patterned “able top” with a pixilated skin of black on whit nvironment that maximized available space and was a Talsed nine storeys from the ground and housing the nev comfortable and useable throughout the ye Faculty of Design, The project makes imaginative and playful use of the limited Will Alsop Thoughts Palette of materials that are affordable for tho client and readily “Sitting on a deep windowsill, I stare out t available in Canada hat catches the planes as they descend to the «tive nf the view contrasts with the The opportunitics in thisuew ia By improving circulation in the existing buildings and providing The decp pe Bete links inthe tabletop, the project sioceeds in unifying the of the paper |am Sistng brick sructures beneath, the park to the west and tuilding for escaping from our work are numerous and MoCaul treet to the east important, When working, there is nothing precious i | Miatidition wo the teaching and admis allery sn and research distract and no excessi pe lounge and meeting areas, and design critique spaces. confirm or contradict their own views, Gstmportant. the inefficient layout of the existins buildin, Often I sit int sdramiatically improved by reorganizing the primary tabletop and list inhibit arehitectur native spaces the architecture which mi southern end under th eee ot Mound anew main entrance and Great Hall, create public space. | once overheard the arch de 10 someon By tailing an existing internal open courtyard, that he thou was his best work to date. This is fortuna PP elimate of extreties, where the winters are very cold and for Toronto! B62. Mw ofthe ent facet Dek STuweis OnE. 8s irs hs tow Sienna FR 14500 tre nen we WBomss Grange Park, looking east, Ri kotownsy 70 > 8 WPeposise: View of the underside of the : , me _ lable td Coola sau seuh night 2 EP 24-3] by Richard Joba /rcr images