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Proposal For 18+ Emily Edwards and Rebekka Jackson

NangreaveRd Stockport, Cheshire SK2 6TH

Full outline of Programme Idea Genre: Melodrama Age Group: Late teens 18+ Location: Aquinas College, Stockport We are going to produce a melodrama which will be based in the Stockport area of Manchester. It will be a multi-strand narrative where two different stories will be shown the main character portrayed as the innocent and vulnerable girl, and how different characters and situations affect her. The trailer will focus on different aspects of todays society such as the types of situations which young adults have to deal with in their day-to-day life, the relationships between different characters(especially between the main girl and other characters)however, as we are producing a melodrama the situations will be exaggerated. Our target audience is students/young adults over the age of 18 to around 22. (Hence the name 18 plus) as the programme will be relatable to people of this age as all the characters are around this age also. The issues/ themes which are going to be included in the drama will be break ups, fights, drugs and alcohol, as these tend to be common things which occur in a students life. Main storyline: The main storyline of our trailer is; there are a boy and girl who are in a relationship, (Hattie and Nick) then Nick decides to break up with Hattie because he realises that he is gay, but he does not tell her that when they break up. Hattie is devastated by what has happened and still loves Nick even though he no longer has feelings for her. They then both attend a college party a few days later, and Hattie sees Nick kissing her brother Jason at the party who is also gay. Hattie is terribly embarrassed and furious with what has happened and immediately goes over to confront her Nick and Jason to find out what is going on. Nick then admits that he is gay and that was the reason he broke up with Hattie. Hatties friend who is at the party (kilo) who is also a drug dealer tries to sell her a dodgy pill as he says it will relieve the pain and make her feel instantly better. Hattie decides to take the pill and passes out minutes later as she has reacted badly to it. Her friend Jessie rushes over and realises whats happened so she calls an ambulance and Hattie is rushed to hospital. Jason then gets a phone call whilst still at the party from the hospital to say she is in hospital, and they have found out that she is pregnant with Nicks baby. The hospital also tell Jason the baby m ay be seriously harmed due to her hard drug use, Jason is shocked with what has happened and immediately informs Nick on the situation.

Second Storyline:

We also had a second story line idea in case we needed some extra footage and also to add to the trailer and overall story of the programme. We decided that the drug dealer (Kilo) has money problems as he is not generating enough money from selling bad drugs and cannot afford to live a stable life and pay all the expenses to look after his children and is desperate for money. Then he ends up selling the drugs to Hattie. We thought this was a good story line because it contains a lot of drama, which is what is needed in a trailer, and also it contains a lot of different characters so audiences can see part of all different characters and situations to give a feeling that a lot is happening. Third Storyline: We decided to make the third storyline include Hatties friends because they are not included very much in the other two story lines. In this story Eliza (Hatties friend) fancies Gemmas boyfriend (Hatties other friend) and he cheats on Gemma with Eliza at a college party, then Hatties friendship group all have a huge row and eventually the group falls apart. We thought this was a good story line because it contains a lot of drama, which is what is needed in a trailer, and also it contains a lot of different characters so audiences can see part of all different characters and situations to give a feeling that a lot is happening. Eliza Fancies Gemmas boyfriend and they cheat on Gemma at party, Eliza, Gemma, Jessie, and Hatties friendship group falls apart.

Character names, profiles and relationships Character names: Main Girl: Hattie Ex-Boyfriend: Nick/Nicky Brother: Jason Drug dealer: Kilo / Milo Kimber Hatties friends: Eliza, Gemma, Jessie Relationships: Hattie and Nick/Nickys relationship before they break up Nicky/Nick starts a relationship with Jason when he realises he is gay Hattie and Jason are brother and sister Kilo/Milo Kimber sells Hattie a bad batch of drugs Eliza, Gemma, Jessie and Hattie are best friends Eliza cheats with Gemmas Boyfriend Profiles: Hattie Hattie is a young innocent girl with a warm heart who never means to hurt anyone; however this changes throughout the trailer as different situations occur. She is madly in love with her boyfriend Nick. Nick/Nicky Nick is a quiet young boy starts off in a relationship with Hattie, but feels as though something in his life is missing. He is confused sexuality when with Hattie, he then breaks up with her and figures out he is gay and has a fling with Hatties gay brother. Jason Jason is Hatties Older Brother, he very bubbly and chatty, he is Gay and has a fling with Hatties ex-boyfriend Nick. Kilo/Milo Kimber Kilo is a rough adult drug dealer who offers Hattie drugs when she is upset at the college party, as he is desperate for money. Jessie- Jessie is Hatties loyal best friend who is always there for her- she calls the ambulance when she finds Hattie passed out from hard drug use. She is hurt by her friend Eliza who is trying to get with her boyfriend. Eliza- Eliza is a flirty and bubbly young girl, she flirts with Jessies boyfriend and agrees to go on a date with him and lies to Jessie about it.

Key narrative ideas for first Episode / Series The key ideas which we had for the first episode were that all the characters would be attending a party hoping to have a fun drama-free night, however the night turns out to be quite the opposite of this. Hattie breaks up with her boyfriend who she is madly in love with, as he is confused about his sexuality and feels as though he needs to find out what he is missing. Hattie then decides to take a hard drug which drug dealer Kilo has sold to her, she then hallucinates and ends up passing out, as her best friend Jessie comes rushing over and calls an ambulance. As our genre is melodrama we thought as a group it is particularly important to have a dramatic action packed storyline which we get a lot of filming out of and will not run out of footage so we can reach our target time limit of 2 minutes.

Why the programme idea will work The programme idea will work firstly similar programmes such as Skins and Hollyoaks have proven to be very successful meaning another programme of this type is likely to work. We decided to use characters which were our age, making it easy to cast because we are going to be doing a lot of the filming in college. In addition to this, this also means that we can relate to the situations that are going on in the programme because they happen to students of our age and society meaning the trailer will be much more realistic and the acting will be of a better quality. Secondly, the programme will work because our story line is very detailed and contains a great deal of drama which is needed for a trailer in order to entice audiences. We have put together a multi-stranded story line considering a number of different characters that are going to be included in the programme, and all the characters are very different. Therefore the trailer will show small parts of all the characters lives and all the different situations and drama which are going on with different characters. There is a lot happening in the story line we have come up with meaning we will not run out of ideas of sections to film and the trailer will not need to be cut short due to lack of filming ideas. Thirdly, our programme idea will work because we have a clear idea of what is going to happen in each section of the trailer, and we have it clearly planned out as a group. Therefore this will make it much easier when we come to filming because we will know exactly what to film and how we want each section to look. If we did not have a clear idea of this we may end up being unsatisfied with our filming due to lack of organisation and planning which is significantly important beforehand in order for our filming to be successful.

Where/When will it be broadcast and why The programme is going to be broadcasted on E4 at 9pm every Tuesday. We have chosen this channel because other programmes which are similar to ours are broadcasted on this channel, meaning we are more likely to attract a target audience. In addition to this, from doing my target market research, I found out from survey monkey that E4 was the channel which most people wanted the programme to be broadcasted on, therefore we chose E4 to match this research. We decided on the time 9pm because the programme is called 18 plus meaning it is for older generations so we did not want it to air earlier because the programme is not suitable for younger people under the age of 18. The second reason why we chose this time was because from doing my target market research and gathering together the answers I got from survey monkey, I found out that this was the time that the most people wanted it to be aired, therefore we matched this to gain a larger viewer base.

Who will work on the programme and their job roles All the group members in our team are going to work on the programme together Everyone in our group will have the role of being an actor in our trailer. Hannah is going to play the main girl Hattie, I am going to play Eliza, Rebekka will play Jessie, and Charlotte will play Gemma. We are then going to find other actors to play the male roles. We also decided that we would have equal roles in the production and post-production of the trailer, however two of us (Me and Rebekka) are going to write the script, and Charlotte and Hannah are going to do the storyboard and shooting script.

Estimated cost give justification There will be no cost to film our trailer because we are going to be doing all the filming in and around college, meaning we can such college facilities (e.g. the theatre) for free instead of having to rent out somewhere to film a party which may cost a great deal. The reason why we decided to film around college is because the programme is based on students of our age meaning college environments are suitable for filming and setting the scenes.

Final sign off from Executive Producer