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Christina Svenjak EDUG 858 Science: Food chains Grade: 4th Type of classroom: 4th grade self-contained special

education classroom !here are "4 students# one classroom teacher# and $ paraprofessionals !he reading levels range from an % all the &a' to an ( Grade level is a ) !here is a Smart*oard# + computers# a dr'-erase ,oard# and + i-ads !here are multiple different disa,ilities &ithin the class# one student re.uires a &alker and the rest are either developmentall' dela'ed# a form of autism# or on the spectrum Purpose: /or students to ,e introduced to the process of food chains Objectives: Students &ill understand &h' food chains are necessar' Students &ill discuss ho& food chains &ork Students &ill previe& e0amples of food chains Standards: Science: -erformance indicator 1 "c2 %nimals that eat plants for food ma' in turn ,ecome food for other animals !his se.uence is called a food chain

ELA Spea in! and Listenin!: CCSS E3%-3iterac' S3 4 "c -ose and respond to specific .uestions to clarif' or follo& up on information# and make comments that contri,ute to the discussion and link to the remarks of others "ocabulary: /ood chains# producers# consumers# decomposers #ntroduction$hoo : 4ntroduce the lesson ,' asking students &hat the' think a food chain is %ccept all ans&ers 4f the' are not near target# ,reak do&n the t&o &ords and tr' to figure out &hat it could have to do &ith Procedure$Activity: " *ring the students to the carpet %gain# introduce to them that food chains sho&s ho& each living thing gets food# and ho& nutrients and energ' are passed from creature to creature /ood chains ,egin &ith plant-life# and end &ith animal-life Some animals eat plants# some animals eat other animals

2. Sho& the food chain video on *rain-op http://www.brainpop.com/science/ecologyandbehavior/foodchains/ -ause throughout to discuss different aspects /or instance# &hen there are charts sho&n# stop it to discuss (ention a,out food &e,s and ho& the' are more comple0 food chains $ 5evie& the concept of producer# consumer# and decomposer Emphasi6e that producers make their o&n food# consumers must eat other producers or consumers to get nutrients# and decomposers ,reak do&n dead things to keep our environment clean -la' the food chain game in the 7game up7 section Call names to allo& the students to come up and attempt to place the correct animal in each spot 4f student is having trou,le# have them think a,out &hat each animal might eat %lso# emphasi6ing that producers or plants make their o&n food# so the' are al&a's first

%losure: 5evie& &hat producers# consumers# and decomposers do 8hen students return to their seats# dra& a .uick chart on the ,oard ,reaking do&n producers# consumers# and decomposers !hen ask students to give e0amples of each Assessment: Students &ill ,e assessed ,ased on their participation during discussion as &ell as &hen the' pla' the food chain game &ifferentiation: Student &ho have trou,le &ill ,e prompted throughout the lesson 8hen the' are pla'ing the game# the' &ill ,e allo&ed to ask a friend to help them ,' e0plaining &hich &ould ,e correct Student &ho &ork ,etter visuall' &ith ,enefit from the video and the game Students &ho &ork ,etter &ith discussion and talking a,out it &ill ,enefit from the closing procedure and the ,eginning discussion 'esources: *rain-op 9&&& ,rainpop com: