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Physical description/characteristics: Hair: He is blond (She is blonde) She is brunette (women) She is Dark/Black-haired They are Red-haired / Redhead

He has curly hair She has Straight hair She/He has Wavy hair She is Bald We are Grey-haired / Gray-haired They have Long hair We hace Short hair He has Shoulder-length hair Skin/Complexion: He is Brown/Dark-skinned They are White/Fair-skinned

She is Yellow-skinned He is black/ black-skinned Be careful: He is a nigger. Weight (65 kilos): Fat / Overweight / Chubby / Plump Thin / Slim / Skinny / Underweight Height (1.70m) He is (quite) tall He has medium-height They are short 1,90m = TALL 1,80 = Quite tall Eyes: He has blue/green/yellow/brown/black eyes. He is ________-eyed.

What does she look like? What do I look like? Tanned Strong / Muscular / Well-built Built / Fit / In shape Wrinkles Braid / Braided hair He has a dread-look dimple Chin / Cheek Comparative: 2 or more people/things +er / more than When adjectives are finished in: +ed +ing

+ous +ly You always use: more