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Early Childhood Education Training Agreement

One of the goals of the Early Childhood Education program is to assist students in applying the concepts they learn in the college classroom to the early childhood classroom. We do this by providing students with four practicum experiences in an early childhood program. Students are able to gain valuable work experience and acquire job-related competencies. We thank you for your assistance in providing our students this opportunity. This agreement is not a contract nor is it legally binding. It is an agreement between the parties involved. All parties may terminate this agreement at any time. It is agreed that _____________________________________________________________________ (practicum site) ______________________________________________ (address) ____________________________ (telephone #) will provide a practicum experience to __________________________________________ (name of student).

The WITC Early Childhood Education Instructor agrees to: 1. Coordinate the learning experience with the student and the practicum site. 2. Facilitate related learning experiences to support the student in their practicum experience. 3. Assess the students abilities during a visit to the practicum site. 4. Determine the final grade taking into consideration the work of the student and all of the assessments. The Cooperating Teacher agrees to: 1. Introduce the student to the practicum site and sign the provided checklist. 2. Assess the students activity plans in a timely manner. 3. Assess the students performance using the form provided. 4. Discuss any concerns with the WITC Early Childhood Education Instructor. The Early Childhood Education Student agrees to: 1. Report to the assigned practicum site at the designated time, ready to begin work. 2. Call the practicum site and the WITC ECE Instructor in the event of an absence. 3. Discuss activity plans with the cooperating teacher within the time frame agreed upon. 4. Observe confidentiality at all times. 5. Follow the dress code of the practicum site. 6. Comply with the guidance policy of the practicum site. 7. Comply with all DCF requirements of a student teacher. 8. Be responsible for all required paperwork to be handed in to the ECE Instructor for a final grade. We agree to comply with the conditions of this agreement:

______________________________________ (student)

date ________________

______________________________________ (coop teacher)

date ________________

______________________________________ (ECE Instructor)

date ________________


An Opportunity!
WITC has an Early Childhood Education program page on our website (witc.edu) that is viewed by the general public, potential students and current students. As a community partner we would like to offer you the opportunity to link your early childhood program to our page. If interested please neatly fill out the information below.

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Yes! Please link our Early Childhood program to the WITC web page!

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