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Asia Pacific Procurement Forum


Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines
August 24 to 25, 2009

Instructions: Please submit this completed questionnaire to the Forum Secretariat at the entrance
to Auditorium Zone B by close of business (COB) on Tuesday, 25 August 2009.

1. Do you want an Asia Pacific Procurement Forum (Forum)?

□Yes □No □Not Sure
If No or Not Sure, why? _________________________________________________________________

2. If Yes to #1, what do you like to see the Forum deliver (or what do you need or want to get out of, and
measure, during implementation of the Forum)?
□inter-country dialogue □continuous training □issues identification
□information exchange □intl support in procurement reform □others ___________________
□ topical reports (e.g. e-Procurement)
3. What are the types of impact you desire ...

Towards your country in general?

□reduced corruption □increased accountability □efficient project delivery
□institutional development □successful procurement reform □others ____________________

Towards ADB/Foreign-Aided projects?

□improved transparency □efficient funds utilization □issues addressed
□harmonization □better coordination □others ____________________
4. If we proceed with the Forum, what do you think ...

Should be our focus?

□modes of communication □country-specific issues & challenges □members’ commitments
□common goals & strategies □others _________________________________________________

What, in your opinion, should be avoided?


5. How do you think should the Forum be managed?

□ steering committee □ advisory board □ tap into existing Forums
□ regional & subregional groups □ others _____________________________________
6. If you are from a DMC, please indicate your country. __________________________
If you are with a donor org., IFI or civil society group, please indicate your organization. ____________

Thank you for your cooperation.