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Cause CampaignFundraiser for Haven Women Center

Marisa Rodriguez Renee Carano Maryann Aydenian Lauren Young Rachael Miller

Cause Campaign Description The Haven Womens Center is in need of additional resources for struggling women in the Turlock area who need shelter and job resources after leaving abusive households. Because the Central Valley has a large rural population, there is a higher demand for domestic violence shelters as rural areas have more instances of domestic violence than those living in suburban areas. According to a study regarding domestic violence in differing residential areas, 61.5% of isolated rural women reported four or more events of physical violence in the past year compared with 39.3% of urban women. More than 30% of isolated rural women reported severe to very severe physical violence compared with 10% of urban women, (Peek-Asa, Wallis, Harland, Beyer, Dickey, Saftlas, 2011). Shelters for women are in need now, more than ever due to the poor economy. According to a Mary Kay Truth about Abuse survey, Shelters also report, the ability to raise funds and provide services will be hampered into 2012. Due to the economy, the survey also revealed: 80 percent of domestic violence shelters nationwide (more than three out of four) report an increase in women seeking assistance from abuse, and most attribute this to financial issues. 89 percent of domestic violence shelters expect their overall situation during the next 12 months will be worse than now, due to the economy. 76 percent of domestic violence shelters indicate their funding has decreased. 65 percent of women in shelters cant find employment due to the economy. 56 percent of shelters note the abuse is more violent now than before the economic downturn. (Mary Kay Foundation, 2011). Shelters also play a key role in helping women to get back on their own two feet without a man in their lives, according to professionals

in occupational mental health, domestic violence impacts women's ability to work. Women's ability to function and maintain employment skills are often diminished by the experience of repeated abuse. In domestic violence shelter settings, staff does not have enough time, adequate training, or sufficient materials available to develop or deliver life skills interventions related to employment. (Helfrich, 2006, p. 33-48).

Works cited Helfrich, C., & Rivera, Y. (2006). Employment skills and domestic violence survivors: a shelter-based intervention. Occupational Therapy In Mental Health, 22(1), 33-48. Peek-Asa, C., Wallis, A., Harland, K., Beyer, K., Dickey, P., & Saftlas, A. (2011). Rural Disparity in Domestic Violence Prevalence and Access to Resources. Journal Of Women's Health (15409996), 20(11), 1743-1749. doi:10.1089/jwh.2011.2891 The Mary Kay, F. (9). Domestic Violence Shelters Desperate Call for Help is Answered by The Mary Kay Foundation with $3 Million Donation. Business Wire (English).

Target Audience: Primary Audience: Community leaders and Business owners of the Turlock, California region.

Secondary audience: People in the Turlock Community Radio stations to get the message out to those particular listeners Established people in the Turlock area Businesses who donate to non-profit organizations

Situation: To raise money for the Haven Womens Center. There are two located in our local area community. There is one Modesto that has been there for quite some time. Now recently there is a new facility that has opened up in Turlock. It was the Parks and Recreations building, but now it is Haven Womens Center. We would like to raise money to help fund for a new shelter in the Turlock community. Building a new shelter in the community would be very beneficial for so many women and children. The women that come to this organization need all the help they can get. Haven Womens Center has many resources for women and children. We are trying to raise enough money to donate to the fund of being able to build a new facility, and to help the cost of all the great resources they have to offer to not only women but children as well. This is a wonderful non-profit organization that could use a great financial donation contribution. By this silent auction fundraiser we are holding, we are more than confident we are going to raise enough to help fund for another building for the Haven Womens Center.

Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

1.) To obtain 40 volunteers to help organize this event and participate in the events success on April 26 -To obtain these volunteers we will post flyers in the offices of Haven Women Center with event information, we will contact past volunteers by flyers and email. - We will hold an informational meeting on January 3, 2014 - Volunteers will need to be signed up to volunteer by January 18, 2014 2.) Contact a variety of business owners in the area to donate 200 items for the silent auction - Business owners will be contacted by mail and by phone to be asked to donate items for the charities silent auction starting February 3, 2014 -These items must be donated by April 15, 2013 - Goal is to receive 100 items per month before the auction 3.) Contact 1000 community leaders to attend the event - Flyers will be mailed out to affluent members of the community by March 10, 2014 - Then invitations will be mailed out to those members of the community who have expressed interest in supporting the womens center by March 31, 2014

- These members must purchase tickets by April 16,2014

Havens Women Center Fundraiser Itinerary

Saturday, April 26
12pm: Volunteers set up tables/chairs/linens 2:00pm: Floral sets up centerpieces 3:30pm: Caterers set up 4:30pm: Band sets up 5:00pm: Set up auction items --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6:00pm: Event begins 6:00-7:00pm: Cocktail hour 6:00-9:30pm: Silent auction/raffle 7:00pm: Dinner 8:00pm: Dancing 9:30pm: Announce winners of silent auction/raffle 10:30: Volunteers break down tables

Budget: $9,262.40 Venue Catering Gallo Wine Live Band Centerpieces Auction Items Utilities Postage Staff Expenses Security Event Coordinator Volunteer time Advertising Flyers Invitations Radio Ads Contingency Profit Ticket Price Auction Items

$12,000 $12,750 $7,500 $2,500 $750 $30,000 $250 $900 $3,900 10 gaurds 6 hours each x $15 $3,900 $19,200 40 volunteers 60 hrs. each x $8 $3,370 $370 $3,000 $1,000 $842 $100/person $750/table(10) $30,000+



Haven Womens Center March 10, 2014 8:15 AM Pacific Standard Time Haven Womens Center To Hold Fundraiser For New Turlock Shelter TURLOCK- Haven Womens Center will hold a silent auction fundraiser from 6p.m.-10 p.m. on April 26, 2014 in order to raise funds for the new Turlock shelter. The fundraiser will take place at the Larsa Hall Event Center located 2107 E Monte Vista Ave, Denair, CA 95316. Items up for auction include photography packages, artwork, local spa packages, jewelry, and items from local boutiques. Tickets for the fundraiser are $100 per person or $750 per table of ten, and can be purchased either online at www.havenswomencenter.com or at the door. The fundraiser will be catered by Netos Catering and wine will be provided by Gallo. A live band will perform and guests are encouraged to join in dancing. Haven Womens Center of Stanislaus is a nonprofit organization that has provided safety, shelter and services to women and children in who have been affected by sexual or domestic violence. The organization has assisted those in need within Stanislaus County for 36 years. For further information about upcoming events, visit www.havenswomencenter.com. ### Contacts Shelter Program Manager Lauren Comfort laurencomfort@gmail.com

Evaluation The first step in the evaluation is to ensure that e-mails are sent out to those who have volunteered for Haven Women Center in previous years. The e-mails will contain information on the fundraising event itself, as well an invitation to attend an informational meeting on January 3, 2014. A reminder will be sent regarding the informational meeting on January 2, 2014. The first objective is to recruit 40 volunteers by January 18, 2014. The amount of names on the volunteer sign-up sheet will be counted after the information meeting to evaluate if the objective was achieved. If 40 individuals have not signed up after the meeting, additional calls and e-mails will be sent out in attempt to recruit additional volunteers. The second objective is to contact a variety of business owners in an attempt to obtain 200 donated items for the silent auction by April 15, 2014. The local business owners will be contacted by phone and mail on February 10, 2014. This process will take two months; however, the goal is to have 100 donated items per month. This will produce a total of 200 items that will be entered into the auction. There will be 20 designated volunteers working on calling 15 business owners a day to make certain the goal is met. To evaluate if the objective is met, volunteers will document each individual item when it is received and will count the number of items that are donated on a weekly basis to ensure that there will be 200 items by April 15. The third and final objective is to contact 1,000 community leaders by April 25, 2014. Volunteers will begin this process on March 10 by sending out flyers through the mail to community leaders. After this is completed, invitations will be sent out on March 31 with contact information to reserve their seats and tables. To evaluate whether or not

the objective is reached, volunteers will count the amount of flyers and invitations that are mailed to the community leaders. Conclusion Our major goal for this campaign is to raise money to build a new shelter for Haven Womens Center in the Turlock area. A dinner-dance and silent auction fundraiser will be held on April 26 to raise money for the new shelter. The target audience will be local community leaders that will not only attend the fundraiser, but also support the cause. Our campaign will be successful if we meet our objectives and have 750 guests attending the event.