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Gregg 1 Name: Liz Gregg Unit: Walt Disney Outline I. ANTICIPATORY SETA. Purposes and Objectives 1.

After reading Who Was Walt Disney, students will be able to organize Walt and his family into categories on a family tree poster. 2. Following classroom discussion, students be able apply Disneys animation ideas, by drawing their own cartoon character. 3. Students will be able to identify the significance of the legacy of Walt Disney by creating a fairytale. (OBJ 5) B. Teaching Resources & Student Resources1. Teacher Resources a)

b) Timeline_0.pdf c) d) e) 2.

Student Resources a) Webquest: ndex.html b)

C. D.

Motivation-YouTube Video: Background and Prerequisite Knowledge Check 1. Students will have a worksheet with questions on it about Walt Disney and they have to see if they can find the correct answer from someone in class, but they may only get one answer from each person. a) b) c) d) e) Who was Walt Disney? What was he famous for? What movies did he create? Who was his first character to draw? When was Walt born?

Gregg 2 f) g) E. How many children did he have? Did Walt join the military in his life?

h) When Disneyland first opened, how much was admission? Vocabulary Development 1. Vaudeville- popular entertainment (theater music a type of entertainment popular in the late 19th centuries consisting of a variety of singing, dancing, and comic acts) 2. Cartoonist- someone who draws cartoons, especially as their job American Ambulance Corps- the military personnel, their vehicles, equipment, and medical supplies necessary for the safe removal of the wounded from a battlefield and the transportation of them to better-equipped medical facilities behind the front lines. License- a printed document that gives official permission to a person or group to own something or do something 3. Animation- is the process of creating the continuous motion and shape change illusion by means of rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other 4. Advertising- the public promotion of something such as a product, service, business, or event in order to attract or increase interest in it 5. Backers- somebody who gives moral or financial support to somebody or something 6. Bankrupt- judged legally to be unable to pay off personal debts 7. Investment- something, e.g. a company, endeavor, or property, that money is invested in with the goal of making a profit 8. Counterfeit- made as a copy of something, especially money, in order to defraud or deceive people 9. Retirement- the act of leaving a job or career at or near the usual age for doing so, or the state of having left a job or career Differentiated Instruction: 1. Enrichmenta) b) Students can create a movie with their character and fairytale. Students draw all characters to their fairytale.


c) Students can demonstrate to the class how to draw a certain character. d) Students can read fairy tales to younger students.

Gregg 3 e) Students can read non-picture fairy tales that they can use as one of their independent reading assignments. 2. Special Accommodations 3. Reading- Students can read their independent fairy tales with an after school tutor. 4. Art- Students can ask for help from art teacher. 5. Art- Students can get an after school tutor for art. 6. Learning Styles a) Spatial- The students will start by watching the Walt Disney Video

b) Auditory-musical- the students will listen to the opening day of Disneyland speech from Walt Disney c) Linguistic-the students will write their own fairy tale

d) Kinesthetic- Students will move in the Inside/outside circle which is used for checking for understanding. e) Interpersonal- the checking for understanding is social, students will work as partners and groups. f) Intrapersonal- Students will do a small amount of work alone including (1) 7. Reading 2 fairy tales and story lines

(2) Draw 2 cartoons Multiple Intelligences a) Naturalist Intelligence: Students will include some type of nature in their fairy tale, rather its a talking animal or scary dark woods. b) Intrapersonal Intelligence- Students will create a family tree of their family c) Existential Intelligence: Students get to read about alternative realities Interdisciplinary Learning a) Social Studies- Learning about Walt Disney, whom is a famous Missourian b) Art- The students will be drawing a cartoon and add art to their family trees. c) Reading- the students will be fairy tales and the book over Walt Disneys life.


Gregg 4 d) Writing- The students will write their own fairy tale. Technology a) II. Students will use the internet to watch YouTube video


b) Students will use the computer to type their fairy tale. Instructional InputA. Walt and his family 1. Walt Disney a) Born on December 5, 1901 in Hermosa, Illinois b) In 1906, the family bought a farm in Marceline, MO (1) Where Walt spend most of his childhood 2. Family a) Father: Elias Disney (1) Irish-Canadian b) Mother: Flora Call Disney (1) German-American c) Siblings (1) Roy Disney(a) 8 years older than Walt. (b) Roy became Walts business partner (2) Herbert Disney (a) 12 years older than Walt (b) Herbert became a mail carrier, instead of joining Roy and Walt in the Disney business (3) Raymond Disney (a) 10 years older than Walt (b) Ray never got married (c) Became an insurance salesman (4) Ruth Disney (a) 2 years younger than Walt (b) Moved to Portland, Oregon and married Theodore Beecher d) Wife: Lillian Disney (1) Married Walt in 1925 e) Children: (1) Diane Disney(a) Born December 18, 1933 (2) Sharon Disney(a) Born December 31, 1936

Gregg 5 Checking for understanding: (Kagan Activity: Who am I) Walt Disney is my father, and I am the youngest of two, who am I? Walt Disney is my father and I am the oldest of two, who am I? I married Walt Disney in 1925, who am I? I am the youngest sibling, and I moved to Portland, Oregon where I met my husband Theodore, who am I? I am the youngest son and I love animation, who am I? I am the oldest sibling in the family and my profession is mail carrier, who am I? I am from an Irish-Canadian decent and I have 5 children, who am I? I am from a German-American decent and I have 5 children, who am I? B. Walt Disney Starts a career in Animation 1. His father becomes ill when Walt was 10 a) The family had to sell the farm b) They move to Kansas City, MO c) Walt woke up at 3:30 a.m. to deliver newspapers on his fathers paper route (1) He discovers and falls in love with vaudeville and movies. 2. The family moves to Chicago in 1917 a) Walt draws pictures for the McKinley High School newspaper b) Attends evening classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts c) He hopes to become a newspaper cartoonist 3. In 1918, Walt lies about his age to be accepted into the American Ambulance Corps and serves in France following the end of the World War I a) Walt did many war-related cartoons, showing his interest in the war. 4. After he returns in 1919, Walt moved to KC and gets a job at the PesmenRubin Commercial Art Studio for $50 a month 5. In 1920, Walt meets UB Iwerks and forms Iwerks-Disney Commercials a) Walt and Iwerks get jobs with the Kansas City Slide Company b) They discover animation MID: Watch video of what animation is: c) Walt also creates Newman Laugh-O-grams (1) Which produces advertising and topical shorts and story cartoons (2) With $15,000 from backers, Walt incorporates Laugh-Ogram Films (3) Laugh-O-grams goes bankrupt in 1923 6. Walt moves to Hollywood to become a director at age 22 a) In the same year with his brother Roy, they establishes the Disney Brothers Studio b) They land a contract for the Alice Comedies

Gregg 6 (1) A series in which a young girl filmed in live action interacts with animated characters Checking for understanding: (Kagan Activity: Think-Pair-Share) what age was Walt when he lied to join the American Ambulance Corps? Why do you think he lied? C. How the Disney Studios was created 1. Disney Studios was created a) In 1926, they rename the studio Walt Disney Studios (1) New location: Hyperion studio b) Film distributor Charles Mintz contracts Walt Disney Studios (1) Walt leaves the character to Mintz because he tries to take over Walt Disney Studios c) Walt creates Mickey Mouse in 1928 d) In 1930, Roy and Walt license Mickey-related merchandise e) In 1937, Disney Studios develops a sophisticated multiplane camera f) Disney Studios receives a 50 acre lot in Burbank, CA for a new studio. g) In 1939, Walt wins an honorary Academy Award for Snow White 2. Walt Disney moves into creating new amusement parks. a) In 1954, Disney contracts with ABC television to produce a onehour television program in exchange for a $500,000 investment by ABC in Disneyland. (1) Walt buys 244 acres of land near Anaheim, CA to be the site for Disneyland (2) (3) It cost 17 million to build On July 21, 1955 construction on the park began

(4) Opening Day: July 17, 1955 MID: (Watch YouTube video: (a) (b) 6,000 by invitation only guest Things that went wrong (i) 22,000 extra people arrived with counterfeit tickets (ii) Only a few of the water fountains worked because of a plumbers strike (iii) Soft asphalt that was laid the night before

Gregg 7 (iv) (5) Cost of entry (a) $1 a person Gas leak that closed several themed areas

b) In 1964, Walt Disney Studios purchases land in Orlando, FL for EPCOT, which leads to the creation of Walt Disney World c) Disney World opened in 1971

3. Where the company is today and what they have done to keep moving forward to producing family-type programming and more successes. a) Walt Disney dies on December 15, 1966 from cardiac arrest

b) After Walt died Roy returned from retirement to take over the studios (1) He opened the Walt Disney World Resort in memory of his brother in October 1971 c) It was a long journey to recover from Disneys death (1) The studio got its confidence back and created some of their most successful films to date (a) The Little Mermaid in 1989 MID: Read the books, and learn how to find the theme of the fairy tale. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) MID: Beauty and the Beast in 1991 MID: Aladdin in 1992 Lion King in 1994 The Princess and the Frog in 2009 Tangled in 2010 Frozen in 2013

Checking for understanding: How much did it take to build Disneyland? How much was admission when Disneyland first opened? And what went wrong on the opening day of Disneyland? What did Roy Disney do to commemorate Walt Disney after his death? What is your favorite Disney movie? (Kagan Activity: Inside/Outside circle) III. Student AccountabilityA. Checking for Understanding- Questions posed in instructional input. (Kagan Activities) B. Guided Practice-

Gregg 8 1. The class will read Who Was Walt Disney by Whitney Stewart together. Also they will fill in their own family tree. 2. The class will practice drawing Mickey Mouse by following the tutorial. 3. The class will read fairytales together and fill in the theme chart. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) C. Cinderella Goldilocks and the Three Bears Hansel and Gretel Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Little Mermaid Sleeping Beauty Little Red Riding Hood Rapunzel The Ugly Duckling

j) Beauty and the Beast Independent Practice1. 2. Students will answer Who Was Walt Disney comprehension questions. On their own, the students will practice drawing at least 2 characters.

3. Students will find 2 other fairytales and read them independent or with a parent. Once they finish they will need to fill in the story line worksheet, which includes plot, characters, theme, beginning, middle, and end. D. Transfer and Application1. Students will be creating family tree poster of Walt Disneys family.

2. Students will draw their own cartoon character that goes along with their fairytale. 3. Students will be creating a fairytale.

Gregg 9 IV. Closure A. Students will play Jeopardy 1. Categories a) Walts Family (1) (2) (3) b) How many sisters and brothers did Walt Disney have? What did his father do for a living? What sibling went into business with Walt?

Animation (1) (2) (3) What is animation? Where was Walts first art job at? T or F: Laugh-O-grams goes bankrupt in 1923


Amusement Parks (1) (2) (3) What was Walt Disneys first amusement park? How much did it cost to build Disneyland? What did Roy Disney do to commemorate Walts passing?


Fairy Tale (1) (2) (3) girl? What is a fairy tale? What are 3 fairy tales that we read in class? What fairy tale has a beast that falls in love with a beautiful


Themes (1) (2) (3) What theme is in Sleeping Beauty? What is a theme? What theme did you use in your fairy tale?