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Get-Tech Recommendation Report To: Dr.


From: Aaron DArezzo Date: December 09, 2013

Dear Dr. Savior,

Get-Tech has researched the poverty levels in New Mexico, to bring you a compilation of the lack of funds going to low income area schools. This Recommendation Report is to evaluate, and bring you up to speed on our efforts to install technologically friendly work zones into these areas. We are working every day to bring together the funds that we need in order to make such a goal happen.

Get-Tech 555 Superawesomestreet NW Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120

INTRODUCTION This report will cover the issues that are creating the problem at hand. It will then move into the facts about how this issue is affecting our youth. This is where it will justify our work, and show its importance. Next it will reveal the methods of our research, and how we were able to bring forth our evidence of the problem. Then we will describe the event which we held to raise funds, and also acquire the necessary attention and equipment that we needed for our proposed plan. Finally we will lay out our detailed plan to start integrating these High-Tech work environments into the schools.

DESCRIPTION Its no secret that New Mexico is a very poor state. In fact according to the 2012 Census, we are the poorest state in the country. This in turn keeps us from excelling in multiple things, including education. NM also has a very low education rating compared to other states in the Nation according to the same Census. The average unemployment rate in New Mexico is 6.6% as of October 2013, and has been about the same for well over 10 years. This has very much to do with the amount of graduates that our school systems are putting out. Then to add to this, the amount of competent job eligible people is an even lower amount. In short, not only is New Mexico outputting a very low number of work eligible people, the amount of people that come out of the school systems with the knowledge and experience required to compete with that of students from higher ranking states is very small.

Get-Tech believes that New Mexico should be able to compete with other states in the Nation in order to get our students integrated into the work force. In order to do this, we had to take a look at one of the major factors in why students the do graduate have problems getting good jobs, or even getting through higher educational courses. The difference between other states and ours is, of course, money. These funds are used for a majority of things, ranging from teachers to supplies; however a large part of todays schooling can happen on a computer. The problem is that not all of the school districts can provide an adequate number of computers for their students, and even if they have them, they are years old and very outdated. Students that attend these schools usually live in the poorer districts and they do not have access to these items at home either. This means that they do not get the required training to use these machines that essential operate everything in the job force right now. How can these same students be expected to enter an already competitive work force without the knowhow to even make a simple spread sheet? This is the main rational behind Get-Techs work.

The above is a map of the ABQ public school district division lines. The areas that we draw your attention to are the ones that are within the blue boxes. These are the main areas with lower

income families, and where most of the poorer schools are located. This is where Get-Tech will begin to operate. Once established, we will spread to other districts, and cities. RATIONAL Get-Tech feels that this is a rising concern. In todays culture, students are expected to go through school using technology that before this recent era did not exist. Then, once they have graduated from the school system, they must be integrated into a work force that revolves around this ever-evolving notion of technology. Every year the biggest and baddest piece of software or hardware is released each claiming to be better than the one that came before. This creates the need to be already familiar with the current technology and how to use it. Without this knowledge, you become an obsolete piece in the workforce. If you cannot learn, or adapt, you fall out of it regardless of age or experience. This leaves most people with the option to either get a minimum wage job or just not work at all in some cases. Get-Tech believes that this should never be an issue. Where than, can a solution be found? If not in the working class, perhaps in that which precedes it, the students. From a young age, children begin to pick up on that which they are immersed in. This can be religion, beliefs, language, or even something as simple as body language. Technology is no different. If you take a student that has grown up in an English only speaking house, and then put him into a job that requires if to speak only Spanish, he will fail. He may eventually be able to learn, but that is money, and time that the employer would have to spend waiting on him to adapt, when he could just go hire somebody that is qualified. Now, imagine if every job required you to speak Spanish. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but the point can be made that not every student is going to be able to be integrated into the work force. Therefore they will default to the jobs that they are qualified for, and unfortunately there are little to none that pay well enough to live. To solve this problem, you would want the students to learn Spanish in the schools from a young age. This way when they get to the working age, they are qualified to get jobs. Now imagine if that one Spanish class costs hundreds upon thousands of dollars, you now run into the problem that Get-Tech looks to solve.

If we are able to get just a few students that otherwise wouldnt have the opportunity to use computers, just that. It would qualify that many more people to join the workforce when they come of age to do so.

METHODOLOGY In order to conduct this research we travelled to a number of schools around the area and asked them how many computers they had for use compared to other schools in the same city. What we were able to ascertain, was that the schools in the lower income areas, and older areas of town, had a significantly less amount if computers, and overall resources than that of the higher funded, and upper class areas. Also, we spoke to a professor of economics at the University of New Mexico about the economic conditions of New Mexico and took what we were told, and applied it to our situation. Finally, we were able to pull any remaining information that we needed from various .gov websites and articles. EVENT A few weeks ago Get-Tech threw a very successful fundraiser (the Distributhon), which you helped us to fund, In which we raised over one-hundred thousand dollars, and were able to purchase the necessary equipment to install a fully functional computer lab into a school of our choosing. The way this school was chosen was through a vote, done by faculty and families alike that were in attendance at our event. We had a very large turn up and overall had very positive feedback.

RECOMMENDATION We are proposing a multistep plan, in which we play to reach up to 10 schools per year. This includes a plan for fundraising and our Install package. We will need to hire people to travel to the various schools in which we are operating to maintain the equipment and also to assist in the training and troubleshooting that may arise. First, we will hold many Distributhons throughout the year, in order to gain awareness, attention, and of course, money. These will of course include the giveaways and raffles, which are as follows. Layout of event

General layout and goings on

The main draw of the event will be the giveaways. -We will have two grand prizes of a completely custom gaming pc and a custom mac. -Runner ups prize will be 2 mac airs, 2 HP Pavilions, and 5 Ipads. -Smaller prizes will include backpacks and other misc. school supplies. The giveaways will be to encourage people to come as well as buy raffle tickets. The raffle tickets will be sold for a min price of 10 dollars apiece. The event will take place in Warehouse 508 which has plenty of power capabilities as well as a flat per hour fee to rent. The event will last from noon to 6 on a undetermined Saturday The main room will be set up with 5 stations each with 5 computers and 3 volunteers to explain. The first will have games; kids will be drawn here obviously. The next 3 will have office, adobe and Autodesk software respectively. Last, a MAC section will be set up for those that prefer user friendly OS. We will also have a table set up for refreshments, and another table where tickets will be sold. There will be music playing in the background, and it would be nice to hire a DJ, however this is obviously not a necessity.


List of needed volunteers/workers as well as requirements


Security- We will need to hire at least one security guard for every exit/entrance as well as some to patrol the grounds. There will be thousands of dollars on the grounds that will be begging someone to barrow.(Hire)


IT Tech support- Tech support will be needed to troubleshoot internet/software/hardware problems. At any tech event this is a factor. On top of this, all the computers will be brand new so software, OS, and other various base software will need to be installed. This is a tedious process that will take at least a week to complete for 3 people. (Hire/Volunteer)


Teachers who use computers at their schools- If we can bring in teachers from better funded schools where computers are already in use, we can better relate to teachers from the underprivileged schools. Our goal will be to convince these new-to-computer teachers to petition to get them for their students. (Volunteer)


Parents- If we can get parents from technology enriched environments, we will be able to get them to influence the parents of the lower class areas that computers are something their students need in school.(volunteer)


Adobe, office, and Autodesk experts-These three groups can be classified in one because they can consist of working professionals who simply use these programs, or they can be actual trained instructors of the programs. The latter will more than likely be costly to bring in, so top priority will be locating the first choice. This can most likely be done around the labs or university.(volunteer/hire)


PC GAMING experts- For this we really just need an enthusiast that will get the children into the games he brings. They will all be fun, kid friendly choices, but we need someone to really get the kids excited. This can be anyone from an older student to parent or other. On top of this, we really want someone who has built computers in the past so that he/she can talk to any older students that may attend that may be interested in the same thing. A college student would best be suited for this job.(Volunteer)


PC routing experts- We will need people run cables for power, as well as internet. Also We need someone who can set up a monitors, keyboards and mice. Also speakers will be needed on some of the computer stations. (volunteer/hire)


DJ- This is an optional expense. We will search out for anyone with experience who may be willing to volunteer at this type of event. If no one can be found, remaining funds will be divided up to see if one can be afforded. (volunteer/hire)


Needed computers, tech, and misc. items as well as refreshments


First off, the computers and prizes will be the main purchases for the event. In total 31 computers will need to be purchased, as well as 5 ipads. Also, backpacks and other school supplies will need to be purchased for prizes.

B. C.

Tables and chairs will also be needed. These can be rented for a small fee. Refreshments will consist of beverages and snacks, until 5:30pm at which point pizza will be served.

D. E.

We will also need to but some rolls of tickets for the raffle. On top of the computers, some misc. items we will need for the tech side of the event will include 31 mice and keyboards, as well as 35 monitors (1 for most, 2 for 5). Surge protectors, extension cables and audio visual cables will also be needed.


Twist ties, rubber bands and electricians tape will also need to be supplied for the techs to do an adequate and safe job running wires.

The above information is pulled from our previous request for funds for the event we held. The layout of the events will all be about the same, as the first was a huge success. These will be our main draw for funds and equipment. Finally, after we have met the needs of the schools in the immediate areas, we will branch off to other cities, and possible other states if needed. The goal is not to boost just our economy, but also better that of the entire Nation. Get-Tech will continue to grow until we feel we have made a big enough impact on the area to get others involved.

Reflection: In this report I used a variety of different rhetorical choices including Formal language. I tried to give it the idea that Get-Tech was its own entity, and that it was a collection of people of sorts. I didnt want it to be personal, instead I tried to make it concise and to the point. Over the four days that it took to work on, and research for, I considered how other reports of the sort were written, as well as read the examples you provided for us. I feel that this Recommendation fit into the overall goal of the class, in that it sort of rounded off our non-profit base. It helped solidify who we were, and what we stood for. I feel that it was a great way for you to see how well we had thought out our topic, and how we would go about handle such an ordeal as to change something that we felt needed molding. My topic was a bit challenging because of the enormity in the costs, as well as the lack of outside information on the subject. It is not something that others have done, and therefore it has no physical research that directly relates. I had to draw upon the knowledge of professors as well as New Mexican .gov sites. Overall I feel that this course helped me to develop my writing skills into a more professional style, as well as helped me to think better with groups than I had previously done. I usually prefer to work alone, however, these group activities that you assigned were great ways to develop group critical thinking methods and habits. I believe that the purpose of this class is to do just this however, and that is to develop our professional writing skills in a way that would allow us to write anything from a cover letter, to a proposal for a business. I feel that I was able to take a lot away from this course and that it was taught in a way that helped us to apply what we were learning to a practical

tangible situation other than just writing papers for the sake of a grade. If given the chance to take it again, I would not take it any other way.