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Evaluation of our own teaching Peer teaching Creating Generave Questions Teaching the first lesson of K-12 Project

New Technologies available


Technology Assignment

Incorporation of technology in music How we can use this in teaching Quality vs Quantity

Criteria Assignment

Role of teachers and students Generativity, vibrancy, residue Collaboration

Tony Wagnor "21st Century Skills"

Creativity Critical thinking Confidence

Tony Wagner "Rigor Redefined

Important dispositions

Teamwork Leadership


Modern Orchestras using technology to remix and add to their respective performances Innovation within creative ensembles Converging music ensembles Question is more important than the answer Brooks View of standardized testing Importance of meaningful learning. Dispositions Week 1 Looking at yourself as a future teacher View on Music Education Evaluating Groups learning project Step-by-step procedures How can you cultivate these dispositions

Week 3

Reflecting on Ensemble Project

Week 4 Application of Ensemble Project to real life teaching

Students CAN do these things Incorporating technology into the classroom Freedom to explore how they express themselves National Standards

MTL Toolbox

Week 5

Reflecting on Past MTL assignments

Realization that something will work for my feature teaching, and some will not.

Student Voice Krista Easton Democratic Learning Student Choice Student interest

Darryl Kniffen Student Centered Learning

The goal of a music program is to help students achieve their personal musical goals

Brian Franco Emerson of students into experiences that apply directly to their lives today. A sample of the music industry. Recording, composing, perform, teach and explore many different kinds of music.

Music Industry

Project-Based Learning Phil Greco

Relationship of Big ideas to Generative Questions

Teaching principles, Scaffolding, Reflection

Principles and Practices

Teachers Commonplaces Learners Subject Matter Contexts K-12 Music Curriculum Curriculum as Practical Inquiry Music Education Criteria Arts Music Education Generativity, vibrancy, residue

Practical Growth Personal Musicianship Project Application of New information Learning Ukulele Learning Dubstep Learning a song and playing it Interviewing and expert

Learner Centered Assuming Roles Ensemble Project Experiential Teacher Student Learning how a project is created, carried out and experienced

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